Top 10 Homestays in Patiala

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Patiala is a city that has its own past while embracing its present. This place is waiting to be discovered. Homestays in Patiala offer a glimpse into the hospitality which is found in Punjab. You will explore old tradition, and guests are welcomed as a part of the family. While planning your journey, you can go through our India travel packages.

Embracing Warm Hospitality:


One of the good things about opting a homestay at Patiala is the warm welcome by the hosts. Guests are greeted with genuine smiles and heartfelt warmth. Every moment spent in the company of the hosts feels like a cherished memory in the making.

Immersing in Cultural Riches:

Patiala isn’t just a city, it’s a treasure of culture, art, and history waiting to be explored. Staying in a best homestay in Patiala provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural riches of this vibrant city. From participating in Punjabi rituals to learning old cooking techniques, every experience feels like a journey back in time, enriched with the essence of Punjab.

A Home Away from Home:


In the hustle of today’s life, finding a shelter that feels like home is a rare luxury. Homestay in Patiala Punjab offers just that which feels like a home away from home. Every single moment you spend here will not make you feel like you are away from your home. People over here are supportive, communicative and friendly and they always keep you first in place

Offbeat Experiences:

Homestay at Patiala opens the door for offbeat experiences that are often off the tourist radar. You can visit local craftsmen and participate in traditional farming activities like ploughing fields or harvesting crops. 

Guests have the opportunity to engage in activities that offer a glimpse into the everyday lives of Patiala’s residents. Moreover, to experience such offbeat experiences, there are many offbeat places to visit in India.

Creating Lasting Memories:


As the sun sets over the horizon, Punjabi folk songs fill the air. It is the moment, which no one wants to miss out on and wants to experience once in his lifetime. Homestay at Patiala offer more than just accommodation, they offer hospitality and every guest is treated like family. So, the next time you find yourself in Patiala, go for a homestay journey that promises to create lasting memories of love, laughter, and amazing hospitality. 

Exploring the City

While enjoying the comforts of your homestay in Patiala Punjab, it has a lot to offer to the travellers. From exploring the historic Qila Mubarak and Sheesh Mahal to shopping for traditional Phulkari embroidery and juttis in the nearby markets. 

And with your hosts always ready to offer insider tips and recommendations, you’ll discover hidden gems that most tourists miss out on. Also you will discover many affordable hotels and restaurants in Patiala.

Significance Of Choosing The Best Homestays


There are few reasons while selecting the homestays, some are :

1. You are safe

This gives you peace of mind while you explore your new surroundings. Homestays in Patiala can be a good choice if you are not used to living out without your family as there is always someone to look out for you. Have dinner together and spend time with your family and friends.

2. You feel less homesick

Sometimes, even the most independent travellers become homesick. There are times like your host family can be extremely helpful in supporting you and may spend more time with you at a local restaurant so that you feel off being homesick.

3. You become independent

Communication is the key to everything, just let your host family know in advance if you are heading out somewhere, staying at a friend’s place or returning home late. If you do so, you will maintain a good relationship with your host family.

4. You can save more money

One of the most attractive factors about homestay at Patiala is its cost. Homestay is a great choice as it includes safety, experiences, utility services and some meals all at a reasonable cost.

Some of the best available homestays in Patiala are :

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1. The Heritage Villa –

This villa is located in serene surroundings and peaceful location. The food available here is homemade and delicious. The Heritage Villa is among the best Homestay in Patiala features a garden and there is a private entrance at the bed and breakfast for the convenience of those who stay. Also there is a sun terrace and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking.

What’s nearby

  • Thapar University – 4 min drive
  • Omaxe Mall – 2 min drive
  • Sheesh Mahal – 4 min drive
  • Gurdwara shri Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 3 min drive
  • Kali Mata Temple – 19 min walk


  • Cafe Coffee Day – 10 min walk
  • Scotland Yard Pub – 14 min walk
  • Gopal’s Restaurant – 10 min walk
  • Satrange Gol Gappe – 16 min walk
  • Sheetal Restaurant – 9 min walk

Rating: 4.5

Address: 16 The Mall, opp. Polo Ground, near Downtown, Barista, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Image Source- Montage hotel

2. The Montage

The Hotel Montage presents a distinctive value proposition that blends luxury, design, and art. Situated in some of the most famous locations in Patiala, Hotel Montage is a group of boutique hotels and resorts. These hotels are renowned for their chic interiors, faultless service, and dedication to the arts and culture.

These hotels are the best Homestays in Patiala offer their visitors an incredibly immersive experience because they are devoted to art and culture and are situated in some of the most famous locations on earth.

