Exploring Jijamata Udyan: Zoo And Botanical Garden In Mumbai

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The chaotic city of Mumbai is full of hustle and bustle. You will find everything here from the glamorous Film City to the rustic Chor Bazaar. Everything here is running just like the last lap of the race. Between all this chaos, some spots are unexpectedly located in the city which makes the town look unexpectedly beautiful.

Like Haji Ali for instance, who can expect a mosque in the Arabian Sea, but it is still there, unexpected but beautiful. Amidst all the chaos and concrete in this humid climate spotting penguins (Yes, real ones) is so unpredictable but beautiful. Yes, this chaotic city has penguins at Jijamata Udyan Mumbai. 

Jijamata Udyan Mumbai


Located near Bycually Railway Station Jijamata Udyan Mumbai is popularly known as Ranichi Baug (Queen’s Garden) and sprawls approximately 53 acres. The ambience created in the zoo is more for educational purposes. Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai hosts many species of animals and birds including preserved and endangered species. 

The latest attraction of this zoo is the Penguins. The total number of penguins in the zoo is 18, comprising nine male and nine female flightless birds. Here you could also see tigers, leopards, elephants, sloth bears, hippopotamus monkeys, deer, parrots, turtles, cranes, and so on. 

Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai also has a botanical garden with varieties of plants and trees. There are scientific names for these plants. More than 800 species of plants and more than 3000 trees are in this vicinity.

Touring Jijamata Udyan Mumbai


Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai is an abode of various species of animals and birds. Earlier as a joke people used to say that Jijamata Udyan has only trees to watch and no animals. But after the revamping of the zoo in the year 2016 there have been drastic changes in the living conditions of the zoo animals. 

At the beginning of the zoo, you could see a section dedicated to elephants. These life-size elephants would be resting, strolling, or eating. You would also see people inside their section taking care of this largest land mammal. A little further you would see a section of a sloth bear chilling, he usually does not stroll near humans. 

The most favourite animal of the zoo is the tiger. If you are lucky then the entertainment package is around the corner. A part of the tiger section has a glass that separates the section and the people can watch the tiger strolling in his area. In front of the glass in the tiger section is a water pool created for the tiger, if you are lucky then you will see this wild beast getting into this water pool giving a perfect Instagramable pose.

Other animals include African hippopotamuses, monkeys, swamp deers, sambar deers, hyenas, leopards,  etc

Many aquatic animals like sea turtles and crocodiles are spotted in the vicinity. You can also spot many aqua birds like flamingos, cranes, ducks, geese, swans, etc are spotted in a huge number. 

A special section of penguins has the temperature modulated to minus. The total number of penguins in the zoo is 18, comprising nine male and nine female flightless birds.

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Jijamata Udyan Mumbai History


Jija mata Udyan, also known as Ranichi Baug, formerly Victoria Gardens, is the oldest public garden in the city. Post-Independence the garden was named after the mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the first Maratha emperor. In 1861, a new garden was constructed on 33 acres of land in Magzaon. 

The flora from Sewri garden was transferred to this new garden named Jijamata Udyaan which was formally opened to the public by Lady Frere on 19 November 1862. Agro Horticultural Society of Western India continued to maintain Victoria Gardens till 1873 when the society’s end led to the municipal corporation taking over the garden’s upkeep. In 1890 the garden was extended by 15 acres, especially for the zoo.

Jijamata Udyan Ticket Price

Jijamata Udyan ticket price for Adults is Rs. 50/- per person, for children is Rs. 25/- per person, and if you are coming with a family (including Husband, wife, and 2 children) then the ticket price is Rs. 100/-.

If you want to visit the penguin area then you have to buy separate tickets for that. Jijamata Udyan Ticket price to visit the Penguins section for Adults is Rs. 100/- per person, and for children between the ages of 12-18 is Rs. 25/-, Rs. 15 for children below 12.

