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Discover the beauty of Thailand Packages with a trip to the enchanting Koh Kood. Nestled in the crystal-clear waters of Thailand, this island is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Whether you’re lounging by the shore of a Koh Kood Resort or wandering through the lush landscapes, Koh Kood offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Known as one of the most serene places to visit in Thailand, Koh Kood – Best Islands In Thailand promises an unforgettable adventure filled with breathtaking views and calm moments. 

So pack your bags and get ready to explore the beauty of Koh Kood with our travel guide, an island paradise that dreams are made of.

Reasons to Visit the Koh Kood Island

A visit to the Khlong Chao Waterfall near Koh Kood is one of the premier activities in Koh Kood. It provides more than just a respite from the island’s famed beaches; it offers a vibrant exploration of the local ecosystem. Ideal for hiking, this area allows for wildlife sightings and immersive nature experiences.

Whether you’re staying at a Koh Kood Resort, shopping in the local markets in Koh Kood, or dining at the island’s finest restaurants, incorporating a visit to this waterfall enriches any travel itinerary. It’s a vital component of Koh Kood Tourism and embodies the quintessential Koh Kood Experience.

Thus, for those seeking to blend adventure with the calmness of nature, ensure the Khlong Chao Waterfall is a key part of your exploration of Koh Kood’s top attractions. It’s a place where you can truly appreciate the island’s serene environment and delve into its rich history and dynamic natural life.

What To Explore in Koh Kood, Thailand?

1. Koh Kood Beaches


Koh Kood is one the best beaches in Thailand & home to some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see. Let’s explore these sandy shores that make Koh Kood Island a paradise.

1. Ao Phrao Beach

Down at the southern end of Koh Kood, Ao Phrao Beach is a quiet spot with soft white sand and clear blue water that’s shallow enough to wade in. It’s surrounded by trees and rocks, giving it a private feel. If you like calm and quiet places, this beach is perfect. There aren’t many houses around, so it feels like you have the beach all to yourself!

2. Ao Tapao Beach

Moving up the coast, Ao Tapao Beach is where you can find comfy places to stay right on the sand. Here, places like Koh Kood Cabana and Medee Resort offer nice little houses to sleep in. The beach has lots of space, but remember, it gets a bit smaller when the tide comes in, and sometimes there’s some stuff washed up on the sand.

3. Khlong Chao Beach

Khlong Chao Beach is right in the middle of Koh Kood and is the busiest beach. It’s got everything—soft sand, places to eat, and shops to check out. Whether you want to relax or try some fun stuff, this beach has it all. And, it’s near the famous Khlong Chao Waterfall, which is definitely worth a visit!

4. Bang Bao Beach

Over on the southwest side, Bang Bao Beach is like a picture from a postcard. It’s got a big stretch of sand and super clear water. It’s great for swimming and just chilling out. This beach is also perfect if you want to try some snorkelling.

Each beach on Koh Kood has its own special thing about it. Whether you want to relax, shop, eat, or explore, Koh Kood’s beaches offer a bit of everything. You can stay at a Koh Kood Resort, eat at the restaurants in Koh Kood, and check out the local markets. With so many best things to do in Koh Kood, like outdoor activities and Koh Kood cultural events, you’ll never get bored. Plus, the Koh Kood weather is usually nice, perfect for enjoying the outdoors. So come and experience the Koh Kood Experience. It’s waiting for you!

2. Exploring the Khlong Chao Waterfall Near Koh Kood


The Khlong Chao Waterfall stands as a magnificent natural feature at the heart of Koh Kood. Celebrated as the crown jewel among the island’s diverse attractions, this stunning waterfall is more than a visual spectacle; it also holds deep historical significance and radiates the untouched beauty of nature.

Natural Beauty of the Waterfall

Nestled within the dense jungles of Koh Kood Island, access to the waterfall is facilitated by a scenic, short hike that is as rejuvenating as the destination itself. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a grand, inviting freshwater pool at the base of the falls. This serene spot is perfect for a refreshing dip, particularly soothing under the typically warm Koh Kood weather.

The waters of the Khlong Chao Waterfall are crystal clear, flowing over three distinct tiers that enhance its scenic charm. The surrounding lush greenery not only augments the beauty of the falls but also provides a peaceful backdrop, creating a sense of entering a natural sanctuary.