What’s nearby

  • Qila Mubarak – 20 min drive
  • Gurdwara shri Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 10 min drive
  • Baradari Garden – 15 min drive
  • Moti Bagh Palace – 25 min drive
  • Kali Mata Mandir – 16 min drive
  • Deer Park – 25 min drive


  • Buns ‘N’ Bunnies – 5 min drive
  • Verma Shop – 1 min drive
  • Family Food Co. – 12 min drive

Rating: 4.4

Address: SH8, Hassanpur, Patiala, Punjab 147004


3. The Gateway Farmhouse

In Patiala homestays, The Getaway Farmhouse is among the most affordable stay options. This villa has a private pool, a garden and free private parking. A homestay at Patiala is the perfect Getaway from all the hustle and bustle of daily city life. Bring in your family and friends. Good location overall for sightseeing, recreation, dining and

What’s nearby

  • Kali Devi temple – 8.7km
  • Baradari Garden – 8.5km


  • Hamlet – The Dak Bungalow – 10 min drive
  • Shere Punjab Dhaba – 10 min drive
  • Gyani Da Dhaba – 10 min drive

Rating: 4.5

Address: The Getaway Farmhouses, Patiala, Punjab 147007

Image Source- Trip Advisor

4. Urban Guest House

Urban Guest House is a great choice in Patiala homestays for travellers looking for a star hotel or have less budget. This Hotel stands out as one of the highly recommended hotels and among best homestays in Patiala and provides all essential facilities for travellers comfortable stay. It is located on Mall Road  near the railway station.

What’s nearby

  • Environment Park – 10 min drive
  • Kali Mata Mandir – 12 min drive
  • Patiala Zoo – 20 min drive
  • Deer Park – 20 min drive
  • Dhillon’s Fun World – 14 min drive
  • Quila Androon – 16 min drive
  • Qila Mubarak – 16 min drive
  • Gurdwara shri Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 9 min drive


  • Sharma Ji Vaishno Dhaba – 6 min drive
  • Damak Dum Kebabs – 1 min drive

Rating: 4.7

Address: Street Number 7, Vijay Nagar, Aman Nagar, Patiala, Punjab 147001

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5. Mohan’s Courtyard

Mohan’s Courtyard welcomes travellers to stay in pleasant accommodations at homestay in Patiala Punjab, offering utmost comfort and warmth. This hotel is located in a historic area with a 19th-century palace, a walking path to Baradari Gardens, and a large Omaxe Mall.

  • Host business meetings or seminars in the conference room.
  • The hotel features a banquet hall, suitable for private parties and social gatherings.
  • Sign-up for a relaxing and refreshing massage and can also avail the facility of a spa.
  • Relax and take a refreshing stroll on the lawn of the property.

What’s nearby

  • Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 7 min drive
  • Baradari Garden – 10 min walk
  • Qila Mubarak – 10 min drive
  • Moti Bagh Palace – 10 min drive
  • Sheesh Mahal Patiala – 10 min drive
  • Patiala Heritage Walk – 8 min drive


  • Golden Hut – 1 min walk
  • Shivam Restaurant – 1 min drive
  • The hobnob grill – 5 min drive
  • Nagpal Dhaba – 1 min drive

Rating: 3.6

Address: opp. Civil Surgeon Office, Yadvindra Colony,, Baradari, Patiala, Punjab 147001

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6. Patiala Villa Homestay

Patiala is known for its kings and their heroics. Why not experience the king size stay at this luxurious and best homestays in Patiala at very reasonable prices to make your holiday comfortable and memorable. The hosts of this property are a middle aged couple who are more than excited to welcome you.

What’s nearby

  • Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 6 min walk
  • Kali Temple – 1.5m drive
  • Baradari Garden – 14 min walk
  • Thapar University – 2.8m drive


  • New Gopal Sweets – 17 min walk
  • Garden Resort – 20 min walk
  • Cafe Coffee Day – 1.2 min drive
  • The Brew Estate Patiala – 1.3 min drive

Rating: 4.6

Address: 7750/5 Factory Area, Near Paras Motors, Patiala , 147001

Image Source- Trip Advisor

7. Sekhon Guest House

This homestay in Patiala is a guest house well-known for its one-stop destination servicing customers both local and visitors visiting in Patiala. This Patiala homestay near market and visitors can explore many dining options as well. 

What’s nearby

  • Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 19 min drive
  • Qila Mubarak – 18 min drive
  • Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib – 6 min walk
  • Dhillon’s Fun World – 13 min drive
  • Bahadurgarh Fort – 17 min walk


  • PB 13 Punjabi Dhaba – 4 min drive
  • New Pakwan – 5 min drive
  • Golden spoon – 4 min drive

Rating: 4.4

Address: Plot No 45, H.R. Market, near Reliance Store, Punjabi University, Patiala, Bir Bahadurgarh, Punjab 147002

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8. Golden Griffin

The Golden Griffin palace is kept clean, has a great atmosphere with really nice people or staff. Rooms are well furnished and equipped. This Patiala homestays offers a banquet hall for small families or other functions.

