Kodaikanal Or Ooty For Honeymoon: Solving The Couple’s Dilemma

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Your honeymoon is the most special part of your married life. You may get confused about whether you should go to Kodaikanal or Ooty for honeymoon, which is quite a common issue among people who plan to go South on their honeymoon. 

There are certain things that you have to consider while looking for the best honeymoon tour packages in India or abroad, what travel cameras will be best for you to capture and immortalise the moments, and plenty of other things before you finalise Kodaikanal vs Ooty for your honeymoon. 

While the dilemma of Kodaikanal vs Ooty may be common, it is still an important decision to make, so you have to do a lot of research and then come to the final decision whether you want to go to Kodaikanal or Ooty for your honeymoon. 

Let us see and compare Kodaikanal vs Ooty and see which one best suits you, according to your needs and preferences. 

Landscapes of Kodaikanal Vs Ooty



If we talk about the stunning views of Kodaikanal, the place stands for the Gift of Forests; thus, the place is entirely covered by forests in most parts of the area. You can see forests and rocky mountains, and it is framed as the Queen of hill stations. 

Located in the Dindigul District, the major attraction that forms Kodaikanal is its waterfalls and the mountains that can be relished from far away. 



Ooty, on the other hand, has more greenery than Kodaikanal, for it has plenty of tea plantations, making it a beautiful hill station, not only for honeymooners but also for people travelling generally. Popularly known as Udhamagandalam, Ooty is one of the most beautiful places in India and is also perfect for a weekend getaway for people living in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. 

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Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal Vs Ooty



Kodaikanal can be visited throughout the year, but the most ideal time to visit is between October to March. The summer and monsoon season is also a good time to visit, as the waterfalls look absolutely lovely, and the green looks even greener after being washed away from the rain. 



Ooty has good weather throughout the year, be it summers, winters, or monsoons, so it is accessible to tourists round the year. However, the most ideal time to visit Ooty is between the months of March and June, when the temperature creeps up, the cold wind calms your heart, and all you can feel is love and serenity among the greens. 

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Food In Kodaikanal Vs Ooty



The food in Kodaikanal is mostly South Indian food, and you can find some of the best Idli Sambhar, Dosa, and other South Indian foods. On the other hand, you can also find North Indian food like Dal, Roti, and momos as well. The food is absolutely delicious, and you should definitely try out the various delicacies.



Ooty, one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, offers some of the most delicious food, including Avial, Neer Dosa, Chicken Chettinad, Murukku, and Kozhi Varutharachathu. Ensure that you don’t miss out on these delicacies if you choose Ooty as your honeymoon destination. 

Attractions In Kodaikanal Vs Ooty

Another important factor while choosing Kodaikanal or Ooty for honeymoon is the attractions in the area. The attractions of the place play a major role in choosing your honeymoon destinations, so let’s see what are the major attractions in both places. 

Kodaikanal Attractions

1. Kodaikanal Lake

One of the most famous lakes in the area is the Kodaikanal Lake, popularly known as the Kodai Lake. It is a man-made lake spread over an area of 60 acres of land, making it one of the most beautiful attractions in Kodaikanal, offering ferry boat rides. 

2. Pillar Rocks View Point

Witness the beautiful panoramic views of the Kodaikanal from the Pillar Rocks View Point. As the name speaks for itself, Pillar Rocks are shaped like pillars, offering stunning views that will take your breath away. The viewpoint is situated at a height of 400 m above sea level, and is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm, making it a popular picnic spot for tourists.

3. Palni Hills

Another major attraction in Kodaikanal that you should not miss out on is the Palni Hills which is popularly known as the home of the Lord Murugan or Karthikeyan, offering picturesque views of the valley, dense forests and stunning landscapes.

4. Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls, located at a distance of just 2 km from the Kodaikanal Lake, is a beautiful waterfall which is one of the best attractions in Kodaikanal. It is a popular picnic spot among tourists and is seasonal. During monsoon season, the waterfall comes to life. 

The story behind this waterfall is that a bear used to frequently drink water from this waterfall, hence the name Bear Shola Falls came into existence.

5. Dolphin’s Nose View Point

Another major attraction in Kodaikanal is the Dolphin’s Nose View Point, located at an altitude of 6600 feet above sea level, is a protruding rock shaped like a nose of a Dolphin. You can see some of the best views of the Kodaikanal from the Dolphin’s Nose View Point and make the most of your vacation. The clear skies, rugged terrains, and stunning backdrops make it one of the best places in Kodaikanal. 

Ooty Attractions


Ooty, popularly known as the queen of hill stations, is a popular choice for people stuck between Kodaikanal or Ooty for honeymoon options. Some of the popular attractions of Ooty include:

1. Ooty Lake

If you are looking for a calm and fun honeymoon, then Ooty can be a good choice for it has the popular Ooty Lake, which is spread over an area of 65 acres of land. It is best for couples who want to go boating in the lake. Feel the cold wind against your hair as you paddle your way through the tranquil waters, and make the most of your trip. 

2. Doodabetta Peak

Doodabetta Peak is another popular attraction in Ooty. Situated at an altitude of approximately 8650 feet above sea level, is the highest range in the Nilgiris. If you want to witness beauty at its finest, then Doodabetta Peak is the place for you, offering panoramic views of Ooty, and the tea plantations all over the hill station. 

