Experience Adventure At The Best Destinations For A Himachal Backpacking Trip

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Several factors make Himachal Pradesh a backpacker’s paradise. The oldest and most potent is nature; following the people of Himachal is the weather. However, the fact that Himachal is so inexpensive for tourists is one of the most intriguing features that make Himachal backpacking tours one of the best options for travel in India, especially for Christmas and New Year trips. You can stay in Himachal Pradesh for longer and spend more money on engaging activities since there are many locations where lodging costs less than Rs. 1000/- per day.

There isn’t a better location for backpackers, therefore; A Himachal backpacking trip bestows on you priceless memories as you traverse the mountains, follow the unexplored trails and enjoy a pit stop in a village whose humble, warm-hearted residents make their place in your heart. Recently, have you entertained thoughts of going on a backpacking trip? You can explore the top Himachal backpacking destinations highlighted in this blog.

1. Kasol


Located in the renowned Parvati Valley, Kasol is a stunning location. You will be mesmerised by Kasol’s breathtaking beauty. It’s a lovely location where you can visit and take in the stunning scenery. While visiting Kasol, you can also go trekking. This location also serves as a stopover in the Backpacking trip to Himachal for those travelling to higher camps. The well-known Parvati River is a great place to unwind.

2. Triund


An essential addition to the list of Himachal Backpacking destinations is the lovely town of Triund. The Dhauladhar Mountains are a wonderful place to spend time where you can take in the scenery of both Kangra Valley and the mountains surrounding it. While visiting this location, you can pitch a tent and take in the stunning night sky illuminated by stars. Trekking through a mixed forest of oak, deodar, and rhododendron is possible and must-do activity here, making it a fantastic location for a Backpacking trip to Himachal.

3. Spiti


Spiti, which means “Middle Land ” in English, is also renowned as “Little Tibet” due to its surroundings that resemble those of Tibet, including its climatic conditions and plant life. The fantastic weather in Spiti Valley and the best Himachal backpacking tour make for ideal trekking conditions, which you would undoubtedly love to experience. In addition, you can visit Giu Village to see the natural mummy preserved in a glass case, if you’re lucky then you might catch a glimpse of the snow leopard, witness the Losar Festival, or cherish Chandra Taal’s natural beauty.

4. Rewalsar


Rewalsar is a beautiful location and a Himachal backpacking trip to this location is a peaceful experience. You will fall in love with this incredible place because of its beauty. Three Hindu temples, a Sikh Gurudwara, and three Buddhist monasteries have been built around a lake in the centre of this area. You can come and fall in love with this lovely location because it is so peaceful and serene; and also allows you to dive deep in yourself and contemplate. Despite its under-appreciation, Rewalsar is a fantastic Backpacking trip to Himachal Pradesh and surely deserves more recognition.

5. Bir Billing


One of the best Himachal Backpacking destinations, you will certainly have the time of your life by indulging in some adventures in the picturesque town of Bir Billing. It’s a fantastic location for paragliding, and you can join in the World Paragliding Championships held annually. When paragliding, Billing is the takeoff location, and Bir is where you land. While visiting this area, you can go on fantastic Himachal backpacking excursions. Visit Bir Billing and take an exciting tour. Besides the adventure, a sojourn in Bir will also turn out to be divine as it is well-known for its spiritual offerings. Here in Bir Billing, you can see some Tibetan cultural and religious influences. The renowned Deer Park and Bir Tea Factory too should be paid a visit . Backpacking trip to Himachal Pradesh offers a wide variety of destinations for travellers.

6. Sangla

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You should pay a visit to the well-known Sangla, which is located nearby and has some incredible natural beauty and is a fantastic location for adventure. This location is in the renowned Baspa Valley of the Kinnaur district. Himachal backpacking trip planner has emerged as the most popular place for backpackers to visit while in the state. You will be enamoured by the beauty of this location, which is a result of the cherry and apple orchards, glacial streams, and pine nut orchards. The renowned Kamru Fort, Kanda Trout Farm, and other attractions should also be visited. Rock climbing, rappelling, and other activities are also available to you. Sangla is a fantastic destination for an adventure and Backpacking trip to Himachal.

7. Sarahan

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Backpackers should visit Sarahan, a location associated with many myths and legends. You can even travel to the renowned Kinnaur from this location, which is at a height of 2,165 meters. The beautiful small fields, orchards, streams, and villages make the Himachal backpacking tour here a wonderful experience. It would help if you visited the excellent Himachal backpacking destination in Himachal Pradesh. Backpacking in Himachal is one that you should visit. As the 51st sacred Shakti Peeths, the well-known Bhimakali Temple is also accessible. A nearby famous bird park is another place you should go and enjoy the Backpacking trip to Himachal.

8. Dharamshala – McLeod Ganj


You will have beautiful memories after a Himachal backpacking trip for the new year to Dharamshala. These fantastic locations offer the opportunity to take strolls, take in breathtaking views, and find tranquillity. The Church St. John in the Wilderness, Dal Lake, Cultural Museum, and Dalai Lama Temple are just a few attractions in the sleepy Himachal Pradesh town of McLeod Ganj. It is situated at the foothills of the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. In addition, since Dharamsala is where the Dalai Lama resides, one can see a bit of Tibetan-Buddhist culture there. It certainly is the best Backpacking trip to Himachal.