Jijamata Udyan Timings

Jijamata Udyan Timings are from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. It is open on all days except for Wednesday.

Events At Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai

So, one such event recently happened on the premises of Jujamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai held by the Ekibeki Association known as Kakaangan where all the handicrafts, art, and artefacts from various states were displayed for sale. 

They had workshops on pottery, the art of solapit flower making, the Sohrai art workshop, patachitra workshop, and the Gond Workshop, Making it one of a kind it was a wonderful experience

Best Time To Visit Jijamata Udyan

The best time to visit Jijamata Udyan is after mid-day and before 3 pm the crowd eases down during this time and you will have enough time to explore the full Zoo and Botanic Garden.

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How To Reach Jijamata Udyan


Via Rail

The nearest railway station to Jijamata Udyan is Bycualla Railway Station (Central Line) around 850 m. If you are coming from the Western Line then Mahalaxmi Railway Station is the nearest Railway station, it is around 2.8 km from Jijamata Udyan Mumbai

Via Road

Located in Bycualla the roads to Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai are well-connected with other parts of the city. It is on NM Joshi Marg Road.

Hotels Near Jijamata Udyan


There are many options for hotels near Jijamata Udyan. If you plan to stay near the zoo it is advisable to pre-book your hotel to avoid last-minute hassle and save from breaking your bank. Following are some of the hotels near Jijamata Udyan

  1. Treebo Trend Amber Imperial 
  2. Hotel Plaza Byculla
  3. Comfort Inn Heritage
  4. ITC Grand Central
  5. Itsy By Treebo
  6. Hotel Sagar
  7. Hotel Orient Regency

Places To Visit Near Jijamata Udyan

Located in South Mumbai there are many nearby places to visit near Jijamata Udyan that you can visit.

1. Nehru Science Centre


Nehru Science Centre is around 4.1 km from Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai. It is located in Worli and is one of the largest Science centres in India. This science centre is for all inquisitive minds who are fascinated with science as a subject apart from just theory. Sprawls across 8 acres the center has five major parts including Science Centre, Science Odyssey Film, Science On A Sphear, 3-D Science Show, and Motion Simulator.

2. Haji Ali Dargah


Haji Ali Dargah is 5 km from Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai. It is an iconic mosque with Indo-Islamic architecture. This dargah is dedicated to a Sufi saint named Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari; he was one of the famous and wealthy merchants from Bukhara now Uzbekistan, who left everything, including wealth before he visited Mecca. After that, he explored places around the world and settled in Mumbai.

3. Marine Drive


Marine Drive is around 7.4 km from Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai. It is one of the most iconic landmarks of Mumbai. Marine Drive, also known as the Queen’s Necklace, is one of the city’s most well-known Landmarks. It is the best location to experience stunning sunsets and to indulge in leisurely walks. Every day thousands of tourists assemble around the area to experience the exquisite views of the city’s skyline.

4. Mani Bhavan


Mani Bhavan is around 4.9 km from Jijamata Udyan Zoo Mumbai. This two-stories building is where Gandhiji used to stay when he was in Mumbai. Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalya has many things related to Mathma Gandhi including the collection of books, Gandhiji spinning wheels, photographs, etc. Mani Bhavan also has a small auditorium and Gandhji Room where he used to stay when he lived in Mumbai. The room has Gandhiji’s spinning wheels, a hand fan, a study table, a stick, and other things related to him.

Is Byculla Zoo worth visiting?

 Bycually Zoo is worth visiting, be it with your friends or family you should visit Bycually Zoo once.

Is outside food allowed in the Mumbai Zoo?

Outside food is strictly prohibited in Mumbai Zoo

What is the entry fee in Jijamata Udyan?

Jijamata Udyan ticket price for Adults is Rs. 50/- per person, for children is Rs. 25/- per person, and if you are coming with a family (including Husband, wife, and 2 children) then the ticket price is Rs. 100/-.

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