Now Indian Passport Holders Can Stay Visa Free In Kazakhstan

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How great would it be if you could travel to another country with just your passport and not worry about the visa that you have to apply for? 

Well, you can do that and travel to Kazakhstan if you are an Indian passport holder. According to reports, Kazakhstan has opened its heart as well as its gates for Indians and eliminated the need for visas for Indian tourists staying up to 14 days and a total of 48 days within every 180 days in the Republic of Kazakhstan, giving all of us Indians a wonderful opportunity to explore the Central Asia which is the least explored among other destinations. 

There are plenty of places to visit in Kazakhstan. It is a home to one the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mausoleum of Khwaja Ahmed Yasawi, it is also home to the world’s largest and first space launch facility. 

One thing that is a must while in Kazakhstan is to experience the traditional Yurt, which is a unique experience of Central Asia for it is not only limited to its stay, because you can also experience traditional eagle hunting demonstrations here. 

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