3. Discovering the Best Stays on Koh Kood


Koh Kood is not just about its pristine beaches and lush landscapes; it’s also home to a variety of Koh Kood accommodation that cater to every traveller’s needs. From luxurious beach resorts to cosy bungalows and budget-friendly options, Koh Kood offers a unique stay experience for all.

Beach Resorts on Koh Kood

1. Tinkerbell Privacy Resort – Tinkerbell Privacy Resort is the epitome of an intimate 5-star beach resort in Thailand in Koh Kood. With only 15 rooms, eight beachfront and seven pool villas, it provides a personal touch that makes your stay special. The resort is perfect for wedding parties or families looking to book a picturesque location just for themselves, starting from around 10,000 Baht per night.

Location – 116 หาดคลองเจ้า Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Contact – +66806085522

2. High Season Pool Villa Resort – Next door, High Season Pool Villa Resort offers luxury akin to the Maldives with its range of pool villas sized between 95 to 180 square metres. Situated on a 200-metre stretch of Klong Chao Beach, the resort features a large pool, a beachfront restaurant, and a cocktail bar where you can enjoy happy hour as the sun sets. A stay in one of the more affordable villas costs about 20,000 Baht per night.

Location – 117 หาดคลองเจ้า Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Contact – +6639510888

3. Shantaa Resort –  For a consistently excellent stay, Shantaa Resort boasts years of high standards. Located at the northern end of Ao Tapao Beach, its bungalows are nestled in a sprawling garden, perfect for peaceful retreats. The absence of TVs encourages guests to reconnect with each other, making it a serene choice for a holiday.

Location – 20/3 หมู่ 2 ต.เกาะกูด อ.เกาะกูด Kohkood TRAT Trat 23000, Thailand

Contact – +66818179648

Bungalow Resorts


1. Mangrove Bungalows – Mangrove Bungalows offer a slightly more upscale option with air-conditioned bungalows starting from 1,500 Baht per night. Free kayaks are available for guests to explore the nearby mangrove-lined river or the beach, which is just a five-minute walk away.

Location – JGMX+GM Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat, Thailand

Contact – +66899362093

Koh Kood BEDs – Koh Kood BEDs, located near the main road, provides exceptional service and value with just four spacious rooms set in a garden, far surpassing nearby beach resorts in terms of quality.

Location – 108, Ban Bang Bao, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Contact – +66821654654

I-Lay House – I-Lay House might be the smallest resort on the island, offering air-conditioned wooden bungalows for a quiet stay near Ao Prao beach, starting from 2,000 Baht per night.

Location – 44 Moo.5, Koh Kood, TRAT, 23000, Thailand

Contact – +66818625759

Jungle Koh Kood Resort – Jungle Koh Kood Resort presents bright, stylish, modern wooden huts inland near Klong Chao area, complete with large garden areas and a pool, starting from 1,800 Baht per night.

Location – 51 หมู่ 2 Soi Khlong Khang Khao, Tambon Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Contact – +66952044042

Backpacker-Friendly Budget Accommodation

Sand and Sea – Sand and Sea provides a classic backpacker experience with simple fan rooms and bungalows by the beach at an affordable rate starting from 600 Baht in high season.

Location – JG5M+WM6, Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Contact – +66825148988

Whether you’re looking for luxury or a simple stay, Koh Kood has something to offer. Explore these diverse Koh Kood accommodations and experience the warm hospitality that makes Koh Kood Tourism so memorable. These are just a few of the top attractions in Koh Kood that showcase the island’s commitment to welcoming every type of traveller.

Best Restaurants in Thailand –  Koh Kood:

1. Black Bananas Kohkood


Black Bananas Kohkood is a cosy Thai restaurant on the island of Koh Kood, cherished for its authentic and delicious Thai cuisine. Managed by a local Thai couple, the restaurant has earned a reputation for its warm, inviting atmosphere and a menu that features a variety of traditional dishes, especially flavorful curries and fragrant stir-fries. 

Each dish is celebrated for capturing the true essence of Thai cooking, using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. The rustic and cosy ambiance of the restaurant, complemented by friendly and welcoming service, enhances the dining experience, making Black Bananas Kohkood a recommended destination for both locals and tourists seeking to enjoy genuine Thai food while visiting the island

Location – JGCW+WQ Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat, Thailand

Opening Hours – 11 Am – 9 Pm

2. Heaven Sense Koh Kut

Heaven Sense Koh Kut is a beloved dining spot nestled at the base of a hill near Bang Bao Beach on Koh Kood Island, where it serves up a slice of Italy with its extensive selection of pizzas, mains, and desserts. Renowned for its commitment to authenticity, the restaurant prides itself on using freshly prepared doughs and homemade sauces, ensuring each dish embodies the rich flavors and quality expected of traditional Italian cuisine. 

