Labuan Bajo: Let’s Explore the land of Komodo Dragons

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How about we tell you that at a single destination, you can enjoy the pristine beaches, visit a national park, spend a day at the least visited Islands, be mesmerized by the amazing waterfalls, intrigued by the caves with magical natural powers, and explore the underwater world?

All this is possible at Labuan Bajo City in Bali Indonesia. 

Labuan Bajo is a small quaint town on the Island of Flores in the  East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. This city is widely recognized as the gateway to the world of Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest endangered Lizard, and the Komodo National Park. 

Over the years Labuan Bajo has garnered tourist’s attention due to its stunning and uniquely colored shoreline, vibrant coral reefs, and dramatic sunsets. This fishing town offers a tantalizing glimpse into the extraordinary destination of Indonesia.

Whether you’re seeking encounters with the endangered and fierce Komodo dragons, diving into vibrant coral reefs, snorkeling along the manta Rays, trekking to sunset hills,  finding the rare phenomena behind the illuminating caves, or just simply soaking in the laid-back charm of island life, Labuan Bajo promises an unforgettable escape for every tourist into nature lap.

Bali Tour Packages takes you through the Labuan Bajo landscapes where you will fall in love with the striking beauty of the city. 

Things to Do in Labuan Bajo


One of the ultimate things to do in Labuan Bajo is to have an unforgettable experience of the Indonesian Hidden Gem.

  • Visit Komoda Dragon National Park

Your visit to Labuan Bajo cannot be considered complete if you have missed the chance to take a day trip to Komodo Dragon National Park. 

Komodo Island and Rinca Island in Bali together form the national park and have a huge population of endangered and fierce Komodo Dragons.

The sheer size and huge body of the Komodo Dragons will leave you in awe of this majestic wildlife species. Your first encounter with the giant lizard will surely be a frightful experience. 

A pro tip for the trip to the National Park is not to attempt to visit the area without a professional guide as they best know the spots to locate the Komodo dragons and how to protect yourself when encountered by the species. The guide will explain all the fascinating facts about the creature. 

  • Swim with giant Manta Rays

The Manta Point in the Labuan Bajo is a world-renowned destination for scuba diving and snorkeling with the Manta Rays. At this point in Labuan Bajo tourists can witness the huge population of Manta Rays in their natural habitat. 

Manta Point is a dream place to visit and the ultimate thing to dive along with the Manta Rays and watch them play with the virgin waters of the secluded island. 

There are several professional tours available that let the tourists experience unforgettable snorkeling, Surf in Bali beaches  and sea diving into the sea. Unless you are an experienced diver do not attempt to undertake the adventure activities without the guidance of a professional. 

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  • Head to Pink Beach

This beach with its unique shore color is an Instagrammable beach of Bali. With the hues of pink-tinted sands, this beach is on the bucket list of most tourists traveling to Labuan Bajo Bali in Indonesia. 

The beach gets its unique color from the coral insect foraminifera. These creatures are characterized by their stark red shells, contributing to the brilliant pink hue of the beaches. Blending with a mix of coral, shells, and calcium carbonate matter, it creates a uniquely beautiful color of the sand.

The best time to visit the beach is at sunset when the sun’s rays sparkle at the pink color and create a wondrous site as if the world is painted in the hues of pink.

  • Witness the sinking sun at Sunset Hill 

A particularly celebrated hill called Sunset Hill is the best place to visit to see the drowning sun. This hill offers a picture-perfect view of the setting sun into the sea. 

The view gives a sense as if the giant sea is gulping the Sun as viewed from Sunset Hill.

To watch the amazing view of the sunset hike up to the hill, the top of the hill presents you with a great view of the cluster of Islands over the distance. 

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  • Participate in Caci Dance

This is especially for tourists who are connoisseurs of the traditional culture and dances of Bali

Caci is the most heroic dance of the Manggarai tribe, in West Flores Indonesia that is performed during cultural festivals and traditional ceremonies. 

The dance is a type of war dance that is performed by two men.  During the dance performance, the men hit each other by using a whip called Larik, while the dance is performed. The major moral message of this dance is solidarity, togetherness, and friendship symbol.

When in Labuan Bajo engage in this fun thing to do and experience the culture of the far-flung region. 

Best Places To Visit In Labuan Bajo

Must visit places of Labuan Bajo to give an extraordinary element to your vacation.

  • Batu Cermin (Mirror Cave)

Batu Cermin cave is the best place to visit in Labuan Bajo Bali in Indonesia to experience the natural astonishing phenomena and wonders of nature. 

Sunrays enter the cave through a bleak hole, reflect onto the rocks enclosing the cave, and then these flights reflect on the other areas and walls illuminating the cave and creating a cave-like mirror hence the cave is also known as the mirror cave. 

Located just four kilometers from the Labuan Bajo city this place can be best explored with a guide who explains this rare phenomenon and guide you through the dark cave area. 

  • Padar Island

Visiting Labuan Bajo? 

Then we recommend you to put a visit to the Padar Island near Bali in your travel itinerary. 

Padar Island is a part of the cluster of islands that surrounds the Komodo National Park. 

This small and least inhabitant Island has an incredible landscape, quaint beach, sparkling clear water, and breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding forest. 

This must-visit place in Labuan Bajo is a 2-3 hours boat ride from the city. The best thing to do when visiting Padar Island is to take a hiking trail up to the top of the Island which is around 45 minutes and reward yourself with the awe-inspiring views of the turquoise water. The hike is not difficult but is surely rewarding in the end.

