Local House Restaurant: A Special Taste Eatery In Old Dubai!

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Dubai with its stunning beauty is encapsulated in the top destinations for anyone who loves to explore historic charm with modern advancements. The main thing that highlights the Dubai Trip Package is its modernity and world-class Emirati food. If you are on a stroll into Dubai’s old district Al Bastakiya, never miss out on Local House Restaurant.

This restaurant is not only famous for its Emirati cultural food, but it is sailing high in preserving the celibate local culinary items like stuffed camel Majboos and camel burgers, making this to rank as one of the best restaurants in Dubai to try on. Check more insights on why you need to visit Local House Restaurant, its famous foods, best timings and the places to visit nearby. 

About Local House Restaurant Dubai


Local House Restaurant Dubai was founded way back in the late 90’s and has a reputation for its authentic Emirati cuisine styling. Resting in the historic Al Fahidi Neighbourhood, this place offers a unique setting that serves its guests traditional dishes, especially crowded for the camel burgers. 

This restaurant is operated by local Emirati entrepreneurs passionate about their culture, with time and then this has become a staple in Dubai’s food sense providing a genuine authentic taste of the UAE’s rich gastronomic tour.

Local House Restaurant Location


Local House Restaurant is located in the historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood which is also known as Al Bastakiya in Dubai. To reach this charming restaurant you can opt for multiple transport options like Dubai Metro at the Al Fahidi Metro station(Green Line), from here a short walk will help you reach this restaurant. 

You can also take bus routes 61, 66, and 67 which stop at nearby places. In a private car, you need to get along the E11 road and take an exit at Al Mina Road or the Al Ghubaina Road then follow the signs to the Al Fahidi.

Local House Restaurant Menu

Local House restaurant menu has a diverse range and will cater to the needs of all its visitors, here are the best items to choose the menu from:

Local House Restaurant Menu In Starters

Source: Tripadvisor
  1. Camel Hummus: This starter has a unique twist on traditional hummus and has a rich creamy blend of chickpeas, tahini sauce, and also camel meat which offers a rich and luscious taste to start your meal with. It has a blend of garnished olive oil and fresh herbs for a tangy tone.
  2. Stuffed Vine Leaves: This is a delectable vine leaves-included starter with a flavourful mixture of flavoured rice, local herbs and authentic spices. This is served in a tangy yoghurt dip which is considered to be a refreshing appetiser.

Local House Restaurant Menu In Main Course

Source: Oddviser
  1. Camel Burger: This is a signature dish that features a lean and slightly gamey camel meat patty which is sliced in a beautiful way and served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and special sauces for a unique taste. This is considered to be one of the best lip-smacking foods in Dubai with a soft bun and a unique tone creating a sense of satisfaction.
  2. Majboos: Majboos is a traditional Dubai food with the inclusion of authentic Emirati rice made from fragrant basmati rice, aromatic spices and tender camel or chicken. This is the most hearty food in the Local House Restaurant Dubai considering its taste and appeal.

Famous Foods In Local House Restaurant Dubai

Here are the top famous foods in Local House Restaurant Dubai:

1. Camel Meat Stuffed Dates

Source: CNN

This is a creative twist Emirati snack where the dates are stuffed with spiced camel meat and drizzled in a tahini sauce for a delicious taste. The combination of the sweet dates and the savoury meat offers a unique and highlights the versatility of the camel tone in the Emirati cuisine mix. 

2. Camel Milkshake

Source: Crumbs on Travel

This is a delightful beverage in the Local House Restaurant which is churned out from fresh camel milk blended with Emirati dates, honey and the special touch of vanilla. The result is a creamy, nutritious shake that has a distinct taste which sets this restaurant as one of the best in the segment.

3. Camel Biryani


This is a classic biryani made from tender camel meat with the special layers of spiced basmati rice, saffron and aromatic herbs. The camel meat adds a distinct flavour and texture, making this biryani a standout dish that displays the culinary heritage and the chefs’ mastery in the Local House Restaurant.

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Best Time To Visit Local House Restaurant

The best time to visit Local House Restaurant in Dubai is during the cooler months from November to April, this period is considered to have a pleasant climate and you can enjoy the savoury tastes at its best.

While considering the time, you can specifically prefer 12 PM to 2 PM for lunch and 7 PM to 9 PM to enjoy the services at their best with less crowds. Lunchtime usually provides a lively atmosphere in this restaurant. The support time is quite relaxing, so you can choose any slot between these two regions and have the best intimate dining experience. 

Places To Visit Near Local House Restaurant In Dubai

Here are the places to visit near Local House Restaurant in Dubai:

1. Dubai Museum


Dubai Museum is located in the historic Al Fahidi Fort offers fascinating insights into the history of Dubai. With timely expos, you can enjoy the museum tour with your family after your food brunch in a Local house restaurant. 

2. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood


This is also known as Al Bastakiya, the oldest district in Dubai. You can enjoy the narrow lanes and the geometrically patterned roads for the best short walks. You can see the wind-tower architecture which is a famous feature for the perfect authentic backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is the owner of Local House Restaurant?

Mr. Khalid Al Halyan is the owner of the Local House Restaurant.

What is the timings of Local House Restaurant?

This restaurant operates from morning 10:00 AM to night 11:30 PM.

What type of cuisine does Local House Restaurant serve?

Local House Restaurant serves traditional Emirati cuisine, specializing in dishes like camel burgers, camel majboos, and camel meat stuffed dates.

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