10 Most Romantic International Honeymoon Packages Under 80000

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Have you always dreamed of an international honeymoon to celebrate love with a budget-friendly package? Well, we got you with some exciting International honeymoon packages under 80000!

Most Luxurious International Honeymoon packages under 80000 are possible! It’s hard to believe but travelling outside India has become affordable than it used to be. For an exotic journey with your partner, we have carefully customised a list of dreamy destinations you can look out for and pick among the best, and make every moment memorable.

Here Is A List Of The 10 Best International Honeymoon Packages Under 80000:

  • Dubai
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • Vietnam
  • Bali
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodia
  • Greece
  • South Korea

1. Dubai


Your honeymoon is the most delightful time of your life as you embark on a new chapter of your presence, so it must be memorable. Honeymoon in Dubai has become pretty trending, and most couples are planning to have fun on their honeymoon inside the utmost current city of the United Arab Emirates. 

There are multiple honeymoon places to explore in Dubai, making it the best. It falls Under 80000 International honeymoon packages which is quite affordable. You can visit the beautiful city anytime and explore the underwater resort in Dubai or the various theme parks, and you can also explore other famous places in Dubai for a honeymoon.

Head to one of the outstanding places in Dubai and in all over the world to celebrate love next to the tallest building in the world, and the other iconic landmarks of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa and the other iconic marvels are what make Dubai, one of the most popular International honeymoon destinations under 80000.

Places To Visit In Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa


One of the most iconic landmarks that makes Dubai one of the first-class International honeymoon places to visit in April, is the Burj Khalifa status at a towering peak of 828 meters, referred to as the tallest building in theworld. It is home to the arena’s tallest statement deck and the world’s most travelled elevator.

2. Palm Jumeirah Island


The Palm Jumeirah Island is an artificial man-made island formed like a palm tree, as a result the called Palm Jumeirah. It is an architectural marvel. The island is dotted with luxury motels, restaurants and residences.

3. Dubai Mall


The best location to save in Dubai is the Dubai Mall, which is stated to be the most important mall in the world, and is domestic to the Dubai Aquarium and an Underwater Zoo, which draws thousands of visitors each day to this mall, which makes Dubai one of the excellent International honeymoon destination.

Best Time to Visit Dubai: November to February

Average Cost: INR 80000 5N/6D

2. Sri Lanka


Another beautiful location that comes in the list of Best International Honeymoon Packages under 80000 is Sri Lanka, considered for its incredible seashores, abundance of wildlife, antique Buddhist Temples, and rich archaeological history. 

The coastline of the island is dotted with palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs. It gives hiking and trekking possibilities to adventure fanatics, presenting stunning trails with impeccable views, with a completely quality climate. 

Being a biodiversity hotspot, the country also features national parks and wildlife reserves and is likewise recognized for its diverse marine lifestyles, where you can experience diving and snorkelling activities.

Places To Visit Sri Lanka

 1. Sigiriya


Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site Sigiriya, which is one of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka. It is an old rock fort standing tall amidst the breathtaking views. Once you ascend the rock, you will come upon charming archaeological remnants that encompass the popular Lion’s Paw Entrance, and water gardens.

2.  Kandy


Kandy is positioned within the coronary heart of Sri Lanka and is popular for its iconic Temple of Tooth Relic of the Buddha. There is an annual pageant of elephants and ancestral dancers that takes the vicinity, which highlights the importance of the location.

3. Colombo


Welcome to the bustling metropolitan town of Sri Lanka a good way to make your International Honeymoon Packages Under 80k well worth all of the penny spent. The metropolis gives a special blend of tradition, history, nature and an urban set-up. It delivers a fascinating revel with its bustling markets, ocean viewpoints, and colonial set-up. 

Wander alongside the Gale Face Green which is likewise one of the famous tourist locations in Sri Lanka, and indulge in the culinary delight of the country and pleasure in some mouth-watering food, which are some of the interesting things to do in Colombo.

Besides that, Colombo additionally boasts some fascinating museums, shopping department stores, and artwork galleries, and gives plenty of chances to tourists so that they don’t run out of enjoyment.

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka: December to April

Average Cost: INR 50000 5N/6D

3. Malaysia


A Malaysia honeymoon is right for couples looking for a place that has calmness. The culturally numerous land of Malaysia has its truthful share of geographical renditions. There are mountains, seashores, and the entirety else to make your honeymoon even higher than your expectations. It is one of the luxurious international honeymoon packages under 80000.

