Lovina Beach, a unique experience in Northern Bali

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If you want to have a different experience from the usual beach holiday of Kuta or Seminyak Beach, then you should head to Lovina Beach, in the north of Bali. From grey-black volcanic sand to dolphin sightings to some great underwater activities, Lovina Beach is indeed an experience of its own. 

Lovina Beach in Bali is the collective name for a stretch of smaller resort beaches that are known for their coral reefs, black sand beaches, and a happening nightlife. Apart from the Nightlife in Bali, Lovina Beach is quite popular among tourists because of the fact that most of the luxury resorts are located here. This beach is also perfect for some water sports and surfing activities, all of which makes it a must-visit place. 

If your idea of a Bali tour package is one which includes a relaxed itinerary with some fun sprinkled in it, then you should include Lovina Beach as one of your destinations.  You can connect with nature and get to know Balinese traditions and culture by visiting the many Temples in Bali, nearby paddy fields, nature walks, etc

The area takes its name from a home owned by Pandji Tisna (1908-1978), a Regent of Buleleng and pioneer of tourism in Bali in the early 1950s. In 1953, he chose Desa Tukad Cebol (now Desa Kaliasem [Kaliasem Village]) as his holiday home. There he wrote and received both local and foreign guests. He named his holiday home Lovina, which is an abbreviation of the words Love Indonesia. He then built several guest houses on the western coast in Buleleng. The whole area then became known as Pantai Lovina or Lovina Beach in English. For this reason, he is accredited as “The Father of Balinese Tourism”. In 2003, the Balinese government posthumously awarded him the Karya Karana Award in recognition of his services to the development of Balinese tourism.

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Things to do in Lovina Beach

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  • Watch Dolphins Swimming in the Sea: Lovina Beach is known for its early morning Dolphin sightings. They can be sighted early in the morning during the time of sunrise. This amazing sight can be viewed from traditional boats called “Jukung” that are offered by many operators or individuals on the shore.
  • Visit the Dolphin Statue: It is an iconic landmark of Lovina Beach and it pays tribute to all the dolphins that inhabit the waters of Lovina Beach. 
  • Long Beach Walks: You can just soak in the sun and go for a long stroll on the black volcanic sandy shore and enjoy the setting crimson sun as the cool breeze sweeps you through, enjoying some cool drinks or go to snack rejuvenating your body, mind and soul
  • Sun Bathing: If your idea of a perfect holiday is to just unwind and relax, you can also opt to sunbathe your day on the beach with some cold chilled beers or any drink of your choice and spoil yourself with some Balinese delicacies available all throughout the beach cafes which are aplenty.
  • Enjoy Live Music and Fresh Catch of the Day: The village called Kalibukbuk, you will have plenty of possibilities to enjoy an amazing meal of fresh fish or seafood caught by the village fishermen on their way back from their daily trip. Enjoy it along with some cold beer or local wine and some local music. 
  • Visit the Various Waterfalls Nearby: There are many Waterfalls in Bali and some of them are located quite near to Lovina Beach. Sekumpul Waterfall, GitGit Waterfall, etc are some of the visit-worthy ones near Lovina Beach.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: Directly offshore Central Lovina, is the stunning Lovina Reef offering some great snorkeling and dive spots to discover marine life. Many dive centers are located in the village for those who like to try or improve their skills. There are even places that offer sea bottom walking tours, where you can walk and swim among various sea creatures such as fish, turtles, and stingrays. Lovina beach snorkeling is quite popular in Bali, and should definitely not be missed on your visit.
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  • Brahma Vihara Arama: One of North Bali’s most beautiful and tranquil places, Brahmavihara-Arama is Bali’s largest Buddhist monastery. The place of worship was built in 1970 around 20 minutes drive from Lovina. You will find numerous meditation rooms and libraries inside, all set in well-kept gardens.On the nearby southern hilltop is an impressive mini replica of the world’s largest Buddhist archaeological site – Borobudur. Entrance is free, but donations are welcome and, since it is a Balinese Hindu temple, you must wear a sarong and sash around the waist to enter.
  • Holy Hot Springs: A 20 minutes drive away from Central Lovina, the Holy Hot Springs or ‘Air Panas’ or better known as Banjar Hot Springs has a beautiful tropical garden. The sulphurous water in the three picturesque  basins is of volcanic origin and has a pleasant warm temperature of 35 – 39 degrees Celcius. A favourite amongst locals seeking relief from rheumatic or other diseases. Changing rooms, lockers are available. Great to combine a visit at the nearby Buddhist Monastery Brahma Vihara.
  • Attend a cooking class:  You can also take the three-hour class at Adjani Bali Cooking School and learn to cook a full 4-5 course Balinese meal. The class includes a trip to the local market to source the freshest ingredients and after the class, you will be able to feast on your own creation.
  • Krishna WaterPark: Lovina has a separate beach section as a water sports area. It is super nice and well maintained and you can spend a lovely time here . In addition to jet ski, parasailing and banana boat, you also have the opportunity to try out crazy activities such as fly boards or flying fish etc 

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How to reach Lovina Beach

By Car: Lovina Beach is not very far from Kuta, only around 90 kilometers away, and can easily be reached via a 2-hour car journey. These cars can be rented or hired in Kuta.

By Bus: There are many buses going from Kuta and Ubud to Lovina on a regular basis. These buses are quite affordable and take around 3 hours to reach Lovina Beach.

Best Time To Visit Lovina Beach

The best time to visit Lovina Beach, and Bali in general, would be during the dry months of April, May, and June to September, when the weather is pleasant, just after high season. 

The place is less crowded during this season, and you would also be able to save more on hotels.

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What makes Lovina Beach unique compared to other beaches in Bali?

Lovina Beach is located in North Bali and as with many beaches in North, Lovina also has gray/black volcanic sandy beaches with regular dolphin sightings in the morning.

What activities can visitors enjoy at Lovina Beach?

There are many water activities one can enjoy in Lovina Beach. There is a section specially reserved for watersports and water activities here which suits everyone.

When is the best time to visit Lovina Beach?

In general, it is always better to visit during the dry months between May and October. 

Are there accommodations available near Lovina Beach?

Yes. There are many accomodation options one can choose from in Lovina Beach

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