Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan: 5 Places For Aerial Adventure

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With the popular Netflix series “Mismatched” which was shot majorly in Jaipur the scenario of Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan got quite popular. The scene when the 2 main characters go on a hot air ballooning date over the popular tourist attractions in Rajasthan like the majestic Amer Fort and Jal Mahal influenced many to live those romantic moments high in the sky!

So, if you are planning to embark on this thrilling adventure then do check out our specially curated Rajasthan Tour Packages to experience the adrenaline rush while Hot Air Ballooning over some majestic forts and palaces. 

No need to travel to Cappadocia in Turkey – which is the most popular hot air ballooning destination in the world to embark on this adventure, as now you can enjoy the thrill of it right in the heart of Incredible India – Rajasthan.

Let’s know more about Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan with this detailed guide.

5 Best Places for Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan

With other adventure activities in Rajasthan, the hot air ballooning scenario is also gaining popularity. Here are 5 best places in Rajasthan for a thrilling hot air ballooning experience:

1. Jaipur – Soar Over the Pink City

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Experience the charm of the Pink City – Jaipur from a bird’s eye view from the hot air balloon. Soar over the majestic forts, hidden palaces and vibrant villages while hot air ballooning in Rajasthan’s capital city of Jaipur. As you glide through the early morning or evening sky, witness the sun painting the city in hues of gold and pink, creating a visual kaleidoscope, making it one of the best things to do in Rajasthan.

The two flying areas in Jaipur where hot air ballooning takes place are Amer Fort and Village with the surrounding area. The second flying area is the Samode Palace and village which offers stunning views of the untouched & spectacular area.

  • Flying Season: September to April
  • Price Starting From: ₹13000 per person in a shared flight

2. Pushkar – Marvel at the Views of the holy Pushkar Lake


The quaint little town of Pushkar is popular for hosting the biggest cattle fair – the Pushkar Mela. And this Pushkar Fair can be best experienced by taking a hot air balloon ride. Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan’s Pushkar town offers a scenic journey over the sacred Pushkar Lake – one of the most popular lakes in Rajasthan and the surrounding desert. 

Soar above the lively Pushkar Camel Fair and watch the vibrant hues spread all over the town with the colorful tents, the classic fair rides, thongs of people dressed in traditional outfits, camels, hill temples, and much more.

  • Flying Season: During Pushkar Camel Fair Every Year (October/ November)
  • Price Starting From: ₹12000 per person in a shared flight

3. Ranthambore – Beyond Wildlife Safaris


Hot air ballooning in Ranthambore isn’t just about spotting tigers. Soar over the historic fort of Rajasthan – the Ranthambore Fort perched atop a hill, and marvel at the scenic combination of nature and architecture. The bird’s-eye view provides a unique appreciation for the fort’s strategic location and its role in Rajasthan’s history.

For wildlife enthusiasts, a balloon safari in Ranthambore offers a rare opportunity to observe the reserve’s inhabitants from a different angle. Spot deer gracefully grazing, birds in flight, and if you’re lucky, a tiger or two amidst the lush greenery.

  • Flying Season: September to April
  • Price Starting From: ₹12000 per person in a shared flight

4. Neemrana – Where Heritage Meets Horizon


Neemrana, home to the historic heritage resort of Rajasthan – the Neemrana Fort Palace, is a treat for history buffs. Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan near Neemrana provides a bird’s-eye view of this architectural marvel surrounded by lush greenery. Drift gently over the historical edifice and appreciate its royalty from every angle.

As you ascend into the sky, the Aravalli Range unfolds beneath you. The Neemrana hot air ballooning experience offers sweeping panoramic views of the rugged landscape, making it a must for those seeking a perfect blend of heritage and natural beauty.

  • Flying Season: September to April
  • Price Starting From: ₹13000 per person in a shared flight

5. Jaisalmer – A Desert Adventure from the Sky


Jaisalmer, the Golden City, becomes even more enchanting when viewed from the sky. Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan over Jaisalmer’s golden sand dunes lets you witness the desert’s vastness that stretches as far as the eye can see. It is one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer to capture the essence of Rajasthan’s desert charm.

Soak in the cultural richness of Jaisalmer from above. Hot air ballooning in Jaisalmer provides a unique perspective on the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, Havelis, and the vibrant bustle of its markets. It’s an immersive experience that allows you to appreciate Jaisalmer’s architectural marvels in a new light.

  • Flying Season: September to April
  • Price Starting From: ₹20000 per person on a shared flight

Things To Keep In Mind While Hot Air Ballooning In Rajasthan

  • The Hot Air Ballooning price in Rajasthan might increase greatly during the peak season, so try to plan and book well in advance.
  • The operators do not promise to fly over the exact location as the direction of the hot air balloon completely depends on the wind direction and speed.
  • If the flying conditions are not ideal, then the operator reserves full rights to cancel the flight as it is a matter of safety.
  • If you are a photographer, ensure that your camera and gear are completely secured.
  • Most of the rides for hot air ballooning in Rajasthan can be done either during sunrise or sunset hours.
  • The hot air ballooning price in Rajasthan as mentioned above does not include special services. Special services like celebration of special occasions, romantic proposals to partners, photoshoots, etc can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • The hot air balloon rides are subject to availability, so try to book well in advance, especially during peak season.
  • Some popular and trusted operators are – Skywaltz, Universal Adventures, and Adventurenation.

In conclusion, hot air ballooning in Rajasthan offers an unparalleled way to explore the rich cultural heritage of the state. Whether you choose Jaipur, Pushkar, Ranthambore, Neemrana, or Jaisalmer, each destination adds its unique charm to the aerial adventure. So, embrace the skies, capture breathtaking moments, and make your journey through Rajasthan truly extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions For Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan

Where can one experience hot air ballooning in Rajasthan?

Hot air ballooning in Rajasthan takes place in Jaipur, Ranthambore, Neemrana, and Jaisalmer. Additionally, you can also enjoy hot air ballooning in Pushkar during the famous Pushkar Cattle Fair.

Is prior experience necessary for hot air ballooning?

No prior experience is required for hot air ballooning as you will have a professional pilot on board who makes sure that you have a safe and comfortable ride. However, if you have a fear of heights then you can avoid the activity.

What is the best time to experience a hot air balloon ride in Rajasthan?

Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan can be best experienced during the winter months since the climate is pleasant and the winds are mild. Both sunrise and sunset slots allow you to have the best experience of a hot air balloon ride in Rajasthan.

What can one expect during a hot air balloon ride in Rajasthan?

During a hot air balloon ride in Rajasthan, one can expect a magical experience as you soar above picturesque landscapes. Enjoy breathtaking views of historical landmarks, wildlife, and vibrant cities like Jaipur and Jaisalmer. The gentle ride offers a unique perspective, combining adventure with the serenity of Rajasthan’s diverse and enchanting scenery.

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