Long Xuyen Vietnam A Tranquilling Place In The Mekong Delta!

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Vietnam is a mosaic of natural beauty with its lush mountains, green forests and serene coastlines that captivate every traveller’s soul. For this very reason, the demand for Vietnam Tour Packages is always in surge. One city in Vietnam that needs a special mention and best to visit here is Long Xuyen. 

With the proper blend of cultural richness, trade and picturesque surroundings this place is one of the finest places to be explored in Vietnam in recent times. So let’s uncover why Long Xuyen is a famous destination, its specialities, culture, and history and also the best time to visit this place. 

History Of Long Xuyen In Vietnam


Long Xuyen Vietnam has a rich history to discuss. This capital city of Gian Province is located in the Mekong Delta region. The major elements of the Long Xuyen history are intertwined with the broader historical narrative of Southern Vietnam with the Mekong Delta.

Early History Of Long Xuyen Vietnam

The Mekong Delta with its best inhabitable nature has been occupied for thousands of years back then, the major evidence being the archaeological evidence such as OC-EO culture, once prevalent here. This local culture dates back centuries and was a major part of the Funan Kingdom, a pre-Angkorian civilisation that played a key role in Vietnamese culture.

Colonial History Of Long Xuyen Vietnam

Back in the 19th century, Vietnam was forced to be under the part of French Indochina. Mainly Long Xuyen was under the high influence of the French colonial administration. There are major settlements of French all across, with infrastructure that includes canals, and roads which are primarily facilitated for the development of the shipment trade and agriculture.

Post-Colonial Period Of Long Xuyen Vietnam

After a long span, the French colonial period came to an end in Long Xuyen during the Vietnam War era (1954-1975) and then this place became a strategic location within the proximity range of the Cambodian border and the extensive canal network. In modern days Long Xuyen turned into a bustling city with a touch of historical and modern influences.

How To Reach Long Xuyen In Vietnam


With the help of the Long Xuyen Vietnam Travel Guide, you can reach this place in multiple ways:

Reach Long Xuyen By Air

The nearest airport near the Long Xuyen is Can Tho International Airport (VCA) which is just 60 km in range from the Long Xuyen.

Reach Long Xuyen By Bus

To reach by bus to the Long Xuyen, you can take up the bus from major cities of Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and also the Chau Doc.

Reach Long Xuyen By Car or Boat

If you prefer driving, you can rent a car and take National Route 1A and Provincial Road 91 from HO Chi Minh City. This drive offers scenic views of the Mekong Delta’s lush landscapes and the serene waterway. You can also enjoy the boat travel operating on the Mekong river providing a picturesque journey which is considered to be one of the best things to do In Vietnam routing to the Long Xuyen.

Local Culture Of Long Xuyen

The local culture of Long Xuyen has diversified roots, which can be keenly explored using the Long Xuyen Vietnam travel guide. Here are a few insights:

Festivals Of Long Xuyen


The Long Xuyen Travel Guide mainly emphasises the Vietnamese festivals due to their rich cultural traditions. They play a significant role in the upliftment of the Vietnamese culture and community.

One of the major festivals to attend in Vietnam is the Tet Festival also known as the Lunar New Year which is celebrated with great enthusiasm with large community, and family gatherings by organising food feasts with vibrant decorations all across.

The other important festival for Vietnamese people is the Ba Chua Festival, this is a unique festival to honour the Lady of the Realm that attracts thousands of pilgrims and also features various ceremonies, processions and local traditional performances which help the spiritual heritage of Vietnam to hail high.

Religious Practices Of Long Xuyen

The other highlighted element in the Long Xuyen Vietnam travel guide is the religious practices these local people follow. Vietnam with a revered tag of ‘Melting Pot Of Various Religions’ is predominated by Buddhism, which has the main routes from India.

There are various pagodas, and temples which mainly serve as the spiritual centres of the community. With the French domination in the past, Long Xuyen also has a strong presence of Catholicism which is evident with the landmarks like Long Xuyen Cathedral with its splendid architecture. The beliefs are always intertwined with the cultural fabric in Vietnam which creates a sense of the diverse religious landscape that coexisted harmoniously through the ages.

Daily Life & Community Of Long Xuyen


With the progress of river transportation, the people of Long Xuyen lead a life that is closely connected with the synaptic rhythms of the river and the land. The floating markets here are the live testaments to show how well the connection these people established with nature and made the utmost use of them for their trade and commerce.

The community life is vibrant with the timely festivals, religious events and also the daily market playing a critical role in maintaining the socialising aura and the Vietnam culture continuity.

What To Eat In Long Xuyen In Vietnam


Here is what to eat in Long Xuyen in Vietnam for a memorable gastronomic journey:

1. Hu Tieu

This is a clear rice noodle soup famous for the additions to the breakfast dish that consists of chewy rice, noodles and savoury broth which is further accumulated with the slices of the grilled golden textured small slices of pork, shrimp and the mix of green veggies.

2. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a famous Vietnamese pancake that has a unique crispy tone with the addition of rice flour pancakes that are filled with shrimp, pork and also bean sprouts for added protein. The lettuce, herbs and the tangy sauces are the taste additions.

3. Bun Ca

This is a fish noodle soup that is considered to be one of the best Vietnamese Foods to try in the Mekong Delta. This is served along with the noodles and a savoury fish broth which is further diced with fresh herbs for a healthy and flavourful taste.

