La Petite Maison: A Tasty Haven In Dubai’s Gate Village!

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If there is some place that promises we will never get bored even after visiting many times, that that place is none other than Dubai! This desert jewel wins the hearts of its tourists all the time, so the bookings for the Dubai Trip Package never bear down. One thing that is always highlighted in any Dubai trip is its cuisine mix. 

With various options like cafes, Indian Restaurants In Dubai and also International referred options, no time is enough to explore all. So, in the shortlist, one place to be highlighted and to be visited is La Petite Mansion Dubai. This place has a unique mix of French and Mediterranean styling, which enhances your taste in every bite. 

Let’s check why to picked this restaurant, the best time to visit La Petite Mansion, famous dishes and also know how to reach La Petite Mansion. 

La Petite Maison Address & How To Reach It


La Petite Maison address can be easily located at Gate Village No.8, DIFC, Dubai. This amazing destination for food is coupled with the sophisticated French-Mediterranean styling in the Dubai streets central. You can easily visit La Petite Maison via the metro by reaching the nearest station named Financial Centre on the Redline and then have a decent walk for 10 minutes. 

Other viable options are by taking the bus route, F11 and the X28 where you can get down at a distance of 100 metres. If you own a private vehicle or a car, enter directly into the DIFC area and enjoy the free valet services by heading into La Petite Maison.

La Petite Maison Restaurant Timings

The first thing you need to observe while visiting La Petite Maison restaurant is its timings and the food schedules. On usual days La Petite Maison will be open from 12:00 PM in the afternoon and closes after the lunch session by 3:30 PM. For dinner, it will again be open by 6:00 PM and lasts till 01:00 AM. These timings can vary depending on the functions and special events in Dubai. 

La Petite Maison Dubai Menu

The diversified La Petite Maison Dubai menu is one of the finest reasons this place is listed as one of the top restaurants in Dubai. Here are the top items to try section-wise:

La Petite Maison Starters Menu

  1. Burrata With Tomatoes & Basil: This is a creamy-toned burrata served with fresh veggies including tomato flavouring and basil. 
  2. Lentil Salad: Salads in La Petite are refreshing and have a unique taste of lentils, tangy dressings and also fresh vegetables.
  3. Carpaccio Of Yellowtail With Olives: These are delicate slices of the Yellowtail with a special olive touch, diced with pine nuts and a touch of red and green chillies.

Main course Of La Petite Maison Menu

  1. Whole Sea Bream: This is basically a baked bream diced with herbs and infused with aromatic essence for a special taste.
  2. Marinated Lamb Cutlet: This dish consists of the tender lamb which is further marinated and served with the touch of olives and the aubergine caviar.
  3. Griffed Sirloin: This special dish has a juicy taste with the sirloin steak and is accompanied by flavourful sauces like peppercorn.

Desserts Of La Petite Maison Menu

  1. Creme Brulee: This is a classic French dessert with a sugar crust for a caramelized flavour. 
  2. Vanilla Cheesecake: This dessert has a creamy tone of vanilla served with an extra scoop. 

La Petite Maison in Dubai Price List

La Petite Maison in Dubai price list varies along with the items you pick, here is the basic price list for the standard items, that are subject to change along with the availability and the customizations. Starters can range anything around AED 70-AED 120 per serve, Maincouse can be around AED 120-AED 300 and the desserts will be around AED 50-AED 100.

Famous Dishes At La Petite Maison

Here are a few famous dishes at La Petite Maison:

1. Nicoise Salad


Nicoise Salad is considered to be one of the lip-smacking foods of Dubai with a classic French finish. This salad has an addition of Tuna, anchovies, green beans, potatoes and farm eggs.

2. Lamb A La Provencale

Source: diplomatickitchen

This is one of the famous dishes at La Petite Maison restaurant. This is specially cooked with the provencal herbs, garlic,  olives and also the essential flavourings. The dish itself has an aroma that can activate your taste senses and is a must-try edition.

Best Time To Visit La Petite Maison

The best time to visit La Petite Maison is during the early lunch hours that is from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM and for dinner, you can reach by 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM to faceless crowd and enjoy the live music at its best. Always make sure to reserve your table prior to not taking a chance of missing out. 

Best Restaurant To Visit Near La Petite Maison

Here is the best restaurant to visit near La Petite Maison:

Source: The Eat Blog
  1. La Mer: La Mer Restaurant in Dubai offers a beachfront experience without compromising on quality and ambience.
  2. Zuma Restaurant: Located in the vicinity of La Petite Maison this is a Japanese-styled restaurant to have a taste at.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code for la petite maison in Dubai?

You need to dress smart and casual. Wet clothes and designs that hurt religious symbols are not entertained here.

When did LPM open in Dubai?

LPM in Dubai is established in the year 2010 in DIFC

What is La Petite maison?

La Petite Maison is an amalgamation of French-Mediterranean styling in restaurant set-up and is known for its exquisite menu and services.

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