Pristine seashores, breathtaking islands, a rich tapestry of cultures and history, international-elegance cutting-edge facilities, and a charming series of landscapes could flatter you both on your honeymoon to Malaysia. If you’re glancing for satisfactory international honeymoon packages under 80k, this country Makes up for an awesome preference among all of the affordable honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Whether it’s exploring the Lord Murugan Statue in Batu Caves or relinquishing inside the serene splendour of Pangkor Island, the cities of Malaysia are brimming with various studies. Malaysia is an affordable luxurious international honeymoon packages under 80000.

Places To Visit In Malaysia

1. The Historic City – Malacca (Melaka)


Malacca in Malaysia, Step into the wealthy history of Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and meandering through the historic Jonker Street. 

Discover the ancient ruins, historical constructions, and the iconic red Dutch Square, all showcasing the special combination of cultures in this historic town. With its fascinating and colourful present, Malacca is absolutely worth touring in Southeast Asia.

2. The Exotic Perhentian Islands


Relinquish in a scuba diving journey amidst the crystal-clear waters of Perhentian, submerging yourself in the colourful marine lifestyles at the Perhentian Marine Park. Unwind at the pristine beaches, performing a myriad of seashore sports from snorkelling to leisurely sunbathing. 

Uncover the lovely coral reefs of those places to visit in Malaysia that adorn the Perhentian archipelago, offering a wide-ranging glimpse into Malaysia’s natural underwater wonders.

3. The Bustling Capital – Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia is one of the pinnacle 10 places to visit in Malaysia and offers a collection of points of interest for visitors. The iconic Petronas Twin Towers stand as an emblem of the metropolis’s modernity, offering scenic views of the Southeast Asia skyline, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

Best Time to Visit Malaysia: December to April

Average Cost: INR 70000 2N/3D

4. Mauritius


Mauritius is one of the Top Popular International honeymoon destinations under 80000 and is popularly known as the Paradise Isle, while you are there, you can see why it’s called a paradise. Glimpse the stunning stretches of sand enabling us to peer as long as our eyes can. 

Go underneath the surface of the water and witness the beautiful corals that lie underwater, or lie at the seashore to soak inside the sun, and even be attentive to the sound of the waves crashing. It makes up for the best International honeymoon packages under 80k.

Mauritius is no less than a paradise for honeymooners, offering cascading waterfalls, and Kaleidoscopic reefs. This island country is the best destination for honeymoon package under 80000.

Mauritius is a tropical paradise that beckons couples on their honeymoon with its idyllic setting, unmatched splendour and allure that you may not find anywhere in the world. And it is one of the best International honeymoon packages under 80000.

Places To Visit In Mauritius

1. Tamarin Beach


If you and your partner desire to witness the ultimate charming Mauritius honeymoon locations, you could head to Tamarin Beach for a deluxe revel on the beach with a backdrop of a black mountain turning it into one of the top Mauritius locations for couples. It falls Under 80000 International honeymoon packages which are quite affordable.

Enjoy the shoreline with darkish eye-popping colorings of sand and thunder waves which makes this place a unique one. It is one of the popular international honeymoon destinations under 80000 Enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the seashore that is what it means when we say that Mauritius for couples is a haven.

2. Alexandra Falls


One of the ultimate romantic honeymoon places in Mauritius is the Alexandra Falls located in the Black River Gorges National Park.  

To reach the waterfall, you have to go through the Plain Champagne and then head in the direction of the Great Basin. Alexandra Falls is surely one of the excellent places to visit in Mauritius for a Honeymoon and it also makes up for one of the best International honeymoon packages under 80k.

3. Eureka Falls


Explore the breathtaking area of Eureka Falls as you move the hard paths and subsequently reach the vicinity blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna. You can take a walk and discover some aquatic plant life, and endemic species, which makes it an ideal region in your Mauritius Honeymoon to loosen up and swim.

Best Time To Visit Mauritius: April to June and September to December

Average Cost: INR 35000 5N/6D

5. Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the natural wonders of the world and can be the best vacation spot for a delightful honeymoon for couples on a budget. It has a little touch of the entirety when it comes to lifestyle, high-quality food, beautiful people, exotic interests, sounds, and a profound history of love, bravery, and resilience, and yes that simply echoes with what Vietnam as a country stands for. 

