Stand a Chance to Win 18 Years of Free Hotel Stays This Valentine’s Day

When was the last time you stayed at a hotel with your sweetheart? If it was a long time ago, now is the best time to check-in and rekindle the excitement. Because a Canada-based hotel chain has made a bold announcement that’s got every couple out there go bonkers. This Valentine’s Day, the hotel Zed invites couples to spend a day in one of their beautiful suites. And the couple who has a baby exactly nine months later stands a chance to win free stays at any Hotel Zed across the region, on every Valentine’s Day, for 18 years. Now you do the math.

Stand a Chance to Win 18 Years of Free Hotel Stays This Valentine’s Day
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Hotel Zed Valentine’s Offer is something that’s never seen or heard before. And people are reportedly flying to Victoria to try their luck. After all, the hotel is giving you an opportunity to make your next 18 Valentine’s Day extremely special and memorable. Have you already made plans for the evening?

Here’s a breather. Couples need not stay overnight to participate. The hotel allows you to book a four-hour stay and still be entitled to the reward. They are calling it ‘Nooner’. Couples can start their day at the hotel at 10 AM and enjoy their uninterrupted stay until 2 PM. For those who wish to extend the romance, the hotel offers an overnight stay as well.

Hotel Zed Victoria
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The hotel officials wholeheartedly invite couples to enjoy their stay, regardless of their sexual orientation, expression or gender identity. As long as a newborn is welcomed into the family 9 months after their check-in, they are going to hold their end of the deal, which is, free stays in any of the hotel locations for the next 18 Valentine’s Days. In an interview, the CEO of Hotel Zed expressed that Valentine’s shouldn’t be all about flowers and stale chocolate boxes. Couples are tired of this romanticism from the 60s and the age-old legacy of gifts nobody wants anymore.

Hotel Zed Victoria Valentines Day Offer
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This marketing gimmick has brought in just the right kind of opportunity for hotel Zed to extend the warm hospitality to their guests. Could there be a better time to launch this amazing offer? We doubt there ever will be. In today’s world where no business can move without a marketing strategy and promotions, we’d say Hotel Zed has definitely hit the home run with all those couples who are planning a day out with their loved ones and even those couples who need just a little nudge into the parenthood. While the Cupid is taking notes, the Stork is sure going to be saddled with a lot of work.

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Hotel Zed In Canada
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If you think that’s all that is special about this hotel, you are mistaken. Although Hotel Zed is located in an ordinary neighborhood in Victoria, it’s a completely different world altogether as you step inside. The hotel is not only endowed with beautiful topography but also, it’s an architectural genius that takes the guests by surprise. And as far as the fun activities go, it won’t be wrong to call this hotel an amusement park for adults. From furniture to décor pieces, to activities in the common lounge, everything about this hotel brings back emotions and bliss that we lost somehow as we grew up.

Hotel Zed Valentine Offer
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It is where your heart longs to be…

Booking ‘Nooner’ is simple. Select your favourite room and at the time of booking, apply the promo code ‘Nooner‘. For an overnight stay, you can book using the promo code NOONTONIGHT. Bookings can be made on their official website. Just like any other hotel, the rooms are limited, and in no time, the guests will be thronging the place. So, whether you are looking to spend the most romantic day of the year in style or looking for a heavenly sign to make a baby, this is it.

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