Homestays in Bangaram Island: Your Gateway to Paradise

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Welcome to Bangaram Island,

Travelers looking for a genuine island experience are attracted to Bangaram Island, a tropical paradise nestled in the crystal-clear waters of the Lakshadweep archipelago. Homestays on Bangaram Island are the ideal lodging choice for people who want to fully experience the native way of life and scenic surroundings. These homestays on Bangaram Island offer a special fusion of affordability, authenticity, and comfort, which is why guests are choosing them more and more.

So, in this blog we will guide you with the best place to visit Lakshadweep along with the Activities and Accommodation Packages on Bangaram Island. But, you need to choose whether you want to have a budget or luxury travel plans for your next vacation.

10 Best Homestays in Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

  1. Bangaram Island Beach Resort
  2. Turtle Nest Resort
  3. Agatti Island Beach Resort
  4. Coral Paradise Beach Resort
  5. Sea Breeze Resort
  6. Island Holiday Home
  7. Kadmat Island Beach Resort
  8. Sea Shells Beach Resort
  9. Kasims Beach Villa
  10. Lagoon View Resort

10 Best Homestays in Bangaram Island: Your Ultimate Guide

1. Bangaram Island Beach Resort


A top hotel on Bangaram Island, Bangaram Island Resort is a perfect luxurious retreat, blending breathtaking scenery with excellent conveniences. As the main place to stay on the island, this Bangaram Island hotel offers an exclusive experience in a pristine environment. 

The resort features a variety of homes and cottages that blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The beach cottages at Bangaram Island Resort are unique among Bangaram Island’s coastal lodging options. Their own verandas provide a tranquil haven, opening directly onto the sand. The resort’s private beaches provide a tranquil and enjoyable stay, making it the ideal choice for families searching for the best hotels for families on Bangaram Island.


  • Smoke detectors are present in every rooms
  • Guests can enjoy a range of water sports and various adventures activities in Lakshadweep .
  • Room Service Facility available 24*7
  • Private Beach for Couples to enjoy
  • This resort is suitable for bachelors, family with chidren, Couples, senior citizens, youngsters. 

2. Turtle Nest Resort


Situated on one of the amazing islands of Lakshadweep, our resort provides breathtaking views of the blue oceans, white sand beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. This resort is situated between the Arabian Sea and the only island in Lakshadweep with an airport accessible only by air or sea. Among the activities available to guests are water sports including scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking. It is possible to arrange for boat cruises and transportation across the region.


  • You may also experience the beautiful scenery of the islands by going on guided tours. 
  • This is a place where one can go kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
  • Swimming, tanning, and taking in the breathtaking scenery of the island are all enjoyable pastimes. 
  • Local fisherman lend out boats and fishing gear to visitors. 
  • Guests can also learn about the islands’ unique traditions, arts, and crafts, and taste local cuisine at the man restaurants and cafes.

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3. Agatti Island Beach Resort


A breathtaking display of shimmering coral reefs, azure lagoons, white beaches, and lush green coconut palms can be found at Agatti Island Beach Resort. Here, the captivating beauty of untainted nature causes time to stand still. One of the most breathtaking tropical islands in the world, it hasn’t been overrun by tourists. Agatti Island Beach Resort is one of the best resort in Lakshadweep.

The main attraction at the resorts is the water sport facility. Agatti has a medical centre with qualified doctors. It is one of the main tourist sports in Lakshadweep, and you can go swimming, canoeing, boating and diving. 


  • Agatti Island Beach Resort is just a four-minute drive from Agatti Airport.
  • Serving food throughout the day, the resort’s charming restaurant offers a varied menu that incorporates Indian, Chinese, international, and Lakshadweep cuisine.
  • The resort features air-conditioned rooms and on-site dining.  

4. Coral Paradise Beach Resort


At the resort, you can experience the natural lifestyle of the people while staying in the eco_friendly cottages. Just small enough to give you enough privacy. Big enough to give you all the space around. And right enough to give you all our service attention. 

