10 Hidden Gems in Imphal: Exploring the Unseen Marvels

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Imphal, the capital city of Manipur in northeastern India, is a place of unparalleled natural beauty and cultural richness. Nestled amidst lush green hills and dense valleys, Imphal captivates visitors with its serene landscapes and vibrant local life. 

Beyond well-known places to visit in Imphal lies a treasure of hidden gems in Imphal waiting to be discovered. From the beautiful Loktak Lake, famous for its floating phumdis (heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matter at various stages of decomposition), to the historic Kangla Fort, instilled with centuries of Manipuri heritage, hidden gems in Imphal offer a blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage that leaves a lasting impression. 

The busy Ima Keithel (Mother’s Market), where women run the market, showcases Manipur’s unique matriarchal society and is a hub of local crafts and culinary delights. Imphal is not just a destination; it’s an experience of untold beauty and hidden gems in Imphal waiting to be explored.

So, pack your bags, buckle up, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the hidden gems in Imphal !!!

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10 Top Hidden Gems in Imphal To Visit This Year

1. Kangla Fort: Immerse Yourself in Meitei Civilization


The Kangla Fort, located in Imphal, Manipur, is a historic fortified palace steeped in cultural significance. Situated originally on both banks of the Imphal River, this Imphal secret viewpoints stands primarily on the western side in a state of ruins. 

The term “Kangla” derives from the old Meetei language, meaning “the prominent part of the dry land.” This site served as the traditional seat of the Meetei rulers of Manipur, containing centuries of Manipuri history and heritage.

Spanning 237.62 acres, Kangla Fort in Imphal houses temples, ceremonial platforms, and arts reflecting the Meitei civilization’s architecture. The fort, symbolic of Manipur’s governance, culture, and religion, features main entrances like the western and eastern Khongjom Gate, drawing visitors’ interest. 

Preserved shrines include the Temple of Govindaji and the coronation hall for kings. This Secret spots in Imphal, has a statue of a mythical creature, that stands as a state symbol. Kangla Fort is a significant tourist attraction highlighting the kingdom’s heritage.

Must-do activities at Kangla fort

  • Explore the Fort Grounds: Wander through the historic grounds of Kangla Fort and soak in the rich history and architecture. The fort was once the seat of political power in Manipur and offers insights into the region’s past.
  • Visit the Temples: Explore the various temples within Kangla Fort, such as the Govindajee Temple and the Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, which are important religious sites in Manipur.
  • Learn about Manipuri Culture: Kangla Fort is not only a historical site but also a cultural hub. Attend cultural performances, if available, and learn about Manipuri traditions, arts, and rituals.

2. Loktak Lake: Discover India’s Floating Gem


Located at a distance of 48 km Loktak Lake is a dynamic freshwater lake known for its floating phumdis—masses of vegetation, soil, and organic matter. These phumdis can vary the lake’s surface area from 250 sq km to 500 sq km during the rainy season, typically covering about 287 sq km. 

Keibul Lamjao National Park, situated on the largest phumdi, is the world’s only floating national park and home to the endangered Sangai deer. The lake is crucial for Manipur’s economy, serving as a water source for hydropower, irrigation, and drinking. 

This Imphal secret viewpoints supports local fishermen, known as “phumshangs,” and was designated a Ramsar site in 1990 and listed in the Montreux Record in 1993 for its ecological significance. The Loktak Day is observed every year on the 15th of October at the periphery of the Loktak lake.

Must-do activities at Loktak Lake:

  • Visit Karang Island: Take a local passenger boat to Karang Island, located in the middle of Loktak Lake. Explore the island and enjoy the Imphal secret picnic spots.
  • Rent a Boat for Exploration: Rent a boat to explore Loktak Lake and its unique phumdis (floating islands of vegetation). Enjoy a leisurely boat ride to various vantage points for picturesque views of the lake.
  • Explore Keibul Lamjao National Park: Visit the world’s only floating national park, Keibul Lamjao. The entry fee is  ₹ 200 for foreigners and  ₹ 30 for residents.

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3.  Imphal Valley:  Serenity Amidst Hills and Rivers

Image source - Tripadvisor

Imphal Valley or Manipur Valley, situated in the Indian state of Manipur, is an irregular, almost oval-shaped canyon formed by numerous small rivers originating from the neighboring hill regions. 

