Kuramathi Island Maldives: The Island Jewel Of The Indian Ocean!

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Maldives an all-time holiday destination has a special priority for all kinds of tourists due to its hushed natural elegance. From newlywed couples to families craving adventure, Maldives holiday packages offer no less to any of its visitors.

With the allure of island-picking options, one that needs sounding attention is Kuramathi Island Maldives. From renowned celebrities to touring guides never miss out on Kuramathi Islands to add it to the best resorts to stay in Maldives. 

But why Maldives Kuramathi Island is that famous? What does it offer to its visitors? The best time to visit Kuramathi, find the answers to these questions and more below as we delve into the insights of Kuramathi Island Maldives.

About Maldives Kuramathi Island


Maldives Kuramathi Islands is a most attractive island which is a part of Alif Alif Atoll. This atoll is especially known as Karaa or Thoddoo in the local Divehi language. The speciality of Kuramathi is that it is the largest of six islands in this Thoddoo islands with an inhabitable area extended over 2 kilometres long.

This place offers you a varied range of villas, a plethora of world-class dining options, and various facilities at your fingertips. As most of these villas are surrounded by the lush gardens around the serene Indian ocean waters it is truly an untouched magical experience to stay in Kuramathi Islands.

How To Reach Kuramathi Island Resorts


By sweetly settling in Rasdhoo Atoll, Kuramathi Island Resorts is around 56 kilometres west of the capital city of Maldives. It welcomes all the tourists with a warm welcome in Maldivian style. To reach this beautiful island resort you first need to reach the Male airport which is Velena International Airport, from there, you have 2 options to pick from according to your budget.

​First is the seaplane transfer which takes around 20 minutes of joyous ride across the tranquillising Indian Ocean waters. This ride costs you around $300-$500 per head unless you opt for a free seaplane transfer during your stay. Mostly, only high-class staycation options get this choice. If you are booking on your own, you need to reach the local guiding offices to affix your seaplane schedule. 

Next is speed boat transfer which can take around 90 minutes to 120 minutes of ride with a price ranging from around $150 to $250 per head. Travelling time can slightly vary along with the weather in both cases. Keep a check on your luggage as seaplane transfers have luggage restrictions and make sure to opt for insurance to avoid the aforementioned circumstances of flight cancellation to get your full refund.

Weather On Maldives Kuramathi Island


Maldives Kuramathi Island offers a tropical climate with 2 distinct seasons: The wet one from May to October, where you can feel the occasional shower, strong winds and a soothing environment. This period offers more chances to observe vibrant marine life and also water activities with loaded extra thrill. 

The next is the dry season begins in November and ends in April. This dry season offers a very composed climate with clear skies, calm beaches and very little rainfall making it suitable for any kind of activities for tourists. You can witness the highest rainfall from the last week of September to the last week of October. The highest rainfall typically occurs from the last week of September to the last week of October. May is the hottest month, while June is relatively milder in terms of temperature.

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Best Time To Visit Maldives Kuramathi Island


The best time to visit this tropical island depends on the tourist’s interest in what they want to enjoy. If they want to have a showering experience wet season preferably in September or October. But due to harsh weather conditions, most of the time the water activities and seaplane transfers get cancelled, but you have a very unique visual experience with the rains around the lagoon.

To enjoy in full potential with all activities pick the dry season trip. Considering the holiday peak season it is busy during the months of December and January, so it is ideal to plan between February to April third week. You can also stay economical during this shoulder season as tourist footfall is a bit low.

Kuramathi Island Villas Types

Kuramathi Island Resorts offers a diverse range of stay options for its guests. Here are the list of Kuramathi Island villas you can choose from:

1. Kuramathi Island Resort Beach Villa


Kuramathi Island Resort Beach villas offer direct access to the private beaches allowing its visitors to enjoy the direct touch with the oceanic waters. You can enjoy the sunbath sessions, with the oceanic breeze all across the spacious interiors and outdoor sit-out with a multitude of dining options. You can enjoy poolside breakfast amidst the marine life sighting.

