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A delightful and engaging way to explore this tranquil island off the southern coast of Gujarat is through homestays. Visitors may experience Diu’s great hospitality, rich culture, and history firsthand by staying in a local house. These homestays, which are frequently tucked away in scenic locations close to historical landmarks and beaches, provide visitors individualised attention and insider knowledge that enriches their trip. Diu homestays are a great complement to India travel packages, especially for those looking for a more personal and culturally immersive experience.

They are ideal for tourists who want to experience Diu in a way that goes beyond standard hotel accommodations since they provide a distinctive fusion of comfort and regional culture. A homestay in Diu guarantees a true and unforgettable connection to this stunning location, whether you’re lounging by the sea, seeing the old forts, or meandering through the charming alleyways.

Where is Diu Located

Where is Diu Located

Where is Diu Located

A little island called Diu is situated in the Arabian Sea off the southern coast of Gujarat, India. It is a component of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli Union Territories. Diu, which is well-known for its calm beaches, colonial architecture, and laid-back vibe, provides a distinctive fusion of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

How to react Diu

By Air:

Flying is the quickest route to Diu. Regular flights link Diu Airport (DIU) to major cities like Mumbai. The town core is a short cab ride from the airport.


By Train:

Veraval, which is around 90 kilometres away from Diu, is the closest train station. Major Indian cities, such as Mumbai and Ahmedabad, are easily accessible from Veraval. You may take a bus or rent a cab from Veraval to go to Diu.


By Road:

A well-kept system of highways makes it possible to go to Diu by car. About 370 kilometres separate it from Ahmedabad and 270 kilometres from Rajkot. To get to Diu, you may either drive there or use a bus run by the government or independent companies. There are frequent bus routes from Gujarat’s larger cities.

Travelers interested in seeing the scenic beauty and historical charm of this coastal treasure will find Diu to be a convenient and appealing destination due to its easy accessibility by plane, rail, or road. Including Diu in travel packages to India provides a tranquil getaway with a variety of activities.

Best Time to Visit



October through March is the ideal time of year to visit Diu. With temperatures between 20°C and 25°C, these months offer nice, temperate weather that is perfect for touring, beach activities, and taking in the island’s attractions. Sunny days and a pleasant sea wind make the weather ideal for outdoor pursuits including hiking, water sports, and historical site visits. Furthermore, this time frame coincides with India’s holiday season, enhancing the vitality of the local culture throughout your stay. 

The winter months give the most pleasant and temperate atmosphere for taking advantage of everything Diu has to offer, while the summer months (April to June) may be hot and muggy and the monsoon season (July to September) brings torrential rains.

Why visit Diu?

A hidden jewel in India, Diu is a peaceful island off the southern coast of Gujarat that offers a singular fusion of natural beauty, old world charm, and cultural diversity. Here are a few things to do for  your next travel to Diu:

Peaceful beaches and scenic surroundings:

Peaceful beaches and scenic surroundings:

Peaceful beaches and scenic surroundings:

Diu is well known for its immaculate beaches, which offer the ideal haven for anyone looking for peace and quiet. Well-known beaches with golden sands, crystal-clear seas, and a serene ambience include Nagoa Beach, Ghoghla Beach, Simbor Beach and Jallandhar Beach. These beaches are a refuge for adventure seekers and beach lovers alike since they’re perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and other water activities.

Abundant Historical and Cultural Legacy

Diu’s history is intricately linked to Portuguese colonisation, as shown by the historical sites and architecture that have been maintained. The huge 16th-century Diu Fort is a reminder of the island’s strategic significance and colonial heritage. In addition to learning about the fort’s historical significance, visitors may explore the battlements and take in expansive views of the Arabian Sea. A stunning example of Baroque architecture, St. Paul’s Church also provides insight into the theological and cultural history of the island.

Bright Festivals and Regional Customs

Diu’s festivals, food, and way of life all showcase the region’s rich blend of Portuguese and Gujarati traditions. Travelers from all over the world come to Festa De Diu, Asia’s longest beach festival, which takes place from December to February and features a variety of art, dance, music, and food. Enjoy delicious local cuisine, which offers a great gastronomic experience, including fresh fish and traditional Gujarati meals.

