8 Luxurious Train Rides That Take Luxury Up A Notch

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Do you remember that whenever we took a train ride as kids, we never wanted the journey to end? Do you know why we used to think like that? It’s because we were not introduced to real life and didn’t know what luxury felt like back then. 

As we grew up, the situation was a little different now, we just wanted the journey to end so that we can reach our destination. It’s because we turned into these boring adults who lost interest in everything that once made us scream with joy.

If you wish to awaken the kid in you, who used to be so excited at the thought of train journeys, then you should definitely take one of the train rides that takes luxury up a notch. 

What? You thought flights were the only way to travel in luxury. Well, my friend, you could not be more wrong about it, for there are trains where the journey is an experience of a lifetime with you drowning in luxury. 

I often thought that luxurious train rides give a romantic touch to the journey. It’s like you can write romantic novels just by admiring the beauty of nature in a cabin with wooden panels.

Let’s introduce you to some of the trains you didn’t know existed, and the luxury they offer is beyond words can describe because there are some things in life that you need to feel every ounce of it to understand what it’s like, and I am sure you cannot just get it all by reading this blog, so read away and choose among your favourite destination and book your next train ride 

1. Africa: Rovos Rail

Image Source : rovos

Traverse the African continent and witness the beautiful landscapes passing through stunning vistas. This luxury train ride starts from Durban, all the way to Namibia, Copper Trail navigating through Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

The interior is made with wood-structured panels giving it a classic vintage touch, and the comfortable armchairs would want you to extend this train journey for as long as possible. 

They serve the finest wine of South Africa in fine China glassware. This journey ranges from 2 days to 14 days and is a train ride worth having.

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2. Vietnam: The Vietage

Image Source : thereshegoesagain

The Vietage crosses through the pristine places of the Vietnamese countryside, including places such as Hoi An and Quy Nhon, connecting two five-star resorts in the area. 

The six-hour-long journey with 12-chair seating will allow travellers to drown in comfort and luxury, enjoying the modern interiors with huge windows to enjoy the view.

Besides, there is a bar stocked with beer and snacks and just in case you get too tired with all the luxury that you are getting, you can pamper yourself with a spa treatment right there on the train. Surprised? Well, that is what this entire journey is all about. You will be surprised at everything that happens here. 

Not only that, but you also get to enjoy a three-course Vietnamese meal with names that are very difficult to pronounce. Is your mouth watering already? 

So what are you waiting for, just take a Vietnam Tour Package and get on board.

3. Europe: The Venice Simplon Orient Express

Image Source : luxurytraintickets

While discussing luxury trains and if the name of Orient Express doesn’t pop into your mind, you would either be lying or have a terrible general knowledge. No offence, though, because we are all in the same boat when it comes to general knowledge. Well, let’s not pull that thread. 

So getting back to our topic, the Orient Express has its name etched in the history of railways for taking luxury to the next level. 

Enjoy the 24-hour butler service and the unlimited flow of champagne to keep you a little high on ecstasy. The suites scream luxury, and if you can pull yourself from your cabin, you can enjoy the piano music and craft cocktails. 

Munch on the midnight lobster rolls and extravagant meals at your service. Have luxury served on your platter.

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4. Canada: The Rocky Mountaineer 

Image Source : cnn

Rocky Mountaineer is a haven for mountain lovers, for you can take a train and enjoy the ride, but the stunning views come with a price. Enjoy the mesmerizing vistas of the mountains from your glass-domed windows and feel them calling out to you as if they are trying to speak. 

As the name speaks for itself, the Rocky Mountaineer traverses through the Western Canadian Rockies and serves gourmet breakfast and treats your taste buds with complimentary snacks and beverages on board. 

The drool-worthy food, the comfy seats and the stunning vistas are a part of this luxury ride. 

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5. Japan: Seven Stars 

Image Source : foodandwine

Seven Stars offers an experience of a lifetime, and who would have thought you could have the ultimate luxury in a train? Well, it’s true, and since we are lucky enough to have all this luxury around the world, why not go for it as long as you can?  

The rooms here are exclusive and can accommodate 20 passengers, and there are 10 suites. Besides, there is a lottery system for the cabin, so you can imagine how exquisite and exclusive it must be that you have to win the lottery to get to the cabin. 

The delicate and intricate detailings in the interiors will make you feel like a wealthy person living his dream life. 

The intricate details of the wood cabin and the hand-painted sinks will amaze you. The Jupiter Car serves food made with seasonal ingredients from the countryside and other seafood of Kyushu. 

Enjoy the evening music onboard the train, and don’t forget to try the traditional tea served at the separate area. 

The service and the journey will give you seven stars to this ultimate train ride.

6. India: Maharaja Express

Image Source : themaharajaexpress

“Live Life King Size!” 

You must have heard it growing up or maybe even now, but do you know what that means?

Does it mean that when you have all the money you need to afford luxury, why not spend it? And what better way is to spend your money if not on travelling. 

The Maharaja Express is one of the most luxurious trains in India, with its three weeks long journey taking you on an Indian Splendor and also a four days Indian Heritage Tour, depending solely on your preference. 

The trip includes halts at Varanasi, which is a holy city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and the train also takes you to one of the wonders of the world, the epitome of love and beauty, The Taj Mahal in Agra. 

Live like a Maharaja on very comfy beds with cabins decorated lavishly on one of the best luxurious trains. 

Butler service and a lounge with books, board games, and cocktails, what else do you need to experience the extreme luxury? 

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7. Peru: The Andean Explorer 

Image Source : travellermade

If you are a fan of anything vintage, just like me, you are in for a treat because the Andean Explorer has the highest rail network in Peru and is also the first luxury train in South America. 

Experience the vibrant hues of the Alpaca woods on the interiors of this luxury train, full of vintage decor, making you fall in love with every second you spend here.

8. Australia: The Ghan

This luxury train in the land down under takes you to some unexplored lands of Australia, with panoramic views, starting from the North to South, from Darwin to Adelaide to the remotest areas of Australia. 

The spacious cabins and modern interiors with mind-blowing views will make the journey worth every penny you spend on this ride. 

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Image Source : walkintoluxury


To sum up, to experience the ultimate luxury, you can hop on one of the luxurious trains mentioned above and have the best experience of a lifetime. 

With butler services, intricate details in the interiors, comfortable beds, fine dining, wine from one of the best vineyards, game rooms, panoramic views, and a journey full of breathtaking vistas will definitely sweep you off your feet. 

These luxurious trains will change your views on travelling by train because this, my friend, will be a journey of a lifetime.

This journey will linger in your memories for years because I am sure you have not seen anything like this before. 

On these luxurious trains, you will have luxury served on your platter, even before asking for it. 

So enough reading about it.

Just take out your phone and book your next train to experience the utmost comfort one has ever experienced on a train journey. 

This will be one of those rides where you will get why people sometimes say that the journey is better than the destination itself. 

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