MNRE and NTPC to Launch Hydrogen-Fuelled Bus Project in Leh

Leh, the administrative capital of Ladakh, is a popularly known, extraordinary tourist hotspot with abundant monasteries and extra ordinary landscapes. In addition to these beautiful sceneries and incredible trekking routes, Leh (and the entire Ladakh) would be popularly known for something more critical – for being carbon neutral. Leh has project proceedings in work that would bring a major Hydrogen-Fuelled Bus Project in Leh, Thus, Ladakh would be the first union Territory to completely harness renewable energy and reduce emissions.

Hydrogen-fueled bus projects in Leh
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Benefits of Reducing Diesel Vehicles

Hydrogen-fueled bus projects in Leh
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This project is a part of the plan of the Union government to make Ladakh, the very first union territory, to completely harness renewable energy and reduce massive dependence on diesel. This increasing concern to shift from diesel to alternative fuels is due to the effect diesel vehicles produce on the environment and public health. These automobiles release unpleasant and harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide and considerably more significant amounts of particulates into the atmosphere. Long term exposure to such gases and particulates decrease the functioning of lungs.  It also makes one more prone to respiratory disorders and allergic reactions.

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Environmental impact is seen by the fact that the accumulation of these particles increases the occurrence of harmful phenomena like acid rain. Reducing the usage of this traditional combustion method of using diesel engine cars is thus the greatest way to curb the rising air pollution in today’s world. Today, there are modern vehicle engines that can filter the particulate matter released and thus have a check on pollutants issued. Yet it is better to reduce them than using them with a check. It’s the same as the fact that not getting into stress is far more beneficial than combating stress rightfully.

Advantages of Hydrogen-Fuelled Buses

Ladakh Trips From Delhi
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The initiative is so great as public transport, the bus is used by a large amount of population and they rely on it for their day to day needs too. Such a vital aspect of transport of any nation can be substantially contributing to a better, cleaner, and greener environment with the right choice of fuel. Hydrogen can be an excellent, effective, and eco-friendly fuel as compared to conventional fuels. The major advantage is that hydrogen fuel celled buses offer a very high daily range of travel, and the time to refuel is also very less (in a few minutes). Thus, drying or depletion of fuel is no longer a concern.

Ladakh Trips In 2020

Yet another significant advantage of using hydrogen energy as fuel is that solar and wind energy can be harnessed to obtain hydrogen. Thus, wind and solar energy can be a great source of hydrogen with an electrolysis process that yields clean hydrogen. Above all, each hydrogen-fuelled bus is powered by a source of renewable energy. It highly reduces carbon dioxide levels by 122kg for every 100km of distance, which is high in comparison to the buses using diesel. The benefits of Hydrogen-Fuelled Bus Project in Leh are exponentially high, and it can drastically improve as the number of fuel cell buses deployed are high.


Finally, to meet the demands of India’s clean energy goals, it is essential to replace fossil fuel buses with hydrogen-fuelled buses. It helps in attaining zero-emission goals. The zero-emission buses are all highly recommended yet, hydrogen-fuelled buses are an ideal solution to the demanded clean transport challenges. The Ladakh trips are thus hereafter with hydrogen fuel cell buses with the highest benefits in days to come.

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