These rivers, including the Imphal River, Iril River, Thoubal River, Khuga River, and Sekmai River, flow through the valley, providing its water resources. This hidden treasures Imphal is a beautiful place to visit with friends and family. It is all around surrounded by greenery with tall trees.

Must-do activities at Imphal Valley

  • Enjoy the beauty of the valley early in the morning.
  • Delve in the beauty of nature at Imphal Valley and relax your mind and soul.

4.  Ima Market: A Heritage of Women’s Entrepreneurship


The Ima Market, also known as Ima Keithel or Nupi Keithel, is a unique women-only market situated in the heart of Imphal, Manipur. Established in the 16th century, it is the world’s only marketplace entirely managed and operated by women. 

Inside this busy commercial center, male vendors are not permitted to sell goods, which makes it a rare example of women’s economic empowerment and independence. With approximately 5,000–6,000 women vendors, this hidden treasures Imphal offers a diverse range of products ranging from fresh vegetables and fruits to textiles, toys, fish, spices, and utensils. 

Ima Market is not just a place of commerce but a symbol of Manipuri women’s ability, entrepreneurship, and cultural heritage. 

  • Timings: 09.30 am – 06.00 pm

Must-do activities at Ima market

  • Experience Traditional Cuisine: Sample authentic Imphal hidden culinary delights at the food stalls and best places to eat in Imphal within the market. Taste local delicacies like Eromba (a spicy fish stew), Kangshoi (vegetable stew), Chamthong (a mixed vegetable dish), and various types of chutneys made from indigenous herbs and spices. The flavors here are a reflection of Imphal hidden culinary delights.
  • Interact with Local Women Vendors: Engage in conversations with the women vendors who manage their stalls with remarkable efficiency and skill. Learn about their lives, stories, and challenges as entrepreneurs in a patriarchal society. 
  • Explore Beyond Shopping: Beyond shopping, explore the historical significance of the market. Understand its evolution since the 16th century and its role in shaping the socio-economic fabric of Manipur. 

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5. Imphal War Cemetery: Where Heroes Rest in Peace


The Imphal War Cemetery, situated in Imphal holds significant historical importance from the Second World War era. Managed and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the cemetery serves as the final resting place for approximately 1,600 Commonwealth soldiers who lost their lives during the Second World War.

Primarily associated with the Battle of Kohima and Imphal, the cemetery commemorates those who made the ultimate sacrifice in this war. This undiscovered gems Imphal stands as a heartfelt reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought in the region, which was strategically vital in the Allied campaign against the Japanese forces in Southeast Asia.

Must-do activities at  Imphal War Cemetery

  • Pay respects at the Graves: Take a moment to honor the Commonwealth soldiers buried at the cemetery. Read the inscriptions on the headstones and reflect on the lives and sacrifices of those who fought and died during the Battle of Kohima and Imphal.
  • Learn about History: Explore the historical context of the cemetery and its significance during World War II. Understand the strategic importance of Imphal and the sacrifices made by soldiers from different nations involved in the war.
  • Photography and Documentation: Capture the heartfelt beauty of the cemetery respectfully through photography, if permitted. Documenting your visit can help preserve the memory and significance of the site.

6. Shri Govindjee Temple: Gateway to Spiritual Bliss


Shree Govindajee Temple, also known as Shri Shri Govindajee Laishang, is an important Meitei Hindu temple dedicated to the deities Radha Krishna (Govindaji). Located in Imphal district, Manipur, this offbeat places in Imphal stands as the largest Vaishnava temple in the region. 

Originally constructed in 1846 under the leadership of Maharaja Nara Singh, it underwent reconstruction in 1876 by Maharaja Chandrakriti. This temple holds significant cultural and religious importance, serving as a center of worship and spiritual reflection for devotees of Vaishnavism in Manipur. 

This secret spots in Imphal architecture and historical legacy reflect the rich religious heritage and royal patronage characteristic of the region.

Must-do activities at Shri Govind Jee Temple 

  • Attend Daily Aarti: Experience the spiritual ambiance by attending the daily aarti and rituals dedicated to Radha Krishna (Govindaji).
  • Admire Architectural Beauty: Marvel at the temple’s blend of Manipuri and Hindu architectural styles, featuring intricate carvings and domes.
  • Learn History and Legends: Discover the temple’s rich history, including its founding reconstruction, and explore the myths and stories associated with its religious significance.

