Best Kashmiri Food Dishes That Are A Must Try In Your Next Visit

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Ever wondered what culinary delights await you on a sojourn to the “Paradise on Earth”? As you explore the enchanting landscapes in your Kashmir tour package, remember that savoring the local Kashmiri food is an unmissable part of the journey. 

Like the mesmerizing beauty of the region, Kashmiri dishes are a delightful interplay of flavors, richly woven with unique spices, textures, and methods of preparation.

Every bite of Kashmiri food tells a story of tradition and culture, with an explosion of distinct flavours that will have your taste buds dancing with delight. Whether you are a foodie or a curious traveller looking for new culinary experiences, the array of delectable Kashmiri dishes is an experience in and of itself.

Among the many things to do in Kashmir, tasting the local cuisine is high on the list. The region’s gastronomy is as diverse and captivating as its stunning landscapes, ranging from the sumptuous Wazwan to the comforting Noon Chai. So, are you ready to embark on this culinary adventure in search of the best Kashmiri dishes?

15 Quintessential Kashmiri Dishes

1. Rogan Josh:

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A visit to the enthralling places to visit in Kashmir would be incomplete without delving into the flavorful world of Kashmiri cuisine. Rogan Josh, a traditional Kashmiri dish, is a vibrant representation of the region’s culinary heritage. 

This aromatic lamb curry, infused with rich spices and tender meat, exemplifies Kashmiri hospitality. Rogan Josh’s exquisite flavour combination has made it a beloved staple and a symbol of Kashmiri food culture. 

The dish, which captures the essence of the valley truly elevates Kashmir’s gastronomic experience. The exploration of Kashmiri cuisine must begin with Rogan Josh.

2. Yakhni Lamb Curry:

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A staple of Kashmiri food, Yakhni Lamb Curry, is an enticing fusion of flavour and aroma. It’s a culinary journey through Kashmir’s enchanting valleys. Tender pieces of lamb are simmered in a flavorful broth of aromatic spices and yoghurt which adds a creamy rich texture to the dish. 

The exquisite combination of fennel seeds, cardamom, and other exotic spices adds a subtle complexity to the dish, making it a delectable indulgence. The sophisticated flavours of the Yakhni Lamb Curry echo Kashmir’s culinary heritage transporting you on a gastronomic journey with each mouthful.

3. Dum Olav:

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Dum Olav is a signature Kashmiri dish that frequently graces tables during special Kashmiri food times. This enticing dish, popular in Kashmiri food, is made with succulent pieces of potatoes that are slowly cooked (dum) in an aromatic, spicy gravy. 

Dum Olav, a Kashmiri dish, excels at teasing the palate with complex flavours that combine heat, sweetness, and tanginess. The secret to this beloved dish is a unique combination of Kashmiri spices and an artful slow cooking technique that imbues the potatoes with an unforgettable flavour, making it a must try for any food lover exploring the richness of Kashmiri dishes.

4. Kahva:

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Kahva, also known as Kashmiri tea, is a sublime jewel in the Kashmiri food treasury. It’s a traditional aromatic brew that combines cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and almonds to make a warm, inviting drink. 

As a staple of Kashmiri cuisine, it serves as a soothing end to meals and a warming drink on cold winter days. The unique preparation method and use of Kashmiri green tea leaves enhance the distinct character of this tea. 

Overall Kahva captures the essence of Kashmiri dishes, reflecting their rich and diverse culinary landscape.

5. Goshtaba:

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Goshtaba, a traditional Kashmiri food dish, exemplifies the region’s aromatic culinary tradition. This decadently creamy delicacy is made with minced meatballs and a flavorful yogurt based gravy. Goshtaba is known as the ‘dish of kings’ and is traditionally served at important occasions, indicating its cultural significance. 

The rich gastronomy of Kashmiri food dishes is highlighted by the complexity of its spices and meticulously handled ingredients. The dish embodies Kashmiri cuisine’s warmth and richness, infusing each bite with a delicious complexity. 

Goshtaba, one of the most popular Kashmiri dishes, exemplifies the region’s rich and diverse culinary heritage.

6. Aab Gosh:

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Aab Gosh is a traditional Kashmiri delicacy that tantalizes the palate with a flavorful mix of spices. This dish primarily consists of tender lamb pieces simmered in a fragrant, creamy milk-based gravy. The gravy is enriched with an assortment of spices including cardamom, cloves, and fennel offering an exquisite blend of flavors.

The usage of saffron lends it a delightful aroma and rich golden hue. Aab Gosh is typically enjoyed with rice or bread, offering a hearty, satisfying meal. This dish is a testament to Kashmir’s culinary heritage, epitomizing the region’s love for aromatic and indulgent food.

7. Kashmiri Muji Gaad:


Kashmiri Muji Gaad is a traditional Kashmiri delicacy that is especially enjoyed during festivals. This dish combines the unusual pairing of radish (muji) and fish (gaad), resulting in an extraordinary flavour balance. 

The fish, usually trout or carp, is cooked in a tangy, aromatic curry with radish, Kashmiri spices, tamarind, and asafoetida. The softened radish complements the tender fish perfectly. 