The diverse menu at Heaven Sense Koh Kut appeals to a wide range of palates and dining preferences, making it a prime choice for visitors eager to indulge in genuine Italian dishes while enjoying the scenic beauty of Koh Kood. This spot is a highlight among the restaurants in Koh Kood, offering a unique and memorable culinary experience in a picturesque island setting.

Location – 3 Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Opening Hours – 5 Pm – 9.30 Pm

3. Bang Bao Home


Bang Bao Home, located in the charming floating fishing village of Aow Yai on Koh Kood, offers a dining experience like no other. Renowned for serving some of the best seafood on the island, this restaurant provides guests with a chance to indulge in exquisitely fresh seafood in a truly unique setting. The beauty of the floating village enhances the atmosphere, making every meal feel special as diners are surrounded by the scenic waters and traditional village life. 

A visit to Bang Bao Home allows you to enjoy not only the freshest catches of the day but also witness the skilled preparation by chefs who expertly highlight the natural flavours of the seafood. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone seeking a memorable seafood meal on Koh Kood, ensuring a culinary experience that’s both authentic and unforgettable.

Location – 43ม.5, Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Opening Hours – 5 Pm – 9 Pm

4. Koh Kood Mermaid Boutique & Cafe

Koh Kood Mermaid Boutique & Cafe, nestled in the Ko Kut District of Koh Kood, is a cherished dining destination that uniquely combines Thai and international cuisine. This restaurant has earned high ratings and glowing reviews for its ability to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every visitor. The diverse menu at Koh Kood Mermaid Boutique & Cafe features an array of options from traditional Thai dishes to more global flavours, appealing to both local and international palates.

The café’s welcoming ambiance enhances the dining experience, making it a favoured spot among both locals and tourists on Koh Kood. Guests can enjoy a variety of meals including hearty breakfast items, freshly made sandwiches, flaky croissants, and nourishing smoothie bowls. The friendly service from the staff adds a personal touch that complements the cosy atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing meal or a casual meet-up with friends.

Location – 120, Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000, Thailand

Opening Hours – 8 Am – 4 Pm

5. Exploring Koh Kood’s Vibrant Markets: From Handcrafted Goods to Authentic Street Food


1. Goods Market at Namluek Pier – Koh Kood

Located at Namluek Pier on Koh Kood, the Goods Market offers a delightful array of souvenirs and local products. This market is perfect for discovering handcrafted items, clothing, and traditional Thai crafts. The vibrant atmosphere of the pier enhances the shopping experience, making it a notable destination for those wanting to find unique mementos from Koh Kood. It’s an ideal spot for shopping in Thailand in Koh Kood, where visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture and crafts.

2. Trat Street Food Market – Mueang Trat District

The Trat Street Food Market, situated in the Mueang Trat District, is celebrated for its extensive selection of local produce and traditional textiles. Visitors have the opportunity to taste authentic Thai street food, purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, and explore colourful stalls selling handmade textiles and souvenirs, reflecting the rich cultural fabric of the region. This market is a fantastic place for those interested in the culinary and textile shopping in Koh Kood and the surrounding area.

3. KohKood Night Market – Ko Kut District

The KohKood Night Market in the Ko Kut District is a favoured evening spot on Koh Kood. Known for its eclectic mix of handcrafted souvenirs and local delicacies, this market immerses visitors in its lively night atmosphere. Sampling local street food, perusing unique crafts, and mingling with local vendors highlight the vibrant local markets in Koh Kood, offering a genuine taste of island nightlife and culture. The night market is a prime example of the lively shopping in Koh Kood, where the island’s vibrant culture and community come to life after dark.

