India Canada Visa services resume After 2 Months

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After a few months of putting a halt on Canadian visas, India has now resumed E-visa services for Canadian tourists and business travellers. 

Previously, the services were suspended because of the tension between the two countries regarding Ottawa’s allegations of the involvement of the Indian Government in the murder of the Canadian Sikh separatist leader. 

However, as per an anonymous official, improvements in bilateral relations should not be anticipated as of now. This move has been taken for tourism and business purposes, gradually normalising the resumption of the visa services that were suspended in September. 

While this move can be seen as a positive diplomatic step, experts believe that to make the relations better, additional attempts have to be made. 

The President of the Indian Association of Tour Operations(IATO), Rajiv Mehra, expressed that Canada is the largest source market for India and has urged the Indian government to extend E-Visa services to Chinese Visitors as well. 

The resumption of visa services for Canadian nationals is proof of the diplomatic step of normalising the situation and will eventually have a positive impact on inbound tourism.

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