Uncovering the Daylight Horrors of Haunted Igorchem Bandh in Goa

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Goa is renowned for many reasons like its sunny atmosphere, sandy beaches, rich history, and intriguing culture. It’s a centre of choosing vacation spots; from relaxation to fun, it offers  best places to visit in Goa.  However, there is another aspect of Goa that might catch your interest— Goa and its haunted tales. Among these tales, was born the story of Goa Igorchem Bandh.

Igorchem Bandh is a road located in the Raia village in South Goa, behind the Church of Our Lady of Snows. The road itself is surrounded by dense forest, which is generally quiet with a strange atmosphere, especially at night. It has brought attention to its reputation for being haunted, and raising curiosity in both locals and tourists.

History Of Igorchem Bandh


This is nothing new to hear bizarre stories of certain popular locations like Goa. Often filled with haunting experiences and supernatural occurrences, these stories slowly and gradually become a part of folklore and are often passed down through generations.

The historical context related to the Igorchem Bandh story, which is now reputed to be haunted, mainly revolves around two factors. The first is its location, the road, which is extremely isolated and disturbingly quiet. Then the next is local folklore, which has been building through generations and years, rather than any major historical events ever recorded.

Haunted Story of Igorchem Bandh Goa


Igorchem Bandh in Goa has earned itself quite a reputation when it comes to being the most haunted place in Goa. It is particularly infamous for stories where people have caught ghost images and have experienced paranormal activities.

Over the years, locals and tourists both, have reported various unexplained phenomena on Igorchem Bandh Road, including sudden drops in temperatures, strange noises, and feelings of an unsettling presence. These reports only strengthen the frame of the Igorchem bandh story of being a haunted location.

Experiencing the Haunted Story of Igorchem Bandh Goa


If we believe the locals, the haunted Igorchem Bandh Goa is possessed by the spirits that can take over the individuals, especially those who are traveling the road between 2 pm and 3 pm. As per the witnesses, these spirits have caused strange behaviors, such as speaking languages that an individual was never capable of speaking or having knowledge of, to begin with, or revealing physical changes like red sclera, dark hollow eyes, and pale skin.

Villagers and other localities believe that many spirits who possess the area are strong even during the day. People have been harmed while passing through that road in the daytime, only confirming further whatever is there, possesses evilness.  These spirits, as villagers say, target those who have low self-control, making the task of taking control over a person easy.

How to Reach Goa Igorchem Bandh

To reach the haunted Igorchem Bandh Goa, also known as Igorchem Road, start by heading to Raia village near Our Lady of Snow Church. Raia is a scenic village approximately 30 km southeast of Vasco da Gama Airport in Goa.

From the airport or any other part of the city, take a taxi or a private cab to Raia village. Once you reach there, you can inquire about directions to the church and Igorchem Bandh. Locals would easily guide you to your destination, which should only take a few minutes to reach once you are in Raia.

Examples Of Other Haunted Sites in Goa


There are many haunted places in Goa to explore, each with its own set of stories:

  • Three Kings Church: Located in Cansaulim, it is said to be haunted by the spirits of three kings, where one king killed the other two and later in guilt, killed himself. Weird, isn’t it?
  • Dona Paula Beach: A story of two lovers which turned into horror! It is said that they committed suicide at this beautiful beach because their love was never accepted by their families. People have reported sensing an unsettling presence while visiting the location.
  • Saligao Village: Known for its stories about the ghost of a woman named Christalina. Half a century over, a bishop was passing through the village when he saw her and fainted. After regaining consciousness, he kept screaming her name.

Some stories are myths, some are not. But if the story has come to light, there must have been some incident that has happened. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the history of Igorchem Bandh weaves a tale, which is a combination of folklore and supernatural confrontations. It will leave you wondering about the past and eager to know the burning truth. If you are adventurous enough, why not visit Goa and hear yourself?

Which is the most horror village in India?

Bhangarh and Kuldhara, both located in Rajasthan, are often debated as the most horrific villages in India.

What are the horror spots in Goa?

There are many horror spots in Goa such as The Rodriguez Home, Baytakhol, Three Kings Church, Saligao Village, D’Mello House, and many more.

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