You will be surprised to walkout of your aircraft just to walk into the resort as its just a few minutes walk from the airport. Lakshadweep Islands is one of the world most spectacular tropical island systems. The average transfer time from the Agatti Airport to Coral Paradise is a five minute walk. There is a specialized eco_friendly cottages at the resort. Guests are served homely food and given the option of indoor or outdoor dining. Special arrangements are made for guests who wish to have the food outside, under the cool shade of the tall coconut trees.


  • Doctor on call availability
  • Rooms with attached washroom and television
  • Airport Pickup/Drop Facility available
  • Room service for available for 24*7
  • Special facilities available for person with disability

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5. Sea Breeze Resort


One of the greatest locations to stay is Sea Breeze Resort, which has a welcoming atmosphere. This resort is a great pick among Bangaram Island hotels because of its laid-back atmosphere and outstanding customer service. Situated directly on the shore, it offers comfortable accommodations and cottages with easy access to the beach and breathtaking views of the ocean. Families adore the range of lodging options, particularly the beachfront cottages with their breathtaking views. These hotels provide the ideal balance of leisure and excitement, making them among of the greatest options for families visiting Bangaram Island. The staff members are quite amiable and ensure that every guest has an amazing time while visiting.


  • A small health center offers yoga classes and massages, making it a peaceful hideaway.
  • Numerous water sports are available to visitors, such as kayaking, diving, and snorkeling.
  • The on-site cafe offers a selection of regional and global cuisine.

6. Island Holiday Homes


A breathtaking display of shimmering coral reefs, azure lagoons, white beaches, and lush green coconut trees can be found at Island Holiday Homes. Here, the captivating beauty of untainted nature causes time to stand still. One of the most breathtaking tropical islands in the world, it hasn’t been overrun by tourists. 

Perhaps it’s one of the few locations where you can see every possible hue of blue, green, and white. The physical forms and appearances of the islands and coral reefs differ so greatly that no two would seem the same. The tranquility and serenity are captivating and guarantee complete body, mind, and soul renewal. No amount of description can explain the actual beauty of this paradise.


  • All other local transportation and sightseeing is available for the guest
  • Pickup and Drop from the Agatti Airport
  • Morning Evening Tea/Coffee with Snacks is available
  • The Guest House is located 3.5 km from the Airport and 600 mtr from North Lagoon beach.

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7. Kadmat Island Beach Resort


Kadmat Island Beach Resort is one of the best hotels on Bangaram Island and is well-known for its stunning coral reefs and plethora of marine life. Families seeking a tranquil retreat and those who enjoy the outdoors will find it to be an ideal option. The resort offers roomy, comfortable cottages with all the amenities of a modern home, located next to the beach. You can walk straight onto the sandy coastlines and enjoy breathtaking views of the lagoon when you awaken. Divers love Kadmat Island for its underwater locations, which makes it a great choice for exciting diving excursions.

The resort’s remote location means you get a quiet and relaxing environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Families particularly enjoy the natural surroundings, making Kadmat Island Beach Resort one of the best hotels for families on Bangaram Island.


  • Kadmat Island Beach Resort  presents 36 sea-facing rooms, it includes Standard/ Deluxe and Super Deluxe Air-conditioned.
  • The rooms offer panoramic views of the sea
  • The resort also have Standard non-Air-conditioned Rooms which is 03 kilometre away from the main Beach area.
  • Guests can enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor games, as well as a fitness centre.

8. Sea Shells Beach Resort

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A celebration of understated elegance. The only pleasant distractions from the constant, resounding silence here are the soft thrashing of the waves on the sandy shoreline and the wind’s whistling amid the swaying palm fronds. Sea Shells Beach Resort is an extraordinarily huge painting depicting nature, from which you may gaze up at an exciting sunrise to the melancholy magnificence of the dying sun as you turn around.


  • Fire Extinguishers and CCTV cameras present everywhere
  • Doctors on Call available for 24*7
  • LED Televison with internet services available
  • Private Beach areas for couples
  • Smoking, unmarried couples, and pets are not allowed to this resort.