Well, while the country has a little bit of everything, it is one the best vacation spots that offers International honeymoon packages under 80k, there is no doubt that there are some of the most unique and some of the best honeymoon destinations and plenty of incredible things to do in Vietnam.

Places To Visit Vietnam

1. Sapa


Saps, nestled excessively in Vietnam’s northern mountains, is a dreamlike landscape that regularly tops the listing of outstanding honeymoon locations in Vietnam. This ethereal vicinity that’s famed for its lovely terraced rice fields, misty peaks, and vibrant cultural tapestry gives a uniquely intimate revel for honeymooners.

Venturing on a trek via Sapa’s lovely landscapes will absolutely carry couples nearer as they navigate the stunning trails. Visiting the neighbourhood hill tribes is one of the best things to do in Sapa, offering an opportunity to get glimpses of the rich cultural heritage of this specific area, and create memories that last a entire life.

2. Hanoi


The charming capital city of Vietnam stands out as a unique honeymoon place in Vietnam. This city of a thousand years is enchanted with its rich history, enthusiastic culture, and bustling yet romantic ambience that leaves newlyweds mesmerized.

Hanoi, one of the most romantic destinations in Vietnam, blends old-world charm with modern sophistication.

3. Mui Ne


An undiscovered gem for honeymooners in Vietnam, Mui Ne is a tremendous honeymoon location in Vietnam that has extremely good sand dunes, tranquil beaches, and a rustic appeal. 

As a romantic destination in Vietnam, Mui Ne’s particular delight lies in its natural beauty. These are the magical moments that Mui Ne offers to couples. It is one of the best destination for honeymoon package under 80000.

Best Time To Visit Vietnam: March to April

Average Cost: INR 45000 4N/5D

6. Bali


Bali, Indonesia, is the best destination if you are looking for honeymoon package under 80000. It offers a unique assortment of natural beauty, a rich cultural history, and a laid- back vacation. Known as the “Island of the Gods,” Bali draws visitors from everywhere in the world who come to discover its stunning seashores, lush tropical forests, and historical temples.

Bali is also home to several beautiful beaches, which include Kuta Beach, Jimbaran Beach, and Seminyak Beach, that offer a lot of water sports activities and other adventure activities as well. For the ones who are looking for a religious experience, Bali is home to numerous Hindu temples, including Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, which are located on dramatic cliffs overlooking the ocean. Overall, Bali is a must-visit destination for couples, under 80000 International honeymoon packages offer something for all of us. Bali is a must-visit destination in our list of International honeymoon packages under 80k.

Places To Visit Bali

1. Lovina- Black Sand Beach


Lovina Black Sand Beach is known for its calm waters, one of Bali’s well-known locations, making it a glorious spot for gliding, snorkelling, and other water activities. The black sand seashore is a super area to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful viewpoints of the Bali Sea.

Aside from the seaside, Lovina is home to a number of Bali’s first-class diving spots, in which traffic can discover the colourful aquatic existence and colourful coral reefs. Dolphin-looking outings also are famous within the area, authorizing site visitors to glimpse the playful creatures of their natural habitat.

2. Sidemen’s Valley


The Sidemen Valley is one of the most ideal places to visit in Bali for the ones looking to explore the island’s rice fields. Located inside the eastern part of Bali, the valley is a picturesque relaxation spot with lovely views of Mount Agung and plush green rice paddies. 

Tourists can take a leisurely stroll through the rice fields, uncover local villages, and even take part in ancestral Balinese activities like weaving and farming. For those seeking to experience the real Bali, the Sidemen Valley is one of the Bali tourist attractions that should not be missed. It makes up for an incredible International honeymoon packages under 80k.

3. Tegenungan Waterfall


Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the great places to visit in Bali for those looking for interesting outdoor activities. Located inside the village of Tegenungan, it is one of the famous places in Bali and a famous spot for tourist enchantment. While travelling to Bali, you need to recognise those pinnacle sights here so you can discover them to the fullest. 

It is one of the amazing locations to visit in Bali for those in search of the journey and natural magnificence. It’s a must-visit tourist enchantment in Bali and certainly one of Bali’s well-known places. It is among the top 5 places to visit in Bali that you must keep in mind.