This tranquil island is perfect for a scuba diving adventure to explore the untouched beauty of coral reefs and marine life. 

The stunning sunset which converts the island into a beautiful array of colors is the bonus memorable experience at the Padar Island. 

  • Cunca Wulang Waterfall

The stunning turquoise blue waterfall will take your whole day as you would not want to leave the place without completely immersing yourself in the surreal beauty of the waterfall. Visiting Canca Wulang Waterfall is the ultimate thing to do in Labuan Bajo Bali. 

Located 30 km from fishing village in Bali Labuan Bajo it will take an hour time of ride to reach and locate the majestic waterfall and then a 20-minute hike to reach the waterfall. The aesthetic rock formations around the waterfall will take you to the landscape of the Grand Canyon of Arizona, America.

Located 200 meters above sea level, the water falls through the gaps in the rocks. You can have a relaxing swim in the waterfall just sit by the turquoise water with your toes dipped into refreshing water or test your adrenaline by jumping off the four-meter-high cliff into the water.

There are no Bali restaurants and shops near the waterfall so carry your snacks and water to keep you hydrated. 

Best time to visit Labuan Bajo


March to August is considered the best time to visit Labuan Bajo Indonesia. The weather during this time is sunny and is ideal for soaking up at the beaches, hiking to the islands and mountains, and exploring the surroundings. 

From March to August the skies are clear with sparkling blue water that creates an ideal background for stunning Instagrammable images. 

Labuan Bajo being a Komodo dragon natural habitant, May to August is the mating season for Komodao Dragons. For wildlife enthusiasts, this is the perfect time to witness populations of Komodo dragons in the sanctuary. 

Tourists who love to indulge in some thrilling adventure activities can plan their visit to Labuan Bajo from October to December. The sea is calm with low tides which are suitable for snorkeling and diving activities. During this time the coral reef and marine life create a breathtaking and vibrant colourful scenery underwater and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the underwater world. 

The high number of tourists time to visit the island is during Christmas and New Year, during this time of the year the hotels and other accommodations are at their peak prices, and also all the places to visit are crowded hence your chance to enjoy the place to your self will be impossible. 

Places to Eat in Labuan Bajo


Labuan Bajo Fish Market

This market is a paradise for seafood lovers. The fish market in Labuan Bajo has a long queue of food stalls that sell the day’s catch. The restaurants at the fish market even prepared the most delectable dishes from the fresh catch from the sea. 

The market is located along the seafront of Labuan Bajo on the outskirts of Labuan Bajo. The food here is authentic and delicious and tourists here can spot the visitors alike in search of the flavours of Labuan Bajo

Tourists just need to select the fish or the sea animals that they would like to taste and the dish of their choice. 

Tourists at the fish market can try a local Indonesian dish called ‘martabak.‘ It is like a pancake, influenced by Arabian, Indian, and Egyptian foods of the same style.

Le Resto

This restaurant is situated at the Dragon Dive Komodo Hotel. Le Resto is well recognized among tourists as this place offers delicious homemade bread and cakes and French-inspired dishes. 

This open-air restaurant is adorned with a unique dragon decor that proudly flaunts the attraction of the region, the Komodo Dragon. 

The wide range of beverages and cocktails along with the Acai bowls are the top sellers of the restaurant.

How to reach Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo the entry port to the Komodo National Park is accessible by air, land, and waterways. 

Air: The Nearest airport to the Labuan Bajo Island is the Komodo Airport. This airport is connected to all the airports of Indonesia. Several transfer options are available from the airport to the main city. 

Land: The land trip to Labuan Bajo is possible but this trip will take a lot of your time and is also costly as compared to the option of reaching here by flight.

sea: if you are not in a hurry to reach Labuan Bajo then you can try the ferry to reach here. This way to reach the destination is fun and adventurous. The ferry to Labuan Bajo takes nearly 3 nights and 4 days and will take you through Lombok and Sumbawa islands before finally reaching Labuan Bajo. 

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Why is Labuan Bajo famous?

The fishing village located in Flores Island, Indonesia is well known for being the one and only Komodo Dragon National Park in the world. This tourist attraction is visited by adventure enthusiasts all over the world for hiking up to the island for the resplendent sunset, snorkeling, and diving through the coral reef and in the habitat of Manta rays, and of course to catch a glimpse of the exotic and endangered Komodo Dragons. 

Is Labuan Bajo in Bali worth visiting?

The beauty of under the sea at the Labuan Bajo makes the visit to this small island worth every penny and time spent here. This gateway to Komodo Dragon National Park and the other tiny pristine islands, snorkeling and diving underwater, majestic sunsets, and fascinating caves create an offbeat experience for Labuan Bajo island.

Are there any cultural festivals or events held in Labuan Bajo City?

Labuan Bajo hosts several cultural events and fests throughout the year to attract more and more tourists to the island. One of the main festivals of the island is the Labuan Bajo festival which is held annually and showcases the traditional dance, music, and culture of the Flores to the tourists letting them have a chance to explore the rich heritage of the region. Indulging in the culinary delight is the main attraction of the festival.

What is the best way to explore Labuan Bajo City for first-time visitors?

The best way to get around and explore this hidden gem for first-time visitors is with a guide and a car with a driver to take you to the hidden places of the island. It is advised to arrange all the bookings well in advance and not to get involved with the hoarders who throng you at the airport with their fake promises of getting around the city with huge tariffs. 

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