IMG Worlds Of Adventure – 4 Zones You Need To Know About

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Planning your next Dubai Tour? and not sure whether you will visit the Largest theme and amusement park in Dubai, then you should be made aware that you will be missing out on all the exciting things IMG Worlds Of Adventures has to offer. 

IMG Worlds of Adventures is the brainchild of Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group i.e. IMG Group. In Dubai, IMG Worlds Of Adventures is the one-stop solution for all theme park enthusiasts. It assures visitors from around the world the most thrilling experience. 

There are six major places to visit in IMG Worlds Of Adventure. Marvel and Cartoon Network are some of the captivating global brands followed by IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, Haunted Hotels, and IMG Kids Zone which are all original concepts of IMG. 

The IMG Worlds Of Adventure Ticket in Dubai is available online. However, if you have to buy a Kids Zone, annual membership Pass, or VIP Package, it will be available at the counter.  

The rides are designed in such a way that they will surely give you goosebumps and give you a hair-raising experience. IMG Worlds Of Adventure in Dubai attracts not only kids and families but also those who are adventure souls and want to encounter the most thrilling experience at IMG Worlds Of Adventure in Dubai.

Various other places to visit in IMG Worlds Of Adventure include fine dining at Tony’s Skydeck, Captain Scoop, Popping Popcorns, Chang’s Golden Dragon, Downtown Shawarma, etc.

Best Times To Visit IMG Worlds Of Adventure

Source: IMG World

IMG Worlds of Adventure Ticket in Dubai is available throughout the year as it is an Indoor theme park in Dubai. Though the preferably best time to visit the park is from November to March. The holidays are around the corner during this time, so I suggest planning your trip in such a way that you can enjoy all the rides hassle-free. 

The Park spreads around 1.5 Million Square feet which is around 34.44 Acers. It approximately takes 6-7 hours to enjoy all the attractions, zones, rides, restaurants, etc. 

Compared to weekends the park is relatively less crowded on weekdays. Therefore, the best times to visit IMG Worlds Of Adventure is from 12 PM to 3 PM as there is a limited presence of visitors at IMG.

Ticketing Structure at IMG Worlds Of Adventure


The General Park Admission of IMG Worlds Of Adventure Ticket in Dubai is available online unlike IMG Kids Zone, Annual Membership Pass, or VIP package. 

There are 4 categories of tickets in IMG Worlds Of Adventure Ticket in Dubai. Following is a detailed description of the tickets – 

  • The General Park Admission ticket is around ADE 365 i.e. INR 8300/- which you can buy directly from their website. 
  • IMG Kids Zone ticket is AED 50 i.e. INR 1,140 for one hour, and ADE 100 i.e. 2270 for an entire Day. These tickets are only available at the counter.
  • Annual Membership Pass costs around ADE 765 i.e. INR 17,400 for the entire year. The tickets are available at the counter. 

You will get a 20% Discount on Ultimate Fast Track, F&B*, Retail, Digi-Photo, Arcade, and Iron Man Experience 

  • The VIP Package costs around AED 7,725 i.e. 1.7 Lakhs. The tickets are available at the counter.
  1. VIP access to all rides and attractions
  2. VIP guided tour 
  3. Access to VIP lounge and selected refreshments.

Hotels Near IMG Worlds Of Adventure Dubai

Source: IMG World

Your itinerary is incomplete without a proper plan to stay. There are many hotels near IMG Worlds Of Adventure Dubai. These hotels are on average 11 KM away from IMG World of Adventures. Following are some hotels you can  stay at – 

  • Pyramisa Hotel apartments
  • Holiday Inn & Suites Dubai Science Park
  • Studio One Hotel
  • Holiday Home Holidays

Fun Activities to do in IMG Worlds Of Adventure

Source: IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

There are more than 20 rides at Dubai IMG Worlds Of Adventure. The rides are catered to visitors including kids and those who have come to bond with their families, but also those who want a spine-tingling experience. 

Following are the Fun Activities to do in IMG Worlds Of Adventure – 

6 Mega Zones Includes 


1. Marvel

  • Avengers Battle of Ultron
  • Hulk Epsilon Base 3D
  • Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge
  • Thor Thunder Spin
  • Avengers Flight Of The Quinjets

2. Cartoon Network 

  • The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Robot Rampage
  • Ben10 5D Hero Time
  • Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO With Finn & Jake
  • The Amazing Ride of Gumball
  • LazyTown

3.  Lost Valley

  • The Velociraptor
  • Predator
  • The Forbidden Territory
  • Dino Carousel
  • Adventure Fortress
  • Dinosaurium

4. IMG Boulevard 

  • Boulevard Express

5. The Haunted Hotel

6. IMG Kids Zone


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Dubai IMG Worlds Of Adventure – 6 Mega Zones And Their Rides

1. Marvel Indoor Theme Park

Source: Al Nahdi Travels

Die-hard Marvel fans will never miss this opportunity. You will be translocated to the Marvel Universe instantly. IMG Worlds of Adventure offers various rides for young and elders in Marvel Zone. Following are the rides you should try at Dubai IMG Worlds of Adventure

Avengers Battle of Ultron

You are going to sit in that shuttle with your not-so-Iron Man specs and help the Avengers win the battle against Ultron. Visitors above the height of 4ft are allowed for the ride.