Best Time To Visit Bali: April to October

Average Cost: INR 79000 4N/5D

7. Bhutan


For a touch of spirituality amidst the Himalayan ranges, choose Bhutan as your honeymoon vacation spot. The calm, peaceful ecosystem in Bhutan is special for couples searching for a honeymoon far from the hustle-bustle of foremost towns. Bhutan, referred to as the “Land of Happiness,” is a hidden gem in the Japanese Himalayas.

It delivers a unique and bewitching vacation spot for couples looking for a romantic honeymoon revel in. With its pristine landscapes, rich artistic historical past, and generous hospitality, Bhutan Trip fascinates honeymooners internationally.

Places To Visit In Bhutan

1. Paro


Paro, a picturesque city in Bhutan, and a relaxation spot that should not be skipped. This Honeymoon place in Bhutan is a valley enclosed by lush green hills. Paro offers a serene and breathtakingly delightful sights.

2. Thimphu


Thimphu is a colourful and fascinating destination that blends modernity and traditional charm. As you explore Thimphu, you’ll be submerged in a cultural and artistic hub with its bustling markets, museums, and artwork galleries. The city is believed for its precise combination of ancient monasteries, magnificent fortresses, and modern-day infrastructure.

3. Gangtey


Gangtey, nestled within the scenic Phobjikha Valley of Bhutan, is a charming vacation spot that gives a tranquil and idyllic escape in Bhutan.

Best Time To Visit: October to November

Average Cost: INR 46000 6N/7D

8. Cambodia


Another destination in our list of budget-friendly International Honeymoon Packages under 80k is Cambodia. 

Cambodia has a touch of Vietnam, where you can revel in pristine beaches, scrumptious seafood, lush green sceneries, archaeological websites, and ruins that makes it one of the most-ideal International Honeymoon Packages under 80000.

Places To Visit In Cambodia

1. Siem Reap


Siem Reap has a small-city allure and you may spend it slow right here walking around the town’s lively marketplace, quiet riverside and colourful ways. Try the new meals and reasonably-priced booze right here and make the most of your honeymoon by choosing one of the most suitable International Honeymoon Packages under 80000.

2. Phenom Penh


Another location that assembles Cambodia as one of the high-quality International honeymoon destinations under 80000 is Phenom Penh. It is one of the maximum crowded cities in Cambodia and is often called the pearl of Asia. 

Phenom Penh is the capital of the French colonized Cambodia. It is articulated to be the most beautiful French town in the world.

3. Angkor Watt


Angkor is one of the ultimate important archaeological sites in all of Southeast Asia, which integrates the forested vicinity and the Angkor Archaeological Park, which further integrates the remains of the capital of the Khmer Empire. 

Best Time To Visit: November to May

Average Cost: INR 48000 per person 4N/5D

9. Greece


Another really stunning and one of the top International locations to visit for a Honeymoon which invites newlyweds to its white sandy beaches, azure waters, elegant and romantic lodges, and all things beautiful, adding an element of fun in your honeymoon trip. And there are some interesting things to do in Greece on honeymoon

Picture having a romantic meal whilst the sun is ready to set, leaving tangerine hues over the horizon, with impeccable viewpoints of the shimmering water of the sea. We recognize that it feels like a dream, so flip your dream into reality and head to Greece to catch sight of white-washed homes with pastel hues, making aesthetics without a filter out.

Places To Visit In Greece

Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Balos Lagoon, Lindos Beach, Acropolis, History Museum, Parthenon, etc.

Best Time To Visit: April to June; September to October

Average Cost: INR 70000 5N/6D

10. South Korea


Get prepared to be tossed by beauty and head to South Korea which is one of the offbeat International honeymoon destinations. Mind blowing reflections await in South Korea with romantic spots to triumph in your love with your partner, disconnecting from the world and connecting with each other.

Places To Visit In South Korea

Seoul, Busan, Jeju-si, Seoul Tower, Lotte World, Hanok Village, Bulguksa Temple, etc.

Best Time To Visit: April to June

Average Cost: INR 60000 5N/6D

Are there any restrictions or limitations on travel dates for honeymoon packages under 80000?

It differs from operators to operators. Some agencies allow customisation, while some have group departures in which case you have to travel on the date selected by the operator and not by your own choice.

What does a typical international honeymoon package under 80000 include?

The international honeymoon packages under 80000 usually include accommodations, transfers and sightseeing, and some may include meals.

What destinations are typically included in international honeymoon packages under 80000?

Dubai, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and South Korea are typically included in international honeymoon packages under 80000.

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