Indian Woman Creates History; Skydives In Front of Mount Everest

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Making all Indians proud, a Padma Shree Indian skydiver, Shital Mahajan, creates history by being the first female to skydive in front of Mount Everest. 

Sheetal Mahajan jumped off the helicopter from 21500 feet above sea level and landed at Kala Patthar, which is 17444 feet above sea level, which is the highest altitude landing by a woman. 

Mahajan has already completed a few strings of high-altitude Skydives near the Everest area with camerawomen Wendy Smith and Nadia Solovyeva. Shital set the national record on November 12th upon completing an 8000-foot jump at Syangbochie Airfield.

Even though Mahajan faced some financial difficulties, with the funding from the Reliance Foundation, the jump became possible. After arriving in Nepal, reaching Mount Everest took a four-day hike. 

After setting the world record, Mahajan has also revealed that she is in talks with ISRO for conducting a ‘Made in India’ space diving effort. She believes that men have tried space diving; there is no reason why a woman can’t do it. 

Civil Aviation Minister Cindia praised Mahajan, saying that it is wonderful to see an Indian woman hold so many national and International records.

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