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7. INA War Museum: Respect and Remembrance


The INA War Museum, also known as the Indian National Army War Museum, located in Moirang, Manipur, is the sole official World War II museum in the state, despite several others being established. 

Situated within the INA Memorial Complex, this offbeat places in Imphal focuses on the history of the Indian National Army (INA) and the important role of Subhash Chandra Bose in India’s struggle for independence. 

It stands as the premier museum dedicated exclusively to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in Manipur.

  • Address: GQ3G+3RJ kumam leikai, Moirangthem Leikai, Moirang, Manipur 795133
  • Timings: 10.00 am – 04.00 pm; Monday Closed

Must-do activities at INA War Museum

  • Explore Historical Exhibits: Engage with artifacts, documents, and exhibits showcasing the history of the Indian National Army (INA) and Subhash Chandra Bose’s leadership.
  • Attend Audiovisual Presentations: Watch documentaries and presentations that narrate the INA’s role in India’s independence movement, featuring rare footage and interviews.
  • Visit the INA Memorial Complex: Pay respects to the memorial honoring INA soldiers and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings that commemorate their contributions.

8. Manipur Zoological Gardens: Preserving Wildlife Treasures


The Manipur Zoological Garden, known locally as Manipur Sha-Uchek Thampham, is a secret spots in Imphal It serves as the second habitat for the Sangai, the unique dancing deer species, following the Keibul Lamjao National Park, renowned as the world’s only floating national park. 

This medium-sized zoological garden is home to a variety of Schedule 1 species including amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles, many of which are endemic to Imphal. Recognized by the Central Zoo Authority of India, it operates as the coordinating zoo for the conservation breeding center for Sangai and Serow.

The Manipur Zoological Garden was established on 2 October 1976. The best time to visit the zoo during summer is from April to September. 

Address:  RV9R+289, Iroishemba Zoological Garden Rd, Uripok, Imphal, Manipur 795004

Must-do activities at Manipur Zoological Gardens

  • See the Sangai: Witness the rare Sangai, Manipur’s iconic dancing deer species, and learn about its conservation status and efforts.
  • Explore Native Wildlife: Discover a variety of endemic species including Schedule 1 animals like amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles native to Manipur.
  • Attend Educational Programs: Participate in guided tours and educational sessions to deepen your understanding of local wildlife conservation and biodiversity.

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9. RKCS Museum: Where Artistry Meets Cultural Heritage


RKCS Museum, also known as RKCS Art Gallery, was established by the renowned Manipuri artist Rajkumar Chandrajitsana Singh, popularly known as RKCS. Located in Keishamthong Mathak, downtown Imphal, this lesser known attractions Imphal houses a permanent exhibition of his original paintings. 

RKCS is celebrated as one of the leading contemporary artists of Manipur in the 20th century, known for depicting themes ranging from Manipur’s history and socio-cultural heritage to modern subjects. 

His artistic achievements include being recognized in the Limca Book of Records and receiving awards such as the Chitrakala Ratna.

Address:  RKCS colony, Nambul River Road, Keishamthong, Imphal, Manipur 795001

Must-do activities at RKCS Museum

  • Admire RKCS’s Original Paintings: Explore a collection showcasing RKCS’s artistic mastery in depicting Manipur’s history and cultural themes.
  • Learn About Manipuri Art: Gain insights into Manipuri art and culture through RKCS’s unique interpretations and narratives.
  • Engage with Art Community: Connect with enthusiasts and scholars to discuss RKCS’s contributions and influence on contemporary Manipuri art.

10. Thangal General Temple: Legacy of Courage, Beauty, and Belief


Thangal General Temple, constructed in 1879, graces the Wangkhei area of Imphal, Manipur’s capital. It honors Kangabam Chitananda Singh, renowned as Thangal General, a key figure during the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891 and in Maharaj Kulachandra’s court. 

His resistance against the British led to his infamous sentencing to death. This temple in Imphal follows Bengal architecture with Islamic-inspired elements seen in its dome and rail-decorated barriers. 

Elevated on a platform reached by stairs, this lesser known attractions Imphal covers 650 sq m, standing as an example of historical bravery and cultural fusion in Manipur.