9. Tosh


The village of Tosh should definitely be given a visit if you’re looking to see some unusual sights and a Himachal backpacking trip while you’re in the mountains. Located at the far end of the Parvati Valley, it is renowned for its tranquillity and serenity. As a traveller, if you want to experience complete solitude and bliss, then this is the location to visit. The breathtaking views of Tosh with the snow-capped mountains, stunning waterfalls, and picturesque mountain peaks are just a few reasons that make Tosh stand out. Tosh is considered the best Himachal backpacking destination for many people.

10. Dalhousie


The most well-known hill station in Himachal Pradesh is Dalhousie, so your Himachal backpacking trip planner there would only be complete with a stop there. The colonial charms of the former British Raj are evident in this lovely hill station, which is home to several historical monuments like colonial buildings. The town’s vegetation is exquisite. St. John’s Church, which was built in 1863, is an illustration of this. A picnic at Kalatope, a trip to Ahla Village’s Bara Pathar Temples, and some downtime at the tranquil Subhash Baoli are some things you should do while you’re here. You must visit for a Backpacking trip to Himachal.

11. Kullu-Manali


Kullu and Manali are among the best options for a Himachal backpacking trip due to the clean air, clear sky, lush mountains, and snow-capped ranges. It would take at least a couple of days to visit each of the numerous tourist attractions in Kullu and Manali. Himachal backpacking, trekking, adventure sports in Solang Valley, touring historic temples and seeing the Manali Bird Sanctuary are all things you can do while you’re here. An additional activity for a Backpacking trip to Himachal you can try in Kullu is river rafting.

12. Shimla


Undoubtedly, Shimla is one of the top Himachal backpacking destinations. A vacation to Shimla will never disappoint you, whether you go alone, with friends, or with family. Shimla has a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as the Mall Road for shopping, Annandale or Polo, Jakhu Hill for hiking, and the Lord Hanuman’s Temple for spiritual purposes. To taste British luxury, you can also go to the Viceregal Lodge.

13. Kasauli

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The little town of Kasauli is encircled by rolling hills covered in beautiful vegetation and thus the best Himachal backpacking trip option. The roads that will take you to this lovely location are worth highlighting and praising, and the weather is unquestionably good there. The Monkey Point, Mall Road, Anglican Church, etc., are a few tourist attractions in Kasauli. The Gilbert Trail is an option if you wish to go on hiking in your backpacking trips to Himachal.

14. Malana 

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Among the most picturesque villages in India is Malana. For Himachal backpacking trip planners, numerous tales have been told about this stunning location. Its existence has been mentioned in multiple Malana legends for a long time. A few long-standing families reside there, situated in the Valley of Parvati. The most intriguing fact about this unusual place is that it is said that that the great Alexander’s straight descendants are the locals of this place. Additionally, this location has administrative laws and rules that closely resemble the Greek social structure, management style, cultural norms, and notion of purity.

15. Chitkul


It is a tiny community hidden within Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district. In addition to being the last place in India where you can travel without a visa, it is the last village with a population close to the Indo-Tibetan border at 3450 meters. Tourists often stay in Sangla and prepare to leave for Chitkul the following day. The river Baspa travels the entire way from Sangla. Like the rest of Himachal, the region is dotted with snow-covered hills and different hues of apple orchards, mustard fields, and plants. Potatoes and peas of exceptional quality are grown in the valley. It can be a harsh, icy, and unreliable climate in the Himachal backpacking destinations.

16. Pabbar Valley

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Everyone who walks through the Pabbar Valley will find something to enjoy in this vibrant mixture of natural beauty and scenic splendour. We highly suggest that you go for a  Himachal backpacking trip to explore this pahadi gem. Along with its fruit orchards, this area attracted British Viceroys who camped and rested there thanks to its picturesque hamlets and swift rivers. The Pabbar Valley offers a variety of terrain for hikers to explore, including small, untouched towns, cedar, oak, and birch forests, and snow-covered valleys. In addition, you can take backpacking trips to Himachal for pursuits like rafting, paragliding, and walking, and staying in charming homestays in Himachal.

These are just a few fantastic locations you can travel to during a Himachal backpacking tour; you can take advantage of many more unique locations in India. WanderOn can assist you in learning about all the other things still to be discovered in Himachal Pradesh’s uncharted regions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Himachal Backpacking Tour Destinations 

1.  What is the ideal time to visit Himachal?

Depending on what the guests want to see and do, a trip to Himachal backpacking tour can be scheduled at any time of the year.

2. What makes Himachal Pradesh worth visiting?

Himachal Pradesh still ranks as one of the most fantastic Himachal backpacking destinations for its natural beauty, historic monasteries and temples, adventurous activities, distinctive art and craft, mouthwatering cuisine, dance, music, and honeymoon sites.

3. What industry does Himachal Pradesh excel in?

Himachal Pradesh’s numerous hill stations for Himachal backpacking trips have become increasingly well-known over time, and the stunning Himalayan scenery is the most famous. Rock climbing, mountain biking, river rafting, paragliding, ice skating, and heliskiing are just a few of the sports and other Himachal backpacking adventure activities.

5. How fit must you be to travel during the winter for treks?

Everyone in average physical condition should be comfortable on the shorter (2 to 3-days) treks. Still, it’s always a good idea to bring some medications for more convenient and safe travel for the Backpacking trip to Himachal.

4. What is the most incredible spot in Himachal Pradesh?

The coldest areas for Himachal backpacking trip planners include Manali, Bhunter, and Keylong. They are the most popular and eventually the most incredible spots in Himachal Pradesh.

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