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Kostamar Beach Resort, where luxury, comfort and nature dance seamlessly to create a haven for all travelers to Diu. Picture this: As you walk into this iconic beachfront location, you are greeted with warm smiles by the staff who are eager to make sure your stay is unremarkable. 

And oh, the view of the Arabian Sea that greets you is just breathtaking – it looks like a scene straight out of a travel magazine! And let’s talk about the location – Diu itself is a gem with coastal paths to stroll, historic sites to explore and bustling local markets to indulge in. 

The resort also offers guided tours so you can really experience all the wonders this fascinating island has to offer.

Overview of the Kostamar Beach Resort

Overview of the Kostamar Beach Resort

Overview of the Kostamar Beach Resort

The Kostamar Beach Resort is like a magical space where natural beauty dances with opulence to give you an unforgettable experience. Located near the pristine Arabian Sea, the resort offers some of the most spectacular marine scenery ever created. Imagine waking up to the gentle music of the waves kissing the shore and watching a stunning sunrise paint the sky in orange and pink

The architecture of this paradise blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, with strategically placed buildings adopting stylish and modern designs that harmonize perfectly with the lush green spaces, and it creates a sense of privacy and tranquility. Each room and room has large windows and a private balcony allowing guests to take in all the beauty that surrounds them.

The gardens at Kostamar Beach Resort are equally beautiful, filled with colorful flowers, swaying palm trees and manicured greenery. Tucked away in this verdant paradise, the Garden Café is a dreamy place to sample food surrounded by majestic nature.

As night falls, the resort undergoes a magical transformation – softly lit corridors and fluorescent lamps create an inviting atmosphere The soothing sounds of Ocean waves and cool breezes create a peaceful atmosphere is huge, making it an ideal place to relax after a full day of exploring or enjoy the resort’s many offerings

What is the best time for Kostamar Beach Resort?

What is the best time for Kostamar Beach Resort

What is the best time for Kostamar Beach Resort

The Best Time for Kostamar Beach Resort, in Diu is from October to March. The weather is perfect during this time, neither too hot nor too cold, ranging from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). It is also the best time to travel to Diu so its better to time your travel during this tseason. 

Gentle breezes coming off the Arabian Sea add to the attractions, making it an ideal place for beach fun and outdoor adventure, away from the scorching heat These months are also dry, which means little to no rainfall can be expected. 

Blue skies and sunny days are a boon to enjoy the resort’s outdoor amenities such as the infinity pool, secluded beach areas and water activities Also, visit Diu this season and soak in the vibrant festive atmosphere. One of the highlights of Kostamar Beach Resort Hotel Diu is the Diu Festival, usually held in December, where you can enjoy the local culture through music, dance and festivities.

The months of June to September are also an interesting time to explore this Kostamar Beach Resort Hotel Diu. Immerse yourself in the rainy season from June to September, that brings lots of rain and scorching heat, but magically transforms the surroundings into a living emerald paradise. 

You can embrace the rainy weather and the occasional downpour and experience a unique beauty and tranquility during your visit this time.

Accommodation options of Kostamar Beach Resorts

Accommodation options of Kostamar Beach Resorts

Accommodation options of Kostamar Beach Resorts

One of the great things about stay in Kostamar Beach Resort is their room at Kostamar Beach Resort is that their views are absolutely amazing. Each room has a private balcony or terrace that gives you a front seat with breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. 

Imagine waking up to the sun reflecting over the sea goldening the water, or enjoying a sunset while relaxing in the evening The soothing sound of waves and refreshing sea breezes add to the tranquil atmosphere again.

The bathrooms have been designed with exquisite care in every detail, showcasing contemporary fixtures, spacious layouts and high quality bath amenities. Rain showers and deep soaking tubs provide a spa-like experience, ideal for relaxing after a day out or relaxing on the beach. The intricate designs and luxurious fixtures used in these bathrooms reflect the meticulous attention to detail that is evident throughout this resort.

In addition to providing a luxury experience, the resort prioritizes sustainability. During your Stay in Kostamar Beach Resort you will get to enjoy rooms that features energy-efficient lighting, water-efficient appliances and sustainable materials. This means you can enjoy your stay knowing that your comfort is perfectly balanced with environmental considerations.

Dining options in Kostamar Beach Resort

Dining options in Kostamar Beach Resort

Dining options in Kostamar Beach Resort

Kostamar Beach Resort cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring that every meal is an enjoyable experience. Let’s dive into the offerings: 

Seaside Grill stands out as the resort’s flagship restaurant, known for its fresh seafood selection and stunning ocean views. Here you can sample a variety of dishes made with the freshest catch of the day, from succulent grilled fish to sumptuous seafood.

For a more relaxing experience, make your way to the Sunset Lounge. This alfresco bar offers the perfect atmosphere to relax with a cocktail in hand while watching the beautiful sunset over the horizon. 

The menu includes a variety of snacks and appetizers, ideal for sharing with friends or before dinner. The comfortable seating and cozy space make it a popular spot for guests to relax and mingle. 

Tucked away amongst the resort’s green gardens is the Garden Café, which provides a tranquil backdrop for dining in natural beauty The Café offers a wide selection of international dishes, from hearty breakfasts to hearty dinners on. Whether he prefers fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, or local specialties, the Garden Café has something to please everyone. 

Don’t miss the Beachside Barbecue experience for a unique dining affair. Located directly on a sandy beach, this restaurant offers you the ability to enjoy a delicious barbecue under a starlit sky with the waves providing rhythmic music in the background while guests can choose from a variety of meats, seafood, and roasted vegetables—all cooked to perfection. This is a fun way to spend an evening with loved ones or friends enjoying a delicious meal in good company.

What are the activities and amenities of Kostamar Beach Resort?

What are the activities and amenities of Kostamar Beach Resort

What are the activities and amenities of Kostamar Beach Resort

Hotel Kostamar Beach Resort offers guests a variety of activities and amenities carefully designed to provide the perfect blend of relaxation and pleasure: 

Activities you can enjoy here are:

Participation in activities Indulge in water sport.

Relax by the Infinity Pool

Embrace yoga and wellness. 

Enjoy a visit to the beach

Take a local tour.

There are also multiple water activities in Diu that you can enjoy and some of them are in Kostamar Beach Resort. 



Beautiful offerings Luxurious accommodations await.

Culinary delights at your fingertips

Pamper yourself with spa services 

Stay at the Fitness Center 

Fun for Young Guests at Kids Club

Find the best venues and services.

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What are the local attractions near Kostamar Beach Resort Diu, India?

Some of the best local attractions in Diu that you can enjoy near Kostamar Beach Resort Hotel Diu are:

  1. Diu Fort
  2. Naida Caves
  3. St. Paul’s Church
  4. Jallandhar Beach
  5. INS Khukri Memorial
  6. Gangeshwar Temple
  7. Nagoa Beach
  8. Zampa Gateway
  9. Diu Museum
  10. Ghoghla Beach

.What amenities does Kostamar Beach Resort offer?

This beach resort have a lot of amenities such as comfortable rooms, excellent room service, swimming pool and many more. 

Is Kostamar Beach Resort family-friendly?

 Yes Kostamar BEach Resort is family-friendly.

Does Kostamar Beach Resort cater to special dietary requirements?

 Yes they do cater to special dietary needs.

What nearby attractions and activities are available around Kostamar Beach Resort?

There are a lot of nearby attractions such as Diu Fort, Nadia Caves, Jalandhar beach and many more. 

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