Kite Museum: The Colossal Kites Exhibit In Paldi, Ahmedabad

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The vibrant culture of Gujarat is known for its rich and centuries-old heritage which is preserved even today. As a state with cultural richness, a fragment of this culture is kites. 

Gujaratis have been traditionally flying kites for centuries. It won’t be wrong to say that every Gujarathi has three things in their genes – Jalabh Fafada, Business and, Kite Flying Skills. 

During Uttarayan, every terrace and ground transformed into the battlefield of Kurukshetra where instead of spears and arrows, you witness kites soaring high in the sky. Apart from The Manchester Of India, Ahmedabad is also known as the Kite Capital Of India. 

Every year Ahmedabad hosts the celebration of The International Kite Festival. The two-day festival from 14 January to 15 January is celebrated with huge pomp and grandeur. Tourist from all over the world comes to Gujarat to celebrate the International Kite Festival. 

Apart from Uttarayan, you can witness these beautiful kites at the Kite Museum also known as Patang Museum in Paldi, Ahmedabad. Yes, just like the Auto World Vintage Car Museum dedicated solely to motor vehicles, Ahmedabad has a museum dedicated to kites. It is one of the two museums in Sanskar Kendra.

About Kite Museum In Ahmedabad

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The Kite Museum is housed in Sanskar Museum, Ahmedabad. It was designed by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier on 9 April 1954. The museum has a collection of the history of Gujarat including various historical arts and artefacts, some dating back to the 11th century. On the ground floor, there is the Kite Museum which is solely dedicated to the kites. 

The Kite Museum in Ahmedabad also known as the Patang Museum has housed more than 125 extraordinary varieties of kites including mirror work kites, Japanese kites, block prints kites, and the list goes on. Some kites in the museum are around 16 – 20 cm long with beautiful, intricate, and aerodynamic structures. Every kite in this museum is not just a kite, but a work of art. 

History Of Kite Museum In Ahmedabad

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The Kite Museum was established in the year 1984 by Bhanu Shah, popularly known for his paintings, poetry, and photography. The Kite Museum was designed and founded by Bhanu Shah.

According to Bhanu Shah, the kite flying in Uttarayan cannot be counted. He further continues that Ahmedabad gave maximum employment to the kite makers. Kite makers from all around the nation came to Ahmedabad two to three months before Uttarayan. They used to hire some craftsmen from their city and later used to sell the kites in the Patang Bazar. 

Once when the director of the Netherlands visited Bhanu Shah and he started showing his collection of kites. The director from the Netherlands was amazed at the collection of kites and suggested Bhanu Shah exhibit the collection in the museum. Later Bhanu Shah donated his magnificent collection of kites to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for the Kite Museum.

Inside Kite Museum In Ahmedabad

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While making an itinerary for touring Ahmedabad visiting the Kite Museum should be one of the top things to do in Gujarat. The Kite Museum has a wonderful collection of kites. The kite collection in the museum is a sheer example of the passion of Bhanu Shah for kites. You will witness a variety of kites including different patterns like block prints, geometrical patterns, Gandhi ji and Nehruji paintings, and many more. The collection also has a Japanese version of kites also known as Rokoku. 

The museum also has an illustration of the history of the kites, from the first kite which was flown by Huien Tsang in 200 BC to measure how far his army would have to tunnel to reach past the defences.

It also has an illustration of the kite flown by Benjamin Franklin in 1752 with the conductive wire attached to the top of the kite to detect static electricity. 

The museum also has a despection of how the Wright Brothers got the muse from flying a kite and developed a plane in 1902.

The museum also has information about how kites were used initially in wars to get aerial photography of the enemy‘s bunker.

Kite Museum Ticket Price

The Kite Museum Ticket price is free for all the tourists. 

Kite Museum Timings

The Kite Museum timings are from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, it reopens at 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm. The Kite Museum is open on all days except Monday. 

Best Time To Visit Kite Museum

The best time to visit Kite Museum is from November to January as the climate of Ahmedabad is very pleasant and bearable. While touring Ahmedabad you can visit the Kite Museum in an hour. 

Although the Kite Museum is under construction and is closed temporarily. It will be soon re-opened once the construction is done.

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How To Reach Kite Museum Ahmedabad

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Via Rail

The nearest railway station to Kite Museum Ahmedabad is Ahmedabad Railway Station which is around 5.1 km. If you are traveling via metro then the nearest metro station to reach the museum is Paldi. From Padli Metro station the Kite Museum is 1.2 km. 

Via Airport

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is around 13 km from the Kite Museum Ahmedabad. You can get a cab from the airport to reach the museum.

Via Road

How to reach Kite Museum Ahmedabad? Is always on the top of the question list. Well, the roads of Ahmedabad are well-connected and you can travel hassle-free. You can travel to Kite Museum Ahmedabad any time of the day making any time the best time to visit Kite Museum.

You can get a bus to it if you want to go for any budget-friendly options. 

Restaurants Near Kite Museum

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Being in the heart of Ahmedabad there are many Restaurants near Kite Museum. 

  1. Pinch Of Spice
  2. Amdos Kitchen
  3. Chirag The Restaurant
  4. Udipi Shree Darshini
  5. Akshar River Cruise
  6. Domino’s
  7. Kasturi Dining Hall
  8. Shivshakti Kathiyawadi
  9. Mexicano By The Bay
  10. Swati Snacks

Hotels Near Kite Museum

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If you are booking any Hotels near Kite Museum make sure that you pre-book in advance to avoid last-minute hassle. Following are some curated hotels for your reference

  1. Hotel The Westend
  2. Four Points By Sheraton
  3. Fortunate Park
  4. Hotel Carrefour
  5. Hotel Sun City
  6. Hotel Riverview

Places To Visit Near Kite Museum

Well, there are a lot of places to visit near Kite Museum. Following are some of the places for you to visit near Kite Museum

1. Riverfront Park

Source: Local Guides Connect

Located on the opposite bank of Sabarmati Ashram stretches to 1.5 km with a beautiful view of the Sabarmati River. The park has a children’s playing area and a walking area. The major attractions of this garden are the Amphitheater and sundial. 

2. Vastrapur Lake

Source: DeshGujarat

The Vastrapur Lake is located 5.4 km from the Kite Museum in Ahmedabad. It is surrounded by a lush green garden and the riverside is embellished with various stones. The round pathway is built for health enthusiasts to jog and work out. Also, there is no ticket price to visit Vastarapur Lake.

3. Biodiversity Park

Source: Ahmedabad Mirror

Riverfront Biodiversity Park has more than 5000 trees and has many endangered species of trees. It is one of the magnificent Riverfront Parks with lush green trees. This park also abodes many migrant and resident species of birds.

4. The Calico Museum Of Textile

Source: Textile Research Centre

The Calico Museum of Textiles is around 8.6 km from the Kite Museum. Started by the Sarabhai Family this museum is a clear depiction of comprehensive collections of textiles of high value spanning centuries of innovation and craftsmanship. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the founder of Kite Museum?

Bhanu Shah is the founder of the Kite Museum.

In which city will you find the kite museum?

You will find the Kite Museum in Ahmedabad

How much is the ticket price for the Kite Festival in Ahmedabad?

There is no ticket price for the Kite Festival in Ahmedabad. The Entry Fee is free.

Where is the largest kite museum in the world to be found?

The largest Kite Museum is in China Kuiwen District. The name of the museum is Weifang World Kite Museum

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