Madh Island Mumbai: Unplugged Music Of The Notorious Sea

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‘Tujhe Aksa Beach ghuma du ha chalti kya? Bachchan se tuje mila du ha chati kya?’ Well, not sure about the Bachchan’s but do you know where Aksa Beach is located? Yes, Aksa Beach is located on Madh Island in Mumbai. 

When a non-Mumbaikar arrives in Mumbai for the first time he sees everyone running like a shooting arrow towards an apocryphal aim which is only visible to the person who is running. The bustling city of Mumbai that never sleeps and is awake 24*7 makes the storm in the nonchalant mind and heart of this newbie.

Tired and defeated, this newbie finds a place in Mumbai that has a beautiful coastline and beaches and more importantly, this place has a serenity that is enough to control the storm. So let’s explore the ins and outs of Madh Island in Mumbai.

About Mumbai Madh Island


Located amidst the Arabian Sea and Malad Creek, Madh Island is a peninsula located on the north-western coast of Mumbai City. Located in the city it is still aloof from the daily bustling and chaos of Mumbai. 

The major population of Madh Island in Mumbai is the Indigenous people of Mumbai also known as Koli, whose primary occupation is fishing. Archana Puran Sing and our favourite Mirzapur ke Bahubali Kaleen Bhaiya a.k.a. Pankaj Tripathi stay in Madh Island in Mumbai. 

Madh Island land is a tropical paradise with various beaches and coastlines that are largely unexplored and underrated. No doubt that the vibe you get at Marine Drive is unmatchable to anything in the world, but did you feel the serenity of Madh Island’s coastline at Danapani Road leading up to the beach? You should definitely try it. 

Beaches in this region are not explored by many and is a perfect location for a beach person on a sunny weekend. 

So, let’s not waste any more time further and dive directly into the detailed itinerary of Madh Island in Mumbai.

Places To Explore At Mumbai Madh Island

1. Aksa Beach



‘Tujhe Aksa Beach ghuma du aa chalti kya?’ Well, Salman Khan is yet to be found with his girlfriend at Aksa Beach but let us find out what else we have at Aksa Beach. A little more commercial than other beaches on Madh Island. 

You could see people selling eateries like roasted corn, popcorn, bhelpuri, maggie, pakora, etc. It will give you a Juhu Beach vibe however it is less crowded than Juhu Beach. It is one of the beaches on Madh Island from where you can see the sun on the horizon.

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2. Silver Beach



Famously known as the Madh Beach it is one such beach in Mumbai that is not commercialised. You won’t see any vendors including any eateries or any toys. There is just you, warm sand, cold sea, and a beautiful sky. The backdrop of Silver Beach is of Palm Trees that stretch till Versova Beach. This is one of those few beaches where you won’t see much crowd. You can just come here and enjoy your leisure time here at Silver Beach.

3. Dana Pani Beach


You must be wondering that Dana Pani is a very unusual name. Well, years ago there was a restaurant named Dana Pani in this vicinity that was so famous that the beach was named after this restaurant. However, the restaurant has been shut down for ages the name of the beach still presides.

Dana Pani Beach is surrounded by trees on the backdrop it also has Koliwada (A colony where Koli people live). However, it would have been a 10 on 10 if it was a little clean. 


4. Erangal Beach


Mumbai Live

Another noncommercial beach in Madh Island in Mumbai is Erangal Beach with Bonaventure Church on one side and lush green trees on the other. You won’t find any water sports at Erangal beach. Come here solo with a book or your friend for a perfect weekend getaway. 

5. St. Bonaventure Church



Just next to Erangal Village is St. Bonaventure Church colloquially known as Madh Island Church is 450 years old and was built in the year 1575 by the Portuguese. The name is derived from an Italian priest Bonaventure who used to teach Spanish to his parrot. 

Today this church is maintained by the locals and is opposite Erangal Beach. It was looked at by the Portuguese until the Maratha invasion. The Madh Island Church was restored in the year 1976.

6. Madh Island Fort



Madh Island Fort famously known as Versova Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1729 to keep an eye on the Maratha Invasion. The fort is currently inaccessible and comes under the administration of the Indian Naval and Air Force. 

It is been a shoot location for many movies and television serials including one of the most famous television serials C.I.D. 

7. Hazrat Sayed Qadri Baghdadi Darga



Parallel to Haji Ali Darga, Hazrat Sayed Qadri Baghdadi Darga is located amidst the sea, you will actually have to take a ferry ride that will take you to the island where Darga is located. It is one of the oldest monuments in Madh Island. 

8. Marva Road



This is the haunted road of Madh Island. People say that the road is haunted by the spirit of a bride. The legend has it that a newlywed bride was going on a drive with her husband later at Marva Road he sped up the car in front of the truck and got out of the moving car leaving his wife behind. Her body was cremated nearby in mangroves and to date, people have listened to her cries and screams. People have also heard the sound of her anklet and some have literally seen her in real. 

