Lac Village; The 700-Year-Old Thai Settlement in Vietnam

 In Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for its unique and offbeat travel destinations like Lac Village, Haiphong, and many other places. It is a popular South Asian country known for its happening city life, beautiful beaches, ancient Buddhist Pagodas, and pristine rivers. 

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What is the history of Lac Village Vietnam?

This village in Vietnam is 700 years old and is home to a black Thai ethnic group with 5 families: Ha, Vi, Lo, Mac, and Loc. The village is located in Chiang Mai Commune in Mai Chau District, 140 Km northwest of Hoa Binh City in Vietnam. 

Lac Village is known as a “bright spot” on Vietnam’s map. Earlier the Lac Village was not open to tourists but in 1993, DPC in Mai Chau proposal, the Hoa Binh province allowed tourists to stay in the village overnight. 

Lac Village Travel Guide 2024


Picture this, you are traveling to a bustling metropolis in Vietnam and after a long and tiring drive, you transition from an upbeat place to a humble rural set-up. 

This charming land oozing with local crafts, tradition, and a fusion of Thai and Vietnamese culture is an untouched gem close to the capital city of Hanoi.

When you enter the Lac Village Mai Chau Vietnam, you are transcended to lush green valleys filled with paddy fields dotted with stilt huts made with thatched roofs and wooden walls.  

Previously, the livelihood of the people in Lac Village was rice farming and weaving brocade fabric. Of late, the tables have turned, and this ethnic hub has become a major tourist destination and one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

With the increase in tourism in Hanoi and Mai Chau, and several tourists wanting to explore and experience the rural village life, villagers of the Lac Village have renovated and converted portions of their residences to homestays and hotels. 

Currently, 25 stilt houses have been converted into hotels. A fascinating fact about these hotels is that all of these hotels are numbered from 01-25. 

What are the best Things to do in Lac Village?

  • Indulge in the rustic beauty: Lac Village is known for its virgin beauty, subtle mountains, and carpet-like greenery sprawled over the entire landscape. 

You can visit the serene surroundings of the village and relax amidst the natural beauty of this ancient village.

  • Visit local Brocade weaving centers: The handicraft industry in Lac Village is renowned for its finesse and quality. Brocade fabric, specifically, is a must-buy from Lac Village in Vietnam. 

You can take a look at how meticulously the men and women of the village prepared the woven brocade fabrics. 

  • Shop from the local market: The streets of Lac Village are lined with stalls and kiosks, selling handmade goods, exclusively made in the village. 

Things you can buy from Lac’s markets include brocade fabrics, purses, handbags, home furnishings, and Pieu scarves; the traditional scarf worn by Thai people. 

This small market is humble yet one of the best places for shopping in Vietnam. The vibrant colors of the brocade fabrics, Fabric toys, Thai Tutu, handcrafted wallets, Buffalo neck bells, bamboo flutes, long cloth rolls, and Ao Com; Traditional shirts worn by Thai people add so much life to the rustic beauty of the village.

  • Try local culinary delights: When visiting Lac Village, try the homemade, authentic recipes prepared by village women. You won’t get this authentic taste and flavor in any other cafe or restaurant in Vietnam. 

Must-try dishes in Lac include bamboo-cylinder sticky rice, steamed fish, grilled wild animal meat, and vegetable soup. Also, try the traditional Mai Ha wine.  

  • Experience the homestay life: Out of all the things the homestays in Lac attract tourists the most. Lac Village Location is such that you will experience true bliss and peace here, away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life. 

The villagers have maintained the traditional and rural lifestyle and you will get to stay in wooden cottages and stilted houses with thatched roofs. 

The Thai ethnic groups residing here are very friendly and warm. You can interact with them, experience their daily routine, eat local home-cooked meals, visit the local markets, enjoy traditional gong music and dance with the locals.

  • Bike tour around the village: One of the simpler yet adventurous ways to explore the village is taking a bike tour. 

Tourists can easily get bikes from the local people and cycle through the lush green meadows and lakes of this magnificent little village in Vietnam.

What is the Best Time to Visit Lac Village?

With a high influx of tourists in the Mai Chau, Hoa Binh Province area, it is important to note the best time to visit the village. The best time to visit Mai Chao and Lac Village is during the dry months from April to October, the weather is clear, cool, and appropriate for sightseeing.

Are there any good Places to Visit in near Lac Village?


Lac Village is situated 150 Km away from the popular city of Hoa Bihn, and here are 16 famous places near Lac Village you can visit:

  • Thung Khe Pass
  • Chieu Cave
  • Giang Mo Village
  • Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve
  • Mu Waterfall
  • Pa Co Market
  • Go Lao Waterfall
  • Viewpoint Mai Chau
  • Van Valley
  • Poom Coong Village
  • Hoa Bihn Lake
  • The Moung’s Culture Museum
  • White Rock Pass
  • Pa Co Night Market
  • Cloud Hunting Paradise
  • Phoenix Golf Resort

How to reach Lac Village?


By Road: The best way to reach Lac Village is by road. It is located at a short distance from Mai Chau province, approximately 1 Km, after reaching Mai Chau, you can either hire a taxi for the whole day, for other sightseeing including Lac Village, or you can hire bicycles and go to the village on bike.

You can also hire a motorbike for an even more adventurous experience. 

Walk: If you prefer, you can also walk to Lac Village from the town center, which takes about 20-30 minutes.

Some Lac Village Travel Tips:

  1. When visiting Lac Village, don’t forget to try the homestays. They are the major attractions of the place.
  2. The best things to buy from Lac Village Market are Brocade Silks and other handcrafted goods.
  3. Don’t hesitate to bargain, but be polite, as the people here are very gentle and warm, and refrain from misbehaving with them.
  4. If you are an international traveller then keep all your documents intact.
  5. There are many places to visit around Lac Village in Mai Chau province and Hao Bihn City, so plan your trip accordingly.
  6. Carry local currency in cash, it is always safer to keep some cash handy in rural areas like these.
  7. Avoid visiting Lac Village during rainy seasons. 
  8. Carry cool and comfortable clothes, as the weather here stays warm and temperate. 
  9. Make sure you wear good and comfortable shoes. 
  10. It is advisable to make your homestay bookings well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. 

What makes Lac Village in Vietnam a must-visit destination?

The beautiful landscapes, scenic views, and traditional homestays in stilt houses make Lac Village in Vietnam a must-visit destination.

What activities can visitors enjoy in Lac Village?

Sightseeings, Cycling, Shopping, Local Delicacies, Trekking, and Photography are some of the most enjoyable activities in Lac Village.

How can visitors support the local community in Lac Village?

Visitors can support the local community by buying handmade and locally manufactured goods like brocade fabrics, artifacts, and traditional outfits and by staying in village Homestays.

What are the best times to visit Lac Village?

April to October is the best time to visit Lac Village.

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