Pura Kehen Temple in Bali: The Fire Temple

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Pura Kehen Temple is a beautiful located on the foot of the southpart f Bangli hill, Bali! It is 45 Kilometer away from Denpasar city or 20 minutes away from Kintamani, one of the best places to visit in Bali

The Kehen temple has a very strategic location with the beautiful Balinese architectures and covered up with the cool temperatures that make it worth the visit. It is a many-tiered stone homage to the Hindu pantheon. 

It was founded in the 11th century, and considered one of the finest Bali temples. Also, it is known to be the mini version of Bali’s Besakih temple, which is as beautiful as it is. But, it is 21 Kilometers away from the Kehen temple. 

The complex of Kehen temple is comprised of a sloping terraced entryway, and with three interior courtyards with smaller meru shrines and altars. Also, there are 38 stone steps to the main Kehen temple. Along the base of the building’s exteriors, it is possible to see stylized carvings of snakes and turtles, representing the underworld which is a really unique concept for the temple. Don’t forget to book your Bali trip packages for your next getaway! 

In the central courtyard is a very beautiful moss-blanekted stone lotus throne, and during the annual religious ceremonies, it is possible to see colorful dances on the temple grounds and basekts of fruits laid.

Kehen Temple History 


Pura Kehen Temple is known to be the main temple of the Bangli regency. Also, it has been mentioned three times in three copper inscriptions dated from the late 9th century, early 11th century and the 13th century. 

According to the 9th-century inscription, the Kehen temple was mentioned as Hyang Api (god of fire) by the Brahmans who maintain the temple. Then, in the 11th century, the temple was named Hyang Kehen, and this word has been derived from the Balinese word “Keren” which means fire. So many ceremonies used to take place at that time in this temple. 

The big oath ceremony was also performed here in front of the figure of Hyang Api or Hyang Kehen, the god of fire. A vessel known as Bejana Sarpantaka was used for such performance, which is decorated with four serpents winding around the vessel. 

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How to reach at Kehen Temple?

It is located in the southern part of the Bangli region, and it is 26 kilometers away from Ubud and 43 kilometers from Denpasar. 

So, you can easily hire a taxi or have a bike to reach here without any hassles. So, get your booking done for the transportation and explore the temple with all the ease. 

Kehen Temple – What to Expect?


It is a beautiful hill top temple and surrounded by alot of greenery, where yo may get pestered by some touts or sarong sellers at the entrance. 

Also, like the other sacred temples of Bali, Kehen Temple is also divided into 3 sanctums, each with different degrees of holiness according to Hindu beliefs. Also, there is a banyan tree that is known to be 400 years old and also has a little tree house to pray. 

There are some unique porcelain plates in the walls of temple. It is very unusuals and cannot be seen in any other temple. Also, the impressive carvings of the main gate are commendable with 11-tiered black and gold pagoda in the inner sanctum. 

It is the best Balinese architecture, indeed! 

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What makes Kehen temple unique?

Kehen Temple is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the oldest temples in Bali, Indonesia, dating back to the 11th century. 

Secondly, it’s built on a hillside, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Thirdly, it’s known for its intricate stone carvings and beautiful architecture, which blend Balinese and Javanese styles. 

Lastly, it’s home to a sacred tree that’s believed to have spiritual significance. All these factors combine to make Kehen Temple a truly special and memorable place to visit.

How can visitors experience the spiritual ambiance of Kehen temple?

Visitors can feel the spiritual atmosphere of Kehen Temple by taking part in the temple’s rituals and ceremonies. They can also explore the temple’s ancient architecture and sacred spaces, like the main shrine and the courtyard. Additionally, visitors can learn about the temple’s history and significance from local guides or by reading informational signs.

Are there any guidelines or protocols to observe when visiting Kehan Temple?

When visiting Kehan Temple, it’s important to be respectful and follow some guidelines. First, dress modestly, covering your shoulders and knees. Second, remove your shoes before entering the temple. Third, avoid loud noises and turn off your phone or put it on silent mode. Fourth, don’t take photos or videos without permission. Fifth, be mindful of the monks and other visitors, and maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Finally, if you have any questions, ask the temple staff politely.

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