Jumeirah Beach Dubai: What To Expect

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Your Dubai Trip cannot be completed without a visit to the Jumeirah Beach Dubai, whose highlight is the beach itself. The 1.7 km stretch of sand at Jumeirah Beach allows visitors to undergo plenty of adventure activities, making it one of the most visited and best beaches in Dubai. 

The beach is situated between the clear Arabian Gulf waters and the locals’ all-time favourite place, the Dubai Marina. The Jumeirah Beach Residence, popularly known as the JBR, offers its own atmosphere and community, with some of the best dining and shopping options that you can choose from.

The entire beach area is built as a self-contained residential district, which has plenty of shops, hotels, restaurants and other amenities. The Jumeirah Beach Dubai is divided into 6 blocks: Amwaj Shams, Sadaf, Murjan, Bahar, and Rimal. 

Every block has a ground level that faces onto the JBR Walk and a plaza level that is easily accessible by lifts or stairs from the Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai. Every block has several numbered towers, so you might come across places that are listed as “Plaza Level, Bahar 4”, or “Amwaj, JBR Walk” to give ease of access to the visitor of the Jumeirah Beach Dubai. 

Things To Do At Jumeirah Beach Dubai

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The Jumeirah Beach Dubai offers a chance for sunbathing, water sports and other activities as well. 

One of the activities at Jumeirah Beach Dubai that you should not miss out on is the Flying Cup activity, which is the most popular among people who come here with families. The activity involves taking you up in the air up to 40 meters and then rotating 360 degrees. The best part about this activity is that you can also enjoy a snack while you are up in the air, enjoying your ride. 

Other activities include a camel ride, which is an enjoyable activity for both kids and adults. Besides that, you can take a banana boat ride, and a train ride that is entirely kid’s sized, which travels through the district. 

You can lie down on the beach and relax. Most part of the beach is free and open to the public, whereas some parts are reserved for hotels that lie within the Jumeirah Beach Dubai residence, making it one of the best beaches in Dubai.

So you can either be a guest at one of these hotels, or you can take a day pass for sunbathing at the beach. For sunbathing, you are allowed to bring your own stuff, and you can also take sun beds, lockers, towels, and cabanas by paying for them. 

The Beach At The Jumeirah Beach Dubai

The beachside facilities of Jumeirah Beach Dubai gained a lot of attention and popularity with the opening of The Beach, which is basically an open-air shopping district, which is located on right on the shore. 

It not only allows you to book activities and hire beach equipment but also allows you to dine and refresh at the innumerable restaurants and cafes available at The Beach. You can also go for some seaside shopping, and you can chill out at an air-conditioned cinema. Sounds interesting, right? It is even better in real life. So don’t wait for long and book your trip now because it is going to be a trip of a lifetime. 

You thought that Dubai is all about Burj Khalifa and lavish living, but The Beach at the Jumeirah Beach Dubai is worth admiring. 

It gives plenty of options for activities that will give you energy, which includes an outdoor gym, a running track that is approximately 600 meters, and a volleyball court. You can have a perfect day of fun with your family and friends. 

You can have a nice friendly competition at the court, which is followed by lunch, and sunbathing or a nice blockbuster movie to make the most of it. 

The Walk At The Jumeirah Beach Residence

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The most important part of the JBR is The Walk, and I am sure just like famous attractions, including the Dubai Fountain, The Dubai Mall, and several other iconic attractions, you must have also heard about The Walk. 

It is the favourite place of the locals, offering spas, saloons, shops, and great dining options to pamper your taste buds.  

The promenade also has some regular markets where you can find almost all sorts of things. You can buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones back home and high-fashion accessories and hand-made art. 

Besides the high-rise towers on one side and hotels on the other side, there are plenty of things that go on at The Walk at the Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. You can expect a lively vibe and a lot of people in the evening, strolling around and enjoying their weekends. 

You can also find people here in the morning who come here for their morning walk or to watch the sunrise or to pick up breakfast from the trendy cafes. 

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