Lembongan Reef Cruise: Dive, snorkel, and soak and unwind

 In Bali

Bali an exotic destination, is not all about beaches, culture, and traditional dance. Bali is a playground for adventure activities and exotic cruise lines. 

Lembongan Reef Cruise is an electrifying cruise trip in Bali to elevate your overall vacation. 

Bali Hai Lembongan Reef Cruise is Indonesia’s leading marine tourism company that provides luxurious catamaran cruises daily from Bali to Nusa Lembongan.

Lembongan Island is a part of Nusa Island which has three islands of which Lembongan is the most popular because of its crystal clear water, abundance and appealing marine life, vibrant coral reefs, and one of the best beaches in Bali

At the Lembongan Reef cruise in Bali, tourists can enjoy the elegance and comfort with the hypnotic scenic views on the way to the Island. Once you reach the Island tourists are welcomed with refreshing drinks.

Tourists have various things to do on the Bali Reef cruise including diving into the pristine water of the Island and snorkeling where you will encounter the vibrant coral reef and colorful fishes swimming around you and discover the distinct marine species. Lembongan Reef Cruise in Indonesia also allows tourists to indulge in adventure activities like a Banana Boast ride, Kayaking, water slide, and a walkthrough of the Village to experience the culture and traditions of the distant community. 

Tourists will also get to feast on the widespread dishes of Indonesian and International cuisine served. 

The most exciting feature of the cruise on board is that tourists get an opportunity to meet and greet people of different nationalities and discuss their experiences with traveling. 

Explore the enchanting Lembongan Reef cruise and adventure activities with Bali tour packages

Reasons why you should board the Lembongan Reef Cruise Village 


Here are some of the compelling reasons for you to immediately book your Lembongan Reef cruise in Indonesia

  1. Bali has become a tourist attraction lately and all the tourist spots are packed with tourists alike. Cruises are a way to escape the bustling beaches and take an escape into the cruise world with limited fellow passengers. 
  2. Lembongan Island is rich in marine diversity and vibrant coral reefs, offering a unique experience in Bali. It provides an opportunity to discover the colorful marine life of the Island.
  3. The water of Lembongan Island is crystal clear providing an excellent chance to dive deeper for snorkeling and diving adventure activities.
  4. Marine operators provide full service to tourists from pick up and drop off to and from the hotel, with meals, snacks, and water activities included. This is a perfect way to spend a day in Bali without any hassle and worrying about the logistics. 
  5. The Lembongan Reef cruise is all about creating wonderful experiences and everlasting memories. It’s about immersing in nature, adventure, and exploring life around the sea. 

Highlights of Lembongan Reef Cruise

  1. Pick-up service is available for the guest with the special request for pick-up from hotels and different locations in Bali.
  2. The cruise departs from Benoe port and heads towards Lembongan Island
  3. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach the port of Lembongan
  4. The boast is not simple boats but luxury boats providing all the comfort facilities to the guests.
  5. Tourists have the facility of climbing to the deck for the surreal view of the neverending Sea.
  6. Tourists are welcome with tea and coffee followed by snacks to the Lembongan Reef cruise.
  7. Once the Cruise arrives at the Lembongang, it docks on the Pontoon.
  8. Tourists here can indulge in ample water adventure activities in Bali. 
  9. Banana Boat Ride and 35-meter water slide are available for tourists an unlimited number of times.
  10. Tourists can also engage in snorkeling and explore the reef and colorful fishes of Lembongan Island.
  11. Tourists interested in the culture and lifestyle of the local community can participate in the Lembongan Village tour.
  12.  A lavish buffet for the tourists at the Pontoon is an appetizing way to say goodbye to the memorable trip.
  13. Return to Bali port in the evening.  

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Lembongan Reef Cruise Prices


Lembongan Reef cruise prices vary for adults and kids. Prices are also lower if you combine the cruise with other packages

Kids (4-14 Years): IDR 1.155.000

Adults: IDR 1.750.000

Things to carry on the Lembongan Reef Cruise

The following are things you should carry with you for a relaxing trip on the cruise.

  1. Comfortable clothes and shoes
  2. Extra clothing
  3. Towel
  4. Hat sunscreen and sunglasses
  5. Camera
  6. Swimwear

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Are meals provided during the Lembongan Reef Cruise?

Yes, Lembongan Reef Cruise in Bali includes Tea, Coffee, and snacks. Meals are also included in the cruise.

What activities can I enjoy during the cruise?

Several activities are available for tourists to enjoy during the Lembongan Reef Cruise. Tourists can indulge in snorkeling, banana rides, scuba diving, and a 35-meter-long water slide. Island village tour, parasailing, and much more. 

What is the pickup timing for the Lembongan Island Reef cruise?

The pickup time for the Lembongan Island Reef cruise is 9:15. At this time the cruise departs from the Benoa harbor to Lembongan Island. 

Is it necessary to make reservations in advance?

It is advisable to book your cruise to Lembongan Reef in Bali well in advance to avoid the waiting period. When Bali witnesses peak tourists, all cruise boast are packed, and booking your seat well in advance is the best way to avoid any hassle.

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