2. Kuramathi Island Special Water Villa


Kuramathi Special Water Villa is nestled over the oceanic water of Maldives. These stay options provide a panoramic view all across. Within the villa, guests can enjoy access to the private deck which is especially used for sunbathing and nighttime star gazing. The private pool gives a glimpse of the infinity pool and can be followed by snorkelling sessions back to the villa stay.

3. Kuramathi Island Garden Villas


Kuramathi Island garden villas are specially designed to enjoy the tropical breeze amidst the lush gardens. Your stay viewpoints are filled with gardens on one end and the oceanic waters on the other end. They are spacious and amenity-filled with lots of fun activities. You can play beach games, water activities and cycle all across the coconut farms and shrubs.

4. Kuramathi Island Pool Villas


If you are looking for high-class privacy coupled with luxury, pool villas of Kuramathi islands are the best options. Here you can indulge in private plunge pools and enjoy the snorkelling activities at your deck and also have the open-air bath with complimentary food throughout your stay. Choosing pool villas and enjoying all the aspects is one of the most romantic things to do in the Maldives.

5. Kuramathi Island Delux Beach Villas


Kuramathi Island Resorts with deluxe villas are the interim of beachfront living with modern amenities. They not only offer a premium stay experience but also have luxurious furnishing along with spacious rooms. At the elevated heights, they are best for star gazing at night and also have a private pool and jacuzzi to enjoy throughout the day.

Top Resorts & Spa Kuramathi Island Speciality


Top resorts & spa Kuramathi Island comes with exceptional services for its visitors. By lying at the heart of the island amidst the lush gardens with oceanic backdrop it offers around 13 treatment rooms and a private deck for couples.

There is also a pavilion massage care adjacent to the tatami rooms to help with rejuvenation. There is also a manicure and pedicure room alongside 7 beach-side treatment rooms. Herbal and the meditation room are the major attractions as it includes the Maldivan style spa treatment followed by a 15-minute meditation session which is a clear relaxation for body and soul.

Finnish Sauna, Cool dip pool, Hydro Jacuzzi and an essential oil bath make your skin nourish and finally, you will be served with herbal tea to produce antioxidants inside the body.

Hotels Near Kuramathi Island Resort

Here is the list of Indian hotels near Kuramathi Island Resort:

1. Tandoor Mahal


Tandoor Mahal is the best Indian hotel on Kuramathi Island. This lies in between the lush gardens and offers a chance for all its visitors to have a taste of traditional cooking methods.

You can get access to indigenous culinary like rice, biryani, dal, and curries. Not only you can eat Indian but there is also a cultural mix of international food that operates from night 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

2. Siam Garden

Simply Maldives

If you are looking to taste Thai food Siam Garden Hotel in Kuramathi Island offers you the most authentic flavours. This place has the best view of the ocean with all the international taste access at your platter.

3. The Island Barbeque


Island Barbeque offers its visitors the luscious grilled delights under the stars. If you are looking for the taste of seafood, and flavourful veggies made by the best chefs this place is the most apt one. 

You can also opt for the candlelight experience near the beach under the backdrop of Kuramathi Island.

Things To Do In Kuramathi Island


According to the interests and desires of its visitors, Kuramathi Islands offers various activities to have full-on fun on their trip to Maldives. Snorkelling activities at the oceanic beach, deep diving at Kuramathi diving point, lagoon watch, dolphin sighting, and water sports, are the top things to do on this island.

For relaxation you must opt for spa services and also meditation sessions. In leisure, you can try cycling and Island hopping to explore various indigenous cultures and at night you can try fighting activities with local fishermen and if lucky you can even spot glowing phytoplankton on oceanic waters.

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How many restaurants are there in Kuramathi?

Kuramathi Island has a total of 12 restaurants with international dining options.

Where is Kuramathi located?

Kuramathi Island is located at Rasdhoo Atoll In the Indian Ocean, 56 km from the west of the capital city of Maldives.

Who is the owner of Kuramathi?

Md Omar Ali is the owner of Kuramathi Islands. This Island now comes under the management of Universal Resorts company popular in managing various resorts in Maldives.

Where is Kuramathi located?

Kuramathi Island is located at Rasdhoo Atoll In the Indian Ocean, 56 km from the west of the capital city of Maldives.

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