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

Get in the dome, grab your seat, and brace yourself to face Hulk’s most evil enemy. A breathtaking 360-degree experience with 3D visuals in the dome is all you need to experience the strength of the mighty Hulk to come down heavily on the enemy. 

Spiderman Doc Ock’s Revenge

A rollercoaster ride that spins is not for the faint-hearted. This rollercoaster not only rolls on the track but also spins throughout the ride. This thrilling experience will make your heart pound twice as fast as usual. 

Avengers Flight Of The Quinjets

Not only Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. you can also take a ride in Quinjets. Not to battle with Ultron or travel the world, but to take you on the spinning ride.

Thor Thunder Spin

A Top Spin built by a German manufacturer is the ultimate fun ride. Thor Thunder Spin has an electrifying experience that even a tough guy is left on weak knees. 

2. Cartoon Network

Source: Animation World Network

The Cartoon Network is one of the most fascinating themes at IMG Worlds Of Adventure in Dubai. The theme includes many characters from Cartoon Network, including Ben10, Power Puff Girls, Gumball, Finn, and Jake. Except for The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Robot Rampage all the other rides can be done by Family and Kids with not-so-thrilling factors.

The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Robot Rampage

It is an Air Race built by an Italian Manufacturer. It not only revolves but also spins 360 degrees. This is not for someone with high blood pressure.

Ben10 5D Hero Time

Ben10 5D hero time is a 5D screening with multi-sensory effects. It is usually a fanboy moment for all the Ben10 Lovers and a dash of  Nostalgia for all the Gen-Z. 

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Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO With Finn & Jake

Take a ride with Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO With Finn & Jake. Visit various kingdoms and encounter Ice King. This ride is for kids who love to watch Finn and Jake. 

The Amazing Ride of Gumball

Gumball and Darwin’s school science project has gone out of control. You have a gun to aim at the object that has come to life and is threatening to take over the entire town. Now, it is in your hands to save the town. The amazing ride of Gumball is for children. 

3. Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure

Source: Klook

Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure is one of the major attractions at IMG Worlds Of Adventure in Dubai. Children can enjoy leisure time at Dino Carousel, Adventure Fortress, and Dinosaurium. Certain stomach-churning rides for adults include The Velociraptor, Predator, and The Forbidden Territory. The theme is designed so that everyone can enjoy whether an adolescent or an adult. 

The Velociraptor

Velociraptor is a steel-launched roller coaster at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai. At the start of the ride in the station area, a Dinosaur is visible on the screen. Artificial smoke is realized to match the vibe of the ride. The rollercoaster travels from the horseshoe to the vertical loop. 

A slightly overbanked curve follows the loop and leads into the trim break. The brake run is followed by a small drop, which is followed by the first inversion of the twisted horseshoe roll, which consists of two tight corkscrew-like inversions connected by a 180° curve to the right. 


Predator is a Eurofighter 320+ rollercoaster at IMG Worlds Of Adventure in Dubai. It is similar to The Velociraptor. It is a single car with 8 seaters. Visitors are held in over-the-shoulder harnesses. 

The Forbidden Territory

Want to see Lifesize Dinosaurs in their forbidden territory? No, you do not have to time travel in the past, but have to visit The Forbidden Territory in IMG Worlds Of Adventure. This ride will make sure you see different species of Dinosaurs.

Dino Carousel

Take your spin with the sweetest inhabitant of The Forbidden Territory. This Dinosaurs Carousel is suitable for children with a maximum height of 3 Ft 5 Inch.


A sand-playing arena for toddlers with a dinosaur theme is all you need for your kids.

Adventure Fortress

If you want to see Dinosaurs and other animals in the forbidden forest then Adventure Forest is for you. Toddlers with a height of 4 Feet can ride in Adventure Forests.

4. IMG Boulevard

Source: Collect Your Ticket

IMG Boulevard is one of the most iconic Zones in IMG Worlds Of Adventure. They have many interactive shows and there are many attractions for visitors, especially Kids. There are small skites, dance, and other interactive things. Boulevard is also famous for its shop and dining.

Boulevard Express 

Boulevard Express is for the kids. The train ride around the whole of IMG Boulevard. 

5. The Haunted Hotel.

Source: Arabian Business

The Haunted Hotel is for the Visitors above 15 Years. The Spooky vibe will make even the strongest individual fear. Until you find the exit your pounding heart will beat faster. 

Once you pass through the Haunted Hotel there is a shopping arena of spooky paintings and scary articles you can buy.

6. IMG Kids Zone


IMG Kids Zone brings various thrills and games for kids. The kid’s zone is now equipped with climbing walls, a football pitch, slides, and sweepers game, etc. This thrill-seeking adventure for your kids will make your visit to IMG an ideal day out with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rides are there in IMG Worlds of Adventure?

There are Six mega zones and more than 15 different rides catering to young and adults.

How much time do you need at IMG Dubai?

We need approximately 6-9 hours to enjoy most of the rides and explore fine dining and other activities.

Is IMG or Motiongate better?

If you are looking for indoor adventure with a thrilling experience then IMG Worlds of Adventure is the one-stop solution.

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