Must-do activities at Thangal General Temple

  • Admire Architecture: Explore the Bengal-style architecture with Islamic influences, focusing on the dome and rail decorations.
  • Learn History: Discover the story of Thangal General and his role in Manipur’s history, particularly during the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891.
  • Participate in Rituals: Experience or observe religious ceremonies and prayers held at the temple.

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Imphal hidden homestays


Finding Imphal hidden homestays can provide an authentic and immersive experience of Manipuri culture. Here are some lesser-known homestays worth considering:

  • Phouoibi Homestay: Located in Thanga, Phouoibi Homestay offers a peaceful retreat near Loktak Lake. Guests can enjoy traditional Manipuri hospitality, home-cooked meals, and serene views of the lake.
  • Sana Homestay: Situated in the village of Heirangoithong, Sana Homestay provides a rustic experience amidst lush greenery and traditional Manipuri architecture. Guests can engage in village activities, cultural exchanges, and Hidden trails in Imphal.
  • Lalit Homestay: Located in Moirang, Lalit Homestay offers a cozy stay with a local family. Guests can explore Moirang’s historical sites, participate in cultural activities, and savor authentic Manipuri cuisine.
  • Mangaljao Homestay: Nestled in a rural setting near Imphal, Mangaljao Homestay offers a tranquil escape surrounded by fields and hills. Guests can experience agricultural practices, village life, and warm hospitality.
  • Tangkhul Homestay: Situated in the Ukhrul district, Tangkhul Homestay provides an opportunity to stay with the Tangkhul Naga community. Guests can explore Ukhrul’s natural beauty, visit local markets, and learn about Naga culture.

These hidden homestays in Imphal in and around Imphal offer comfortable lodging and a chance to connect deeply with Manipuri culture, traditions, and way of life. They are ideal for travelers seeking authenticity and a memorable cultural experience.

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Hence,  Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, unveils itself as a treasure of hidden gems in Imphal waiting to be explored. From exploring the serene Loktak Lake with its floating islands and unique wildlife sanctuary to visiting the historical Kangla Fort steeped in centuries-old stories, there are many things to do in Imphal that offer a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance. 

The city’s vibrant markets,Imphal secluded beaches, traditional dance forms like Manipuri Raas Leela, and the warm hospitality of its people add layers of charm to its attraction. Hidden Gems in Imphal not only captivates with its beauty but also offers a glimpse into the soul of Manipuri culture and history, making it a truly enriching destination for travelers seeking authenticity and adventure.

So, next time whenever you are in Manipur, be sure to plan your trip to Imphal and discover the magic of these Hidden Gems in Imphal.

What are some lesser-known attractions in Imphal?

Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, offers several lesser-known attractions that are worth exploring – Kangla Fort, Loktak Lake, Imphal Valley, Ima Market, Imphal War Cemetery, Shri Govindjee Temple, INA War Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, RKCS Museum, Thangal General Temple. These attractions provide a deeper glimpse into Manipur’s culture, history, and natural beauty beyond Imphal’s more popular tourist spots.

Can you recommend any hidden spots to explore in Imphal?

Certainly! Imphal, being a city rich in history and culture, has some hidden spots worth exploring –  Kangla Fort, Loktak Lake, Imphal Valley, Ima Market, Imphal War Cemetery, Shri Govindjee Temple, INA War Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, RKCS Museum, Thangal General Temple. These hidden spots in Imphal offer unique experiences, whether you’re interested in history, culture, or nature, or simply seeking a peaceful getaway away from the bustling city.

Where can I find off-the-beaten-path experiences in Imphal?

Finding off-the-beaten-path experiences in Imphal can lead you to discover the city’s lesser-known treasures. Here are some suggestions –  Kangla Fort, Loktak Lake, Imphal Valley, Ima Market, Imphal War Cemetery, Shri Govindjee Temple, INA War Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, RKCS Museum, Thangal General Temple.

Are there any undiscovered gems in Imphal worth visiting?

Yes, there any many undiscovered gems in Imphal worth visiting. Here are some suggestions –  Kangla Fort, Loktak Lake, Imphal Valley, Ima Market, Imphal War Cemetery, Shri Govindjee Temple, INA War Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, RKCS Museum, Thangal General Temple. These undiscovered gems in Imphal offer a glimpse into the natural beauty, history, and cultural heritage of Manipur in a quieter, more intimate setting.

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