6. Koh Kood Outdoor Activities


Snorkelling: Koh Kood snorkelling is celebrated for its exceptional spots, particularly around the vibrant Koh Rang National Marine Park. Here, visitors can dive into clear waters to view an impressive array of corals and tropical fish, making it a top choice for underwater exploration & it is one of the best adventure activities in Thailand

Hiking and Waterfalls: The island boasts several stunning waterfalls, with Khlong Chao Waterfall standing out as a must-see. Adventurous travellers can hike to this and other waterfalls like Khlong Yai Kee and Huang Nam Khiao, enjoying Koh Kood’s lush tropical scenery along the way.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding: The island’s calm rivers and extensive mangrove forests are perfect for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding,these are one of the best water sports in Thailand. Many local resorts and guest houses offer rentals, giving guests the freedom to explore the serene waterways at their leisure

7. Exploring Koh Kood: A Cultural and Outdoor Paradise with Essential Health Facilities


Traditional Thai Performances: Visitors to Koh Kood can experience the island’s cultural essence through traditional Thai performances. These events, featuring local music and dance, highlight the beauty and grace of Thai cultural arts, providing guests with a memorable glimpse into the island’s rich traditions.

Local Festivals: Throughout the year, Koh Kood is vibrant with local festivals that celebrate the customs, traditions, and community spirit of the island in Thailand. These festivals are perfect opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in cultural activities, enjoy local cuisine, and participate in traditional ceremonies, enhancing the Koh Kood experience.

Engagement with the Local Community: Engaging with the residents of Koh Kood allows visitors to learn about the local way of life, traditions, and customs firsthand. This interaction not only deepens visitors’ understanding of the island but also enriches their overall travel experience by connecting them with the heart of Koh Kood’s community.

Koh Kood Outdoor Activities: Besides cultural immersion, Koh Kood also offers a plethora of outdoor activities that allow visitors to explore the island’s natural beauty. From jungle trekking to beachside yoga, these activities are an integral part of the Koh Kood experience, reflecting the island’s commitment to promoting health and well-being.

Koh Kood Health Facilities: For those concerned about health and wellness during their stay, Koh Kood ensures visitors have access to necessary Koh kood health facilities, providing peace of mind while they enjoy the cultural and natural splendours of the island.

Travel Tips To Keep In Mind


1. Pack Appropriately: Since Koh Kood is a tropical destination, pack light, breathable clothing, sunscreen, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Also, include swimwear and a good pair of walking shoes for hiking and exploring the island’s natural attractions.

2. Stay Hydrated: The tropical climate can be quite hot and humid, especially if you’re engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or snorkelling. Always carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Respect Local Customs: Koh Kood is rich in culture and tradition. Show respect for local customs and practices, especially when visiting temples or participating in local festivals. Dress modestly in such settings and always ask for permission before taking photos of people.

4. Plan Your Transport: Koh Kood doesn’t have extensive public transportation, so consider renting a scooter or a bicycle to get around the island efficiently. Make sure you have an appropriate licence and are comfortable riding on less developed roads.

5. Try Local Cuisine: Don’t miss out on the local flavours. Koh Kood offers a variety of traditional Thai dishes and fresh seafood that you should definitely try. Visit local markets and street food vendors to experience authentic Thai cuisine at its best.


In wrapping up, Koh Kood Island stands out as a true paradise with its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural offerings. From the serene beaches to the lush waterfalls and vibrant cultural events, Koh Kood promises a memorable getaway for every type of traveller. If you’re planning your trip, remember that the best time to visit Thailand, especially Koh Kood, is from November to February. During these months, the weather is perfect for enjoying all that Koh Kood has to offer. Whether you’re looking for adventure or a peaceful retreat, Koh Kood Island welcomes you to experience its unique charm and create lasting memories.

What is Koh Kood?

Koh Kood is a peaceful island in Thailand known for its pristine beaches, clear waters, and lush, tropical landscapes. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking relaxation, natural beauty, and a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of more tourist-heavy areas.

Where is Koh Kood located?

Koh Kood is located in the Gulf of Thailand, part of Trat Province. It is the easternmost island before the Cambodian border and is the fourth largest island in Thailand.

How do I get to Koh Kood?

To get to Koh Kood, you can take a flight to Trat Airport from Bangkok, followed by a taxi to one of the mainland piers like Laem Sok Pier. From there, you’ll need to catch a ferry or a speedboat to reach the island.

What is the best time of year to visit Koh Kood?

The best time to visit Koh Kood is during the cool and dry season from November to February. During these months, the weather is most favorable for beach activities, exploring the island, and enjoying the natural attractions without the hindrance of rain or excessive heat.

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