The earthiness of the radish, combined with the spice-infused fish, creates a dish that is both hearty and flavorful, capturing the essence of Kashmir’s rich culinary tradition.

8. Kashmiri Baingan:


Kashmiri Baingan, a delectable Kashmiri dish, captures the essence of the region’s culinary heritage. Aubergines are meticulously simmered in aromatic spices and tangy tamarind sauce in this artistic flavour combination.

The use of fennel and ginger powder adds a unique flavour to Kashmiri dishes making it a favourite among Kashmiri food lovers.

Kashmiri Baingan is a succulent and flavorful example of Kashmiri cuisine tantalising your taste buds and offering a gastronomic journey into the Valley’s traditions.

9. Kashmiri Rajma:


Kashmiri Rajma, a traditional Kashmiri food is a hearty stew of red kidney beans in a rich and aromatic gravy. Its vibrant flavour profile is derived from a blend of traditional spices such as fennel and ginger powder, as well as the unique Kashmiri red chilli. 

Slow-cooked rajma beans melt in your mouth, imparting a creamy texture that balances the robust spice blend. This filling meal often served with rice, embodies Kashmir’s culinary richness, providing comfort and a taste of the region’s generous hospitality.

10. Momos:

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Savouring Momos, a staple of Kashmiri food, is like embarking on a culinary journey through the region’s rich culture. These steamed dumplings, commonly filled with minced vegetables or succulent meat, highlight Kashmir’s subtle yet profound flavours.

A bite into the tender outer cover reveals the warm filling, each morsel resonating with the region’s signature spice blend. Momos in Kashmir is not only a culinary delight, but also an important part of the local narrative, reflecting the Valley’s time-honored culinary practices.

11. Thukpa:

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Thukpa, a Tibetan noodle soup, has made its way into Kashmiri cuisine, infusing local flavour into this exotic dish. The use of local spices distinguishes the Kashmiri version of Thukpa mirroring the rich palate of Kashmiri dishes. 

The Thukpa here, made up of hearty vegetables and succulent meat, provides warmth during the cold winter months. This soup is traditionally served with a lavish spread of other Kashmiri dishes, such as Rogan Josh and Yakhni.

Indeed, Kashmir’s unique interpretation of Thukpa highlights the versatility and culinary richness of Kashmiri dishes.

12. Butter Tea:

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Kashmiri food is known for its complex flavours and inventive preparations. Among these treats is the soothing butter tea, also known as ‘Gur Gur Chai’ in the region.

It’s a traditional Kashmiri drink made with tea leaves, water, salt, and yak butter. The tea is brewed in a special teapot and churned to achieve a creamy consistency. 

The butter tea, with its distinct salty flavour and warming properties, provides a welcome respite from Kashmir’s bone-chilling winters, highlighting the region’s cultural essence and resilient spirit. It is more than just a beverage in Kashmir; it is an essential part of the local way of life.

13. Khambir:

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Khambir, a signature of Kashmiri dishes is an exceptional flatbread that is essential to the culinary landscape of Kashmir. It is traditionally cooked over an open hearth, with the upper crust seared and the underside gently baked, giving it a distinct texture.

The heavenly combination of Khambir with pink tea, another classic among Kashmiri dishes, encapsulates Kashmiri warmth and hospitality, especially during winter mornings. 

Each bite reveals an authentic taste of the region, demonstrating why Khambir is a time-honored tradition and a favourite among locals and tourists in Kashmir.

14. Sheermal:

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Sheermal is a saffron-infused bread popular in Kashmiri cuisine, known for its delicate flavour and soft texture. Sheermal, which is traditionally cooked in tandoor ovens, offers a one of a kind dining experience. 

Its tantalising aroma and sweet flavour make it a must-try for all foodies. As a traditional component of Kashmiri cuisine, it is frequently served alongside flavorful curries or on its own. 

With roots in Persian cuisine, Sheermal has become a cherished delicacy, symbolising Kashmir’s rich culinary heritage. The irresistible flavour of the bread continues to entice both locals and visitors.

15. Nadir Monji:


Nadir Monji, an iconic eatery, brings alive the rich culinary history of Kashmiri food dishes, enticing its visitors with a variety of traditional delicacies. 

Notably, their Sheermal, a saffron-infused flatbread, exudes authentic Kashmiri flavors that resonate with the region’s culinary heritage. A cherished element of Kashmiri food dishes, this sweet bread is kneaded with warm milk infused with saffron, giving it a characteristic golden hue. 

Soft, slightly sweet, and enriched with dry fruits, the Sheermal at Nadir Monji offers a delightful experience, transporting patrons into the heart of Kashmir’s age-old gastronomy.

As we come to the end of our culinary journey, keep in mind that the enticing allure of Kashmiri food transcends boundaries, engaging taste buds in a delightful dance of spices. 

We’ve travelled the valley’s culinary map, immersing ourselves in its culture and learning how food tells the intricate stories of Kashmir. Every morsel of Kashmiri food contains not only exquisite flavours, but also a rich cultural heritage. 

Until next time, keep exploring the enticing world of food and allowing the symphony of Kashmiri cuisine to delight you!

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