What’s nearby

  • Moti Bagh Palace
  • Qila Mubarak
  • Patiala Zoo


  • Golden Hut
  • Boston and Co

Rating: 4.1

Address: National Highway Rajpura Road, Village Ogana, Rajpura, Patiala – 140401 (Near Hp Petrol Pump)

Image Source- Trip Advisor

9. Patiala inn

This homestay at Patiala is located within a mainly residential area and very down-to-earth hotel. Have good rooms, features room service, Wi-Fi, TVs and mini fridges, in addition to in suite wet rooms. Family rooms upto 4 guests allowed to sleep. Amenities include a restaurant, furnished terrace, parking and breakfast.

What’s nearby

  • New Moti Bagh Palace – 5 min drive
  • Patiala Zoo – 6 min drive
  • Deer Park – 6 min drive
  • Patiala Heritage Walk – 9 min walk
  • Sheesh Mahal – 9 min walk


  • Devki Nandan fast food – 1 min drive
  • Pammi’s pizza – 1 min drive

Rating: 4.3

Address: 3rd Lane, Road, near Punjab & Sind Bank, Green Enclave, Sular, Patiala, Punjab 147001

Image Source- Trip Advisor

10. OYO C D Guest House

This Luxury 4 Bhk Villa Homestays is located in Patiāla. The property in Patiala homestay near market and offers access to a balcony, free private parking and free WiFi. Opening onto a terrace, this air-conditioned holiday home comes with 2 separate bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen

What’s nearby

  • Qila Mubarak – 8 min drive
  • Kali Mata Temple – 6 min drive
  • Baradari Garden – 8 min drive
  • Dhillon’s Fun World – 8 min drive


  • Punjab Mail – Budget Hotel – 2 min drive
  • Amarpali’s Food And Restaurant – 4 min drive
  • The Bellrocc – Best Restaurant – 9 min drive
  • Punjabi Vaishno Dhaba – 2 min drive

Rating: 3.9

Address: Guest House, Parontha Market, C D, near bus stand, Sheran Wala Gate, Patiala, Punjab 147001•0124 620 1161

Places to visit in Patiala while staying

While you are staying in homestays in Patiala and enjoying the amazing hospitality and creating long lasting memories. You can explore a lot in the city for your weekend getaways from Delhi. Some of the amazing places are mentioned:


1. Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib

The villagers of Legal donated land for the Gurudwara, said to have been visited by Guru Teg Bahadur. The legend is that anyone who prays at this Gurudwara is relieved of his suffering (‘dukhniwaran’).

2. Kali Temple

It was built by the Maharaja of Patiala in 1936. The Maharaja was inspired to build the temple and bring the six-foot-tall statues of Maa Kali and Paawan Jyot from Bengal to Patiala. The temple is considered to be worth worshipping.

3. Baradari Garden

It surrounds the Baradari palace located in the north of old Patiala city. The gardens, laid under Maharaja Rajindera Singh were planted with rare trees, a marble statue of Maharaja Rajindera Singh and the Fern House.

4. Qila Mubarak Complex

This 18th-century fort stands in the heart of Patiala city. Patiala’s founding ruler, Baba Ala Singh started the construction and his grandson Maharaja Amar Singh completed it. Entrance of the fort is through a huge gate and reaches the complex known as Qila Androon Chowk. The fort is a fusion of Mughal and Rajasthani arch.

5. Moti Bagh Palace

It was started during the reign of Maharaja Narinder Singh, and was completed under Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in the early 20th century. The Old Moti Bagh Palace now houses the National Institute for Sports.


In a world where cookie-cutter hotels have become the standard, homestays in Patiala offer an alternative, which allows travellers to connect with a destination on a much deeper level.

Additionally, they are credit card friendly, so you can use among your best travel credit cards during your staycation. Choosing the best homestay in Patiala is not just about finding accommodation, it’s about forming meaningful connections and creating lasting memories. Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Can I find budget-friendly Homestays in Patiala?

Homestays at Patiala are typically much more affordable than hotels. So, Yes you can find budget friendly Homestays in Patiala which will give you the best safety and unforgettable experience.

How close to Patiala’s main attractions can I find homestays?

Usually, most of the homestays are located in the centre of the city. You won’t find much hassle while travelling from homestays to the nearby attractions

Are there family-friendly homestays in Patiala?

Yes, there are many family friendly homestays in Patiala which will give you an unbelievable experience. Some of them are The Heritage Villa, The Getaway Farmhouse and In My House which are clean.

What should I look for when choosing a homestay in Patiala?

 You don’t need much to choose for homestays like using the Language. Be upfront about your needs and concerns. Do communicate your expectations, and respect Local customs.

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