3. Botanic Gardens

One place that you should not dare to miss out on in Ooty is the Botanic Garden, which is popular for hosting a flower show annually in Ooty. Spread across an area of approximately 55 acres of land, you will find plenty of varieties of flowers here. As the garden breaks in a riot of flowers, it looks absolutely stunning. 

4. Kalhatti Falls

The Kalhatti Falls is often known as the paradise for Bird Watchers for it offers stunning views, and you can witness some of the most exciting species of birds from this point. The calm and beauty that you will witness here is something that will make your heart at ease. You can spot elephants here as they come to the place quite often. 

5. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is popularly known as the Toy Train. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is the top attractions in Ooty and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2005. So you should not miss out on this. 

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Best Things To Do In Kodaikanal Vs Ooty

Another dilemma the couples may have while choosing Kodaikanal or Ooty for honeymoon is the things to do at the destination of their choice. So let us find out what you can and cannot do in both of these places. 

Things To Do In Kodaikanal 

1. Hike To Dolphin’s Nose

If you are a couple who likes a little adventure, you can hike the Dolphin’s Nose viewpoint. Situated at an elevation of 6600 feet above sea level, the trek to Dolphin’s Nose is an activity that will leave your adrenaline rushing. Once you reach the peak, the view of the drop dead, giving a bird’s eye view, is going to be worth it. 

2. Strolling On Coaker Walk

The Coakers Walk in Kodaikanal is a 1-kilometre pedestrian stretch, offering the best views of the valleys, mountains, and the entire city. It also has a telescopic house from where you can witness the entire city. You can also enjoy cycling on this pedestrian street. 

3. Shopping In Kodaikanal

The best part about any trip is that it offers places to shop, so you can shop your heart out at the various places in Kodaikanal, including Downtown Kodaikanal, Dynasty, Potter’s Shed, Spices Corner, Kodai Cheese, Kodai Chocolate Factory, Bazaar Road, Eco Nut, Poet Tyagaraja Road, Shalimar Weaves, Anna Salai Market, Kaleswari Supermarket, and plenty of other options in Kodaikanal for a shopping spree. 

Things To Do In Ooty

1. Explore Avalanche Lake

Couples who enjoy fishing, trekking, and all kinds of adventures can choose Ooty for there are plenty of options to explore in Ooty in terms of adventure. You can explore the Avalanche Lake in Ooty and enjoy the lake, surrounded by orchids and rhododendrons. You are in for a perfect holiday in Ooty and should not miss out on Avalanche Lake. 

2. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway has been in function since 1908 and has been a royal heritage train found in Ooty, which still runs on a steam engine, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2005. Take the ride on this historical train as it starts from Mettupalayam to Ooty, which will take you through dense forests of pine, soaring eucalyptus, and mysterious and scary tunnels, making it a journey that you will never forget.

3. Shopping In Ooty

You can go for one of the most loved activities of every person, that is shopping. Ooty is popular for its tea plantations and homemade chocolates that you will find here in abundance. Places where you can shop in Ooty include Tibetan Market, Ooty Municipal Market, Main Bazaar, Charing Cross Spices, Lower Bazaar Road, Commercial Road, Upper Bazaar Road, Ooty Lake, Chamraaj Tea Shop, Doodabetta Tea Factory, Higginbothams, and plenty other local shops to buy stuff.

Accommodation In Kodaikanal Vs Ooty 

Accommodation in Kodaikanal or Ooty can be something that may confuse you; well then let me give you some clarity on that as well. 

Places To Stay In Kodaikanal

Source : Tripadvisor
1. Hotel Kodai International

This hotel is the most preferred accommodation in Kodaikanal and is loved by couples. The hotel has 75 rooms, and all of it has modern amenities, offering you a luxurious stay. 

2. The Carlton

The Carlton is said to be the true paradise and is a 5-star property in Kodaikanal, and is an epitome of beauty. Located on the banks of Kodai Lake, the Carlton offers a luxurious stay with some drool-worthy delicacies. 

Places To Stay In Ooty

Source : Tripadvisor
1. Hotel Gem Park

Offering state-of-the-art amenities and views of the Nilgiri Mountains, Hotel Gem Park is one of the best hotels in Ooty, offering beautiful views. 

2. Sinclairs Retreat

The hotel is located at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level and offers stunning views of the Nilgiri Hills. The place can be visited all year round and enhances the visitors’ experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kodaikanal Or Ooty For Honeymoon

1. Which is better for the honeymoon, Kodaikanal or Ooty?

It totally depends on what it is you are looking for. Both Kodaikanal and Ooty are beautiful places, and after weighing the pros and cons you can choose one for yourself. 

2. How can I reach Cinque Island?

To reach Cinque Island, you’ll typically need to travel to Port Blair, the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can arrange a boat or ferry ride to the island from there. The journey might take a few hours, but the picturesque views and aquatic wonders you’ll experience at Cinque Island are well worth the trip.

3. What are the best things to do in Ooty for your honeymoon?

You can explore the Avalanche Lake, take the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ride, and go for shopping in Ooty. 

4. What are the best things to do in Kodaikanal for honeymoon?

The best things to do in Kodaikanal for the honeymoon include hiking to Dolphin’s Nose, strolling on Coacker Walk, and going souvenir shopping. 

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