La Mer Restaurant: Foodie’s Paradise in Dubai’s Jumeirah 1

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La Mer Restaurant in Dubai is a vibrant setting on the beachfront with a proper fusion of dining, entertainment and the leisure experience. This place with these diverse amenities is a sure-shot addition to your Dubai package if you are on your quest to explore the Dubai culinary mix. 

With distinguished taste and quality, this place never fails to impress its visitors to leave with a note of satisfaction. The price range is also considered to be the luring factor which is of a medium level in places like Dubai. So, let’s check why La Mer Restaurant can be your immediate choice to try, it’s menu options, pricing and also the best places to visit in Dubai near La Mer Restaurant.

About La Mer Restaurant In Dubai


La Mer Restaurant in Dubai is a unique setting with a top-class dining experience amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Gulf. This restaurant rests in the vibrant La Mer beachfront development and is revered to be the perfect dining place for both business and casual dining. The best thing about La Mer Restaurant is that this place offers a wide array of dishes with a strong hold on fresh seafood coupled with Mediterranean flavours.

There is also a customizing option for the International culinary scenes and with due luscious taste you can enjoy the serene food setting in every bite. There is a spacious terrace that offers panoramic vistas of seawater with a cool breeze, which can make your dining experience more poise. The services provided by the La Mer Restaurant staff are definitely praise-worthy and to compliment your dining experience there are periodic live events coupled with the relaxing live entertainment.

How To Reach La Mer Restaurant In Dubai


La Mer Restaurant in Dubai is located on the La Mer beachfront. To reach this place you need to drive or book a taxi to Jumeriah 1, which can be easily accessible via Jumeriah Street (D 94) or Al Wasl Road. If you want to reach via bus you can choose numbers 8, 9, 88  which is at a walkable distance from the La Mer Restaurant. This place has free valet parking, you can find this parking spot right after you reach the North Beach Section. There are sign boards all across as is it famous for being one of the best restaurants in Dubai to try.

La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu


Here are the La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu details:

Starters La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu

  • Seafood Platter: This is an assortment of freshly caught seafood like oysters, shrimps and crabs in a grilled and baked taste.
  • Mediterranean Mezze: This starter is a segment of the hummus, baba ganoush and the popular tabbouleh served on pita bread.
  • Calamari Fritti: Fritti has a fried taste with a zesty lemon aioli all mixed.

Maincouse La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu

Here are the top main-course items on La Mer Restaurant Dubai menu:

  • Grilled Seabass: This item is served with roasted vegetables and lemon herb sauce in a bowled style.
  • Lobster Termidor:  Here lobster is baked in a creamy textured mustard sauce and is served with the mashed garlic and the crispy potatoes.
  • Mediterranean Pasta: This pasta is a luscious treatment of the sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, basil and the olives duped in the olive oil sauce for an amazing taste.

Desserts La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu

  • Tiramisu: This is an Italian-styled dessert with the special layers of the mascarpone, coffee-soaked ladyfingers and cocoa.
  • Baklava: Considered to be one of the best dessert styles in Dubai with nuts and honey.
  • Mango Sorbet: This dessert is a refreshing sorbet made from freshly ripened organic mangoes.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy the beverage segment which comes with diverse options along with your choice of selection.

Famous Dishes At La Mer Restaurant

Here are the famous dishes at La Mer Restaurant, not to miss when you visit this place:

1. Octopus Carpaccio


Octopus Carpaccio is considered to be one of the lip-smacking foods in Dubai for its special taste and appeal. Here a thinly sliced freshly caught octopus is drizzled in olive oil, lemon zest and capers. This is a proper blend of the authentic flavours and the seafood aficionados.

2. Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese


With its luxurious twist on classical foods, here tender lobster is served in chunks and cheese sauce. It is revered to be one of the famous dishes at La Mer Restaurant for its truffle-infused flavour.

Top Dishes At La Mer Restaurant For Dinner

Here are the top dishes at La Mer Restaurant for dinner to try;

1. Black Ink Risotto


This cuisine has a rich texture which creates a sense of hunger to eat right after seeing it. With the squid ink, umami flavour and the mix of seafood flavouring this is one of the top dishes at La Mer Restaurant for dinner to be considered.

2. Porter House With Black Tiger


This is one of the top dishes at La Mer Restaurant in the list of Chef’s specials. Here porterhouse steak has a thick cut and induced with the blacktiger shimp creating a rich texture and taste after cooking

La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu Prices

Here is the clear list of La Mer Restaurant Dubai menu prices:

La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu Prices For Starters

Starters at La Mer Restaurant can range from AED 30 – AED 60 depending on the items you pick like soups to the grilled chicken salads.

La Mer Restaurant Dubai Menu Prices For Main-Course

Medium level budget for the main course items like lasagna is around AED 69 and the chef’s special items like summer refresher, Mozirolla Heirloom Focaccia is in the range of AED 55- AED 115.

Beverages are in the range of AED 10 – AED 75 per pint. Desserts of your favourite choice can reach around $8 – $35 per serving.

Best Restaurant To Visit Near La Mer Restaurant In Dubai


Here is the best restaurant to visit neat La Mer Restaurant in Dubai:

  1. Pierchic: Pierchic Dubai is the overwater restaurant best in a class of seafood and the panoramic vistas rest in the Arabian Gulf in the vicinity of La Mer Restaurant.
  1. Zengo: This is an Asian-styled restaurant with an intermix of American cuisine and offers a trendy atmosphere within a short drive from La Mer.

Best Time To Visit La Mer Restaurant Dubai

The best time to visit La Mer Restaurant Dubai is on the weekdays during off-peak hours like Mid-Morning or the Mid-Afternoon, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you want to enjoy the evening setting you can visit from 6:00 PM onwards. Reserve a table prior to avoid the serpentine crowds and customizations.

Places To Visit Near La Mer Restaurant


Here are the top places to visit near La Mer Restaurant:

  • Dubai Water Canal: Within a short ride you can enjoy the Dubai Water Canal which has the best waterfront vistas.
  • Boxpark: This is just adjacent to the La Mer Restaurant and is considered to be one of the best places for shopping in Dubai with a diverse range of outdoor retailing.                    

What types of cuisine are available at La Mer?

You can enjoy a diverse range of seafood, Mediterranean, Asian and international food with various preferences.

Where is La Mer Restaurant located?

La Mer Restaurant is located at the Jumeirah 1 complex at Al Wasl Road.

Why La Mer restaurants are closed?

Previously La Mer Restaurants were closed the reasons for Maintenance, renovations and compliance with the Dubai rules. 

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