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Are you longing for a picturesque getaway with your loved ones? Are you eager to embark on an adventure to an enchanting international locale? Then welcome Vietnam, the land of endless beauty known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Vietnam is our hottest travel destination. Vietnam’s allure has surged in recent years, enticing many travelers with its breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating rice terraces, and abundant attractions, because of which many people are taking our Vietnam tour packages.

Mong Cai is a beautiful town that shares its border with China. Simply, it is the gateway between Vietnam and China. Mong Cai Vietnam guarantees an unparalleled journey tailored to every traveler’s desires, whether your heart yearns for thrilling adventures amidst nature’s grandeur or a deep dive into the vibrant tapestry of bustling markets and rich historical sites There are many beautiful places to visit in Vietnam and Mong Cai is one such place which offers a thrilling experience to its visitors.

When you set off for this captivating destination, one thing that can truly elevate your experience is where you choose to stay. That’s why in this detailed guide, we’re here to unveil the absolute best hotels in Mong Cai, ensuring that every traveler enjoys a smooth and unforgettable stay with some travel tips to Vietnam.

Best Hotels in Mong Cai to Stay

For those seeking a lavish retreat, Mong Cai boasts an impressive selection of luxury hotels that redefine extravagance.

  • Luxury6 Hotel

This is a 4-star hotel located within 1 km of central Mong Cai. This Hotel offers its guests relaxation stays with its different rooms. They offer a free breakfast to their guests as a compliment. The rooms are equipped with all the luxury amenities with a small mini bar. 

The washrooms are very beautiful and clean. They have an in-house restaurant that serves international cuisine. Luxury6 Hotel is located 130 km from Van Don International Airport. This property offers hiking and cycling for sports lovers.

Amenities – Free wifi, Jacuzzi, Bar, Kids meals and play area, paid transportation, etc..

Cost – Per night (INR 4500) 

Location-  Hùng Vương, Móng Cái, Vietnam

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Make yourself treated with luxury and comfort by opting for a stay in LOI LAI INTERNATIONAL HOTEL. This is a 5-star hotel located on the bank of the peaceful Ka Long River. This Hotel offers all the luxurious amenities to its guests. There is a casino inside the hotel where you can try your luck. 

The rooms are designed with modern art and are very spacious. Nestled within its serene green expanse, boasting an outdoor sports arena, enchanting musical fountain, and three opulent dining establishments, this esteemed hotel stands as a premier destination for travelers in the lively border city. 

With its award-winning entertainment hub tailored for international guests and an array of 251 deluxe rooms exuding sophistication, it is a prime choice for discerning visitors.

Amenities – Free wifi, Jacuzzi, Bar, Spa, Casino, Kids meals and play area, paid transportation, etc..

Cost – Per night (INR 6500) 

Location-  No. 69A, Tue Tinh Street, Ka Long Ward, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province

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  • Grand Mong Cai Hotel

Conveniently situated just a 5-minute stroll from the nearest bus stop, this tranquil hotel offers easy access to the vibrant array of shops and dining options at Mong Cai Market, a mere 9-minute walk away. Additionally, it is a short 2 km journey to the historic Xa Tac Temple. 

The unassuming yet comfortable air-conditioned rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi connectivity, and minibars, ensuring a pleasant stay. Guests can indulge in complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities, while en suite bathrooms feature refreshing shower facilities. For added comfort, upgraded rooms boast separate sitting areas. Room service is also available for added convenience. For those seeking event facilities, the hotel also provides meeting spaces tailored to various needs.

Amenities – Free wifi, Bar, Spa, parking, pool, etc…

Cost – Per night (INR 3000) 

Location-  23 Hùng Vương, P. Trần Phú, Móng Cái, Quảng Ninh 200000, Vietnam

Phone: +84 963 628 600

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  • Viktor Legends Hotel

The Viktor Legends Hotel in Mong Cai is a beacon of hospitality and comfort in this bustling border city. With its prime location and array of amenities, it’s no wonder it’s a top choice for travelers. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat or easy access to local attractions, this hotel has it all. From its well-appointed rooms to its delectable dining options and rejuvenating spa, the Viktor Legends Hotel promises a memorable stay for all who walk through its doors.

Amenities – Free wifi, Bar, Spa, parking, pool, etc…

Cost – Per night (INR 2500) 

Location-  39A Huu Nghi, Hoa Lac Ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

Please check their Website-  Viktor Legends Hotel

  • Bien Bac Hotel

Welcome to the Bien Bac Hotel in Mong Cai! Positioned as a cozy retreat in this vibrant border city, Bien Bac Hotel offers a haven of comfort and convenience. With its strategic location and a host of amenities, it caters to the needs of both leisure and business travelers alike. Whether you’re exploring the nearby attractions or simply looking to unwind in comfort, Bien Bac Hotel provides a welcoming atmosphere and top-notch service to ensure a delightful stay.

Amenities – Free wifi, Bar, Spa, parking, outdoor pool, Airport shuttle, In-house restaurants, etc…

Cost – Per night (INR 2500) 

Location-  Đại Lộ Hòa Bình, khu 4, Móng Cái, Quảng Ninh, Vietnam

Please check their Website-

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Your journey to Mong Cai is incomplete without immersing yourself in the comfort and luxury offered by its finest hotels. Whether you seek opulent indulgence, intimate charm, or budget-friendly convenience, Mong Cai has a diverse range of accommodations to cater to every preference and budget. Choose your perfect hotel and elevate your Mong Cai experience to new heights, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

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What types of accommodations are available in Mong Cai?

In Mong Cai, you’ll find a range of accommodations, from luxurious hotels to cozy guesthouses and budget-friendly inns, ensuring options for every traveler’s preferences and budget.

What amenities can I expect at hotels in Mong Cai?

Hotels in Mong Cai typically offer amenities such as comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi access, on-site dining options, concierge services, and sometimes swimming pools or fitness centers, ensuring a convenient and comfortable stay.

How can I find the best hotel deals in Mong Cai?

To find the best hotel deals in Mong Cai, consider booking in advance, comparing prices on multiple booking platforms, and keeping an eye out for special promotions or discounts offered by hotels directly.

What attractions are near hotels in Mong Cai?

Attractions near hotels in Mong Cai include the enchanting Tra Co Beach, the bustling Mong Cai Market offering local goods and cuisine, and historical sites like the Ka Long Border Gate, providing ample opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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