4. Goi Cuon

This is a special dish famed for the name of Fresh Spring rolls which is considered to be the light and healthy food in Vietnam. The rolls included here are made from rice and further filled with vermicelli noodles. Pork and shrimp which is further served with the hoisin dipping sauce making it the top appetiser of the Long Xuyen. 

5. Com Tam

Com Tam also known as the broken rice is a staple meal of the Vietnamese to try without fail. Here there are the inclusions of grilled pork, hand-picked vegetables, fried egg and fish sauce for the dipping which offers a satisfying and hearty meal for all.

Places Near Visit in Long Xuyen

Here are the top places near visit in Long Xuyen:

Chau Doc


With the proximity of 50 kilometres from the Long Xuyen which place is known for its diverse cultural heritage, floating villages and the most famous Sam Mountain which is a testament to history, religion and also the stunning natural views. 

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

This forest range near the Chau Doc adorns the natural forest reserves with the diverse nature of flora and fauna which can be adorned with the eyes through the boat tours. This is ideal for family outings who are looking for a tranquillisation nature escape.

Can Tho


Can Tho being the largest city in the Mekong Delta is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. This bustling city has a floating market named after Cai Rang for the things to buy and also the local Vietnamese cuisines.

Tan Chau

The famous silk weaving tradition named Tan Chau is mainly apparent in this region and you can buy the natural silk textiles and also have a glimpse of the region’s artisanal heritage.

Sam Mountain


This mountainous region is near the Chau Doc and is considered to be a pilgrimage site with numerous temples and pagodas. Sam Mountain offers panoramic views of the Mekong Delta and also the Cambodia-Vietnam border area. 

Top Places To Visit In Long Xuyen

Here are the Top Places To Visit In Long Xuyen:

Long Xuyen Floating Market


This is a quintessential Mekong Delta experience, this bustling market is where the vendors sell fresh produce, freshly caught seafood and the local delicacies directly on their boat which displays the cultural and economical blend of Vietnam.

Tuc Dup Hill

Long Xuyen being one of the hottest destinations to travel in Vietnam serves a significant spot named Tuc Dup Hill. This place played a vital role during the Vietnamese war by offering long-sighted views to plan war strategies. This is a popular spot to hike and have a glimpse of wartime history.

 Long Xuyen Cathedral 


This is an architectural gem from the French colonial period, the Long Xuyen Cathedral stands out with its elegant design and serene ambience. It’s a testament to the historical influence of Catholicism in the region.

 Nguyen Sinh Sac Memorial Site

This memorial site is dedicated to the father of President Ho Chi Minh, which caters for the exploration of museums and the landscape gardens providing the nuances of Vietnamese revolutionary history and honouring an important historical personality. 

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Best Places To Stay In Long Xuyen


Here are the best places to stay in Long Xuyen Vietnam:

1. Dong Xuyen Hotel

This hotel is located in the city centre Dong Xuyen Hotel offers comfortable accommodations with modern amenities. It provides easy access to major attractions like the Long Xuyen Floating Market and offers facilities such as a restaurant, bar, and business centre.

2. Hoa Binh 1 Hotel

This hotel is known for its luxury and world-class convenience. Hoa Binh 1 hotel mainly features spacious rooms, an on-site restaurant serving local and international cuisine, and a rooftop pool with panoramic views of the bustling Vietnamese city making it the top choice.

Top Places For Shopping In Long Xuyen


Here are the top places for shopping in Long Xuyen:

1. Co.opmart Long Xuyen

This is a modern supermarket, Co.opmart Long Xuyen offers a wide range of products that includes groceries, household items, clothing and also electronics. This is a convenient destination for both the locals and the tourists providing a comfortable yet organised shopping experience.

2. Big C An Giang

This is one of the popular shopping destinations in Vietnam that features a wide variety of goods and home appliances. This also includes the food court to try the local cuisines and mainly Big C An Giang at Long Xuyen serves to be a one-stop destination for shopping.

Best Time To Visit Long Xuyen

The best time to visit Long Xuyen is during the dry season which spans from November to April. This period with an average temperature of 25°C to 30°C is relatively cool and can help you enjoy the Long Xuyen to its best.

Top Things To Do In Long Xuyen


Here are a few top things to do in Long Xuyen:

1. Shop Local

One of the fine things to do in Long Xuyen is to stroll and shop for the local delicacies in the floating markets of Vietnam.

2. Attend Traditional Shows

You can experience Southern Vietnamese music performances, often held in the cultural centres to expo the indigenous Vietnamese culture and the festival aura. 

What makes Long Xuyen a unique destination in Vietnam?

Long Xuyen is unique for its vibrant floating market culture on the Hau River, rich Cham heritage at Oc Eo, and serene Nguyen Sinh Sac Memorial Site.

What are the must-visit attractions in Long Xuyen?

Must-visit attractions in Long Xuyen include the Floating Market, Oc Eo Remains, Sam Mountains and Nguyen Sinh Sac Memorial Site.

What are some authentic experiences to try in Long Xuyen?

Authentic experiences in Long Xuyen include tasting local delicacies like Banh Xeo, exploring Vinh Te Canal by boat, and attending traditional music performances.

How can I best navigate Long Xuyen's transportation system?

Navigate Long Xuyen’s transportation system efficiently by using taxis, motorbike taxis (Xe Om), or renting a bicycle to explore at your own pace.

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