People are so scared that after sunset you won’t find even a single creature roaming on Marva Road. 

Best Time To Visit Madh Island

Honestly, there is no best time to visit Madh Island you can visit the island in all the seasons except for monsoon. In monsoon season the sea is very notorious and it becomes dangerous. However, spending time at Madh Island in summers, and is one of the top things to do in Mumbai.

Also, the best time to visit Madh Island during the day is the evening when the sun is setting, it is one of the magnificent sites of Mumbai Madh Island.

How To Reach Madh Island

How to reach Madh Island? It would be a question, but worry not Madh Island is accessible via public and private vehicles. 

Via Rail

The nearest railway station to reach Madh Island is Malad Railway Station (Western Line). You can book a cab, take a rickshaw, or get a bus to reach. Madh Island is around 13 km from Malad Railway Station.

If you are coming via the metro then the nearest metro station is Malad Metro Station which is 11 km from Madh Island in Mumbai. 

Via Jetty

If you are near Versova and want to save time you can get a ferry from Versova Jetty that will leave you to Madh Island. 

Madh Island Mumbai Timings

You can visit the island any time of the day. There are no such Madh Island Mumbai timings.

Things To Do In Madh Island

Madh Island hosts many beaches and historical sights. Following are some of the  many things to do in Madh Island 

  1. Come to Erangal Beach on Thursday evening spend some time on the beach and then attend the 07:00 pm Mass at Madh Island Church. 
  2. Get your favorite novel at Aksa Beach and read it amidst the majestic waves, golden sand, and enchanting sky.
  3. Don’t miss to gorge on the freshest seafood like bombil and prawns and Gujarati cuisine, especially from the local vendors.
  4. Make sure that you keep the beaches and the coastline clean.
  5. For a more authentic experience, hire a local homestay instead of the hotel. Not only is it economical but also lets you into the local way of life.

Restaurants In Mumbai Madh Island

Hospitality Biz India

There are many restaurants in Mumbai Madh Island that you can munch on. However, it is advisable to have a local homestay instead

Following are some of the curated restaurants in Mumbai Madh Island

  1. Mow Chow
  2. Farmhouse Malad
  3. Heaven Point
  4. Bombay Momos
  5. Dariya Kinara 
  6. Hotel Sahara

Places To Visit Near Mumbai Madh Island

1. Versova Beach



Versova Beach is located in Andheri, an extension of Juhu Beach, and is one of the underrated beaches and one of the best picnic spots in Mumbai. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, although a few years back it was commonly known as the dirtiest beach in Mumbai. 

The beach of Versova underwent a massive clean-up drive in 2016. This tough grind by the activists led to the basking of the 80 endangered species of turtle famously known as olive ridleys that came for basking on the shore of Versova Beach Mumbai for the first time in 20 years.

2. ISKCON Temple, Juhu



ISKCON Temple is just beside Juhu Beach and is one of the most famous temples in Juhu is located near Juhu Beach. It is one of the most magnificent temples which is made of white marble. There are three presiding Deities at ISKCON Juhu Sri Sri Radha Rasabihariji, Sri Sri Sita Rama Laxman Hanuman, and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. The amazing story of the appearance of Sri Sri Radha Rasabihariji.

The courtyard in the temple has housed a tulsi plant in the center and two century-old trees that give shade to the pilgrims. Along the sides of the main temple hall are several Diaroma which reflect the several pastimes of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama along with His devotees from the Vedic scriptures such as Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharat, Ramayana, etc.

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park



Sanjay Gandhi National Park is around 18 km from Madh Island in Mumbai. Located in Borivali This national park has aboded more than 1300 species of plants, more than 40 species of mammals, 38 reptiles, amphibians, and hundreds of butterfly species.

4. Global Vipassana Pagoda



Global Vipassana Pagoda is around 9.4 km from Marve Beach in Madh island which is next to Aksa Beach. In Global Vipassana Pagoda the biggest dome can hold 8,000 people for meditation in it. It is located in Gorai, Mumbai. 

It is declared as one of the Seven Wonders Of Mumbai by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). The architecture of Global Vipassana Pagoda is inspired by Burmese architecture.


In the end, we can conclude that Madh Island is a must-visit place in Mumbai. Unlike other beaches in Mumbai, the crowd at beaches in Madh is scant. Apart from Aksa Beach not many beaches at Madh Island in Mumbai are commercialised and therefore you won’t find any street vendors on most of them. It is one of the most serene places in Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a ferry ride to Madh Island?

The cost of the ferry ride in Mumbai is around Rs. 10/- per person.

Which is the nearest station to Madh Island?

The nearest railway station to reach Madh Island is Malad Railway Station which is around 13 km and the nearest metro station is Malad West Metro Station.

What is special about Madh Island?

One special thing about Madh Island is its serene beaches and historical landmarks like Madh Fort, Hazrat Sayed Qadri Baghdadi Darga, and Madh Island Church.

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