Outdoor Activities & Adventure

Diu provides a range of thrilling water activities for those seeking adventure. On its beaches, water activities including windsurfing, jet skiing, and parasailing are quite popular. In addition, there are chances for exploration and adventure in the island’s natural nature, which includes the Naida Caves and Vanakbara Fishing Village. Another wonderful way to see the island’s beautiful beauty and local character is by bicycle.

Calm and Uncrowded Environment

Calm and Uncrowded Environment

Calm and Uncrowded Environment

In contrast to several other Indian tourist spots, Diu preserves a calm and unhurried vibe. The relaxed atmosphere and lack of marketing enable guests to have a restful and revitalising vacation. Diu is a great place for a honeymoon in India if you love beaches and want to have some quality time together. Diu offers an idyllic setting for a restful vacation, whether you’re touring historical sights, tasting local cuisine, or just resting on the beach.


Best Homestays in Diu

Selecting the ideal lodging may greatly improve your trip, and Diu homestays provide a special chance to fully experience the warmth and culture of the region. These are a few of Diu’s greatest homestays; each offers a unique and unforgettable stay.

1. Ilark Homestay

Location: Adjacent to Diu Fort


  • Close to historical landmarks
  • Cosy and well furnished rooms
  • Personalised Service 

The quaint Ilark Homestay is situated close to the well-known Diu Fort. The homestay guarantees a good stay by providing cozy, well decorated rooms with contemporary conveniences. The host family serves handmade meals to the guests, giving them a true experience of the region’s food. The hosts are renowned for their kind hospitality and are constantly willing to offer their knowledge of the top tourist destinations and customs.

2. Casa De Diu

Location: Close to Nagoa Beach


  • Near the shore
  • Gorgeous garden
  • Portuguese architecture in its traditional form

Casa De Diu, which has Portuguese-style architecture, offers a fusion of contemporary comfort and classic charm. It is the ideal place for anyone who want to enjoy the sun and beach because it is close to Nagoa Beach. The guesthouse offers large, well decorated rooms as well as a lovely garden for visitors to unwind in. It’s a home away from home thanks to the hosts’ wonderful prepared breakfast and first-rate service.

Gurukripa Guest House

Gurukripa Guest House

3. Gurukripa Guest House

Location: Ghoghla Beach


  • Property on the beach
  • Reasonable prices
  • Hospitable and kind hosts

The Gurukripa Guest House is a great option for those on a tight budget. This guesthouse, which is close to Ghoghla Beach, provides lovely views of the ocean and quick access to the sand. The hosts are well-known for their warmth and assistance, and the accommodations are tidy and cozy. In addition to participating in beach activities, guests may have a relaxing stay with the sound of the waves in the background.

4. The Banyan Tree Farmstay

Location: Fudam Village


  • Rural Setting
  • Organic farm experience
  • Tranquil surrounding

The Banyan Tree Farmstay is a great option for a distinctive and peaceful vacation. This farmstay in Fudam Village gives visitors a taste of organic farming and country living. The house features large rooms with rustic décor and is surrounded by natural surroundings. Visitors may take part in farming activities, eat meals straight from the farm, and unwind in the tranquil setting. For those looking for a tranquil getaway and lovers of the outdoors, it’s ideal.

5. Apana Homestay

Location: Near Diu Market


  • Central location
  • Comfortable and clean rooms
  • Warm and welcoming hosts

Apana Homestay is strategically located near Diu Market, making it simple for guests to explore the surrounding region. The homestay offers comfortable and clean rooms equipped with essential amenities. The hosts are known for their warm hospitality and are always eager to assist with travel plans and local sightseeing. Home-cooked meals and the convenience of neighbouring stores and attractions are available to guests.

Heritage Homestay

Heritage Homestay

6. Heritage Homestay

Location: Jallandhar Beach


Heritage Property 

Gorgeous views of the sea

Personalised care


The Heritage Homestay provides a special fusion of comfort and heritage. This guesthouse, which is close to Jallandhar Beach, is housed in a heritage building that honors Diu’s long past. The tastefully furnished rooms offer a sumptuous stay, complete with antique furnishings and contemporary conveniences. A wonderful stay is guaranteed by the hosts, who provide guests with particular attention and breathtaking views of the sea from their rooms.