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9. Kasims Beach Villa

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Kasims Beach Villa, which is in Agatti, provides three-star lodging with individual balconies. The three-star hotel offers views of the garden from each room, and visitors can use the restaurant and garden. The lodging offers room service and a front desk open around-the-clock for visitors. Every accommodation at the hotel has a seating area. Here you can witness most beautiful sunsets in the world. Kasims Beach Villa offers air-conditioned guest rooms with desks. The lodging offers an à la carte breakfast every day. Cycling is a popular activity in the area, and Kasims Beach Villa offers automobile and bike rentals.


  • Pets are allowed to this resort
  • It is considered as Family-Friendly Homestays in Bangaram Island
  • A private beach area is reserved for resort guests, providing a secluded and exclusive experience.
  • The on-site diving centre offers courses and guided dives for all levels of experience.
  • It organizes eco-tours and nature walks, allowing guests to learn about the island’s flora and fauna.

10. Lagoon View Resort


Among the various hotels in this area, Lagoon View Resort is an exceptional choice. Known for providing an ideal blend of affordability and comfort, this hotel is regarded as one of the best on Bangaram Island. One of the best beachfront hotels on Bangaram Island, it features cozy beach huts and lovely garden cottages that are furnished with everything you need for a great time in Lakshadweep and provide breathtaking views of the lagoon. This place is a favorite among families because it’s warm and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Engaging in local activities allows you to fully experience the customs and way of life of the island. 


  • With an emphasis on using fresh and nutritious foods, the resort’s restaurant serves a range of regional and international cuisines. 
  • Kayaking, snorkeling, and nature hikes are available to visitors. The resort also arranges cultural events and island-hopping tours.
  • Visitors can engage in indoor and outdoor games, such as beach volleyball and table tennis.

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Best Time to Visit Bangram Island in Lakshadweep

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The best time to enjoy the beauty and beaches of Bangaram is Monsoon and Winter season. Monsoon season doesn’t affect Bangaram and Agatti islands, as they can be accessed via flights from Kochi.

Summer in Bangaram: March to May is moderately hot and humid here. The temperature ranges between 25 degrees celsius to 35 degrees celsius.

Monsoon in Bangaram: June marks the beginning of monsoon here. The island remains wet till August, but the greenery of the island makes it look more beautiful than ever. The temperature ranges between 25 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius during monsoon. The water temperature remains pleasant 25 degrees celsius.

Winter in Bangaram: Winter in Bangaram starts in December and lasts till February. The temperature ranges between 20 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius during winter on the island.

Conclusion: Your Perfect Bangaram Island Homestay Awaits


Bangaram Island homestays provide an unique and enlightening approach to explore this tropical haven. There is the ideal homestay for any kind of traveler, ranging from affordable choices to opulent getaways, family-friendly hotels to environmentally concerned lodgings.

You’re getting more than just a place to sleep when you choose to stay at a homestay on Bangaram Island; you’re also getting access to real experiences, cultural immersion, and intimate relationships that will make your island vacation genuinely remarkable.

So why wait? Start planning your Bangaram Island adventure today and discover the magic of island life through the lens of a local homestay. Your perfect island retreat is just a booking away!

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How can I find affordable homestays in Bangaram Island?

To find affordable homestays in Bangaram Island, check budget-friendly options like Lagoon View Resort and Palm Grove Beach Resort and look for special offers and discounts on travel booking websites.

What are the top homestays in Bangaram Island?

Some of the top-rated homestays in Bangaram Island include Kadmat Beach Resort, Island Holiday Homes and Agatti Beach Resort.

Where can I stay in Bangaram Island Homestays?

Bangaram Island Beach Resort, Sea Breeze Resort and Lagoon Villa are the best options to book your stay.

How can I book a homestay in Bangaram Island?

Homestays on Bangaram Island can be reserved in many ways. You can make reservations directly on the websites or social media pages of homestays.

What are the best homestays in Bangaram Island?

There are many best homestays in Bangaram Island but listed are Bangaram Island Beach Resort, Doctor Cottage, Thinnakara Tent Houses, Turtle Nest Resort and Palm Grove Beach Resort.

Do Homestays in Bangaram Island Offer Meals?

Yes, all homestays in Bangaram Island offer meals as part of their services. Many provide home-cooked local cuisine, giving you a taste of authentic Lakshadweep flavors.

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