Jatayu Cruise: Ayodhya’s First River Cruise Begins From 8th September

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Ayodhya is all set to introduce a Saryu River Cruise, and as per reports, an agency has already been approved by the local authorities to operate the cruise on the Saryu River. 

Starting on September 8, the Saryu River cruise will start from Nayaghat and end at Guptarghat. The initiative has been taken in order to boost tourism and allow tourists to dwell in the history and culture of Ayodhya. 

The most fascinating part of the Jatayu cruise is that it is based on the theme of Ramayana and has been painted depicting the episodes from the epic. 

The Jatayu Cruise is fully air-conditioned and can accommodate 100 passengers in one go. The price of the ticket will be INR 300 for the journey between the two ghats, famous attractions and will also cover the beautiful Saryu River aarti. 

Jatayu is the first-ever cruise service in Ayodhya, and later this year, ‘Pushpak’, a much bigger cruise, will operate. It will be able to accommodate around 150 passengers in one go. 

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