7. Sunset Point Homestay

Location: Chakratirth Beach


Stunning view of the sunset

Location beside the beach

Cosy ambiance

The Sunset Point Homestay, situated near Chakratirth Beach, is the perfect place to take in the magnificent sunsets. The homestay provides cozy accommodations with all the comforts of contemporary living. Visitors may unwind on the sand, go on leisurely strolls, and take in the breathtaking sunset views. Guests are made to feel like members of the family by the kind and attentive hosts.

8. Shri Ram Villa

Location: Kodidhar Beach


  • Large rooms
  • Tranquil surroundings
  • Scrumptious dishes prepared at home

A tranquil guesthouse close to Kodidhar Beach is called Shri Ram Villa. It has roomy accommodations with all the facilities needed, styled in an understated yet stylish manner. The host family’s delectable home-cooked meals and tranquil surroundings are the homestay’s main draws. It’s a terrific spot to unwind because of the peace and quiet of the surroundings and the convenient access to the beach.

9. Sea View Homestay

Location: Close to the INS Khukri Memorial


  • Beautiful views of the sea
  • Close to beaches and a monument
  • Cosy and at ease accommodations

The INS Khukri Memorial is next to Sea View Homestay, which has breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The homestay offers warm, comfortable rooms with all the conveniences of contemporary living, making for a happy stay. The hosts offer friendly hospitality as well as helpful advice on things to do and see in the area. It’s a handy starting point for visiting Diu because of its close proximity to the monument and beaches.

10. Ocean Pearl Homestay

Location: Situated close to Diu Fort.


  • Historical site
  • Cosy lodging
  • Knowledgeable and amiable hosts

The Ocean Pearl Homestay offers cosy lodging in a historic location close to Diu Fort. The well-appointed rooms provide contemporary conveniences, guaranteeing a comfortable stay. The hosts are amiable and well-versed in the history and customs of the area, providing insightful commentary and suggestions. Visitors may easily tour the fort and other neighbouring sights.

Tips to book a great homestay in Diu

To guarantee a delightful and cozy stay, there are a few essential suggestions to consider while booking a fantastic homestay in Diu:

  • Research and Reviews: Look up different homestays on the internet to get started. Examine reviews on websites like and TripAdvisor to obtain authentic input from past visitors.
  • Location: Pick a homestay that’s close to the places you want to see, such as the town centre, historical landmarks, or beaches.
  • Amenities: Verify that the homestay provides basic conveniences like breakfast, Wi-Fi, and tidy rooms. Some may also provide extra benefits like chef-prepared meals or trips.
  • Host Interaction: Choose homestays with amiable and accommodating hosts who can offer customised advice and local insights.
  • Booking Sites: Make use of reputable booking sites that provide customer service and safe payment methods.
  • Flexibility: In case your vacation plans change, be sure the cancellation rules are accommodating.

You may discover a comfortable and charming homestay in Diu by using the advice in this article to help you plan your trip.


In conclusion, experiencing a homestay in Diu allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local hospitality and culture, making it a singular and fascinating experience. You may guarantee a pleasant and enjoyable stay by carefully choosing a homestay based on location, facilities, host interactions, and reviews. Diu’s homestays accommodate a range of tastes, whether you’re searching for a quiet rural location, a historical ambience, or a beachside hideaway. Including these customized lodging options in your itinerary will improve your trip and give you a closer understanding of Diu’s calm and culturally diverse surroundings.

What amenities can I expect at homestays in Diu?

You may anticipate facilities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, clean and cozy rooms, home-cooked meals, and frequently a free breakfast at homestays in Diu. In addition, some homestays could include transportation arrangements, laundry services, and guided excursions.

Are homestays in Diu suitable for families and large groups?

Absolutely, a lot of Diu’s homestays are ideal for big parties and families since they have extra beds, vast rooms, and family-friendly features. Personalized services and activities are frequently offered by accommodating hosts to guarantee a comfortable stay for guests of all ages.

How can I book a homestay in Diu?

Through internet travel agencies you may reserve a homestay in Diu. Prior to making a reservation, check choices, read reviews, and compare costs. Another way to get in touch with the homestay directly is via phone or through their website.

What is the cancellation policy for homestays in Diu?

Diu homestay cancellation rules differ from property to property. Flexible policies often include free cancellation up to a predetermined number of days prior to check-in. Always verify with the host personally or check the specific homestay’s rules on the booking website.

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