Maldives In April: The Month Of Calm Seas and Sunny Skies

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It is always a puzzling question while picking Maldives packages on which month to visit this island paradise. Some prefer its monsoon season, and some prefer winter, but if you are looking for a mixed climate at an affordable range, Maldives in April is the perfect choice to have a reasonable mix of tropical heat and the occasional rains. With the abundance of the Marine life, fun activities and the on-set ocean breeze Maldives in April can be a a stunning visual to seek. So, let’s check the temperatures of Maldives in April, what to wear, the best things to do, and the best places to visit in Maldives during this month.

About Maldives Weather In April


Maldives Weather in April marks the transition from the dry season to the wet season. During this month southwest monsoon settles in by offering warm and tropical weather where the average temperatures can range over 32°C and the night temperatures can be around 25°C-28°C.

It is also to be noted that Maldives weather in April holds high humidity levels exceeding over 75% which can be handled with the constant sea breeze for extra relief. As the month proceeds the impact of southwest monsoon increases creating the sense of occasional rains and the rains often occur during the late afternoons and the night. During mid-April, it is often considered to be a wet season for the occasional rains.

Still, you can enjoy plenty of sunny days as the impact of the monsoon season is not fully shown during this month. There is always a scope for outdoor activities like snorkelling, diving, island hopping, and beach lounging as the temperates of the sea remain warm with an average temperature of 25°C with constant breeze setting a relaxation for the water sports and swimming sessions.

Tourist footfall is also relatively on the lower side so are the prices for the accommodation and the fun activities. If you are okay with enjoying the volatile climate with a touch of tropical heat and occasional rain, Maldives in April is a very ideal choice for extra relief and adventure.

What To Wear For Maldives In April

Maldives weather in April creates a setting of warm and humid climate. So, here are the essentials and the clothing attire to be followed to enjoy the trip to its full potential:

1. Pack Swimwear To Maldives In April


You need to pack quick-drying, breathable materials such as nylon and polyester as the water activities are the high preference in Maldives. You can also plan simple cover-ups like kaftans and sarongs made of cotton and chiffon material which serves as perfect styling while you enjoy adventure activities in the Maldives.

2. Lightweight Dresses For Daytime


You need to plan light cotton or linen dresses that are extremely breathable and comfortable to beat the heat in the Maldives. Maintain a flowy style or loose fitting to help your body handle the humidity and prefer wearing shorts and t-shirts if you are on the Island shore to help you not to clutter your clothes with beach sands. Women can prefer tank tops which are lightweight, and moisture-wicking with the inclusion of cotton and linen.

3. Evening Wear For Maldives In April


For the evening you can try lightweight long-sleeve shirts to protect from mosquitos. Women can try Maxi dresses which are flowy and can create a sense of comfort and elegance. Light Cardigans or shawls are always the right choice to slay in style and protect you from humidity and rough breeze.

4. Footwear For Maldives In April


Flipflops are always the right choice as it is made from rubber or EVA that are comfortable and water-resistant. Sandals are also opted for by most tourists as they can blend with any dress and offer the right support for the island hop. Wear synthetic material solely to protect your feet from water activities.

5. Special Accessories For Maldives In April


You need to carry Sun hats which are made from straw and lightweight cotton that provides the right protection from the sun. Other accessories like sunglasses, sunscreen, UV-protection jacket, Umbrella, and face wipes are the must-keep additions to your wallet.

Average Costs Of A Trip To The Maldives In April

The average costs of a trip to the Maldives in April can vary depending on the various factors like luxury, economy and the amenities you are looking for. By considering the range, here is the average budget for Maldives in April.

Average Flight Cost To Maldives In April


As this can vary with the location you are boarding to travel to Male, the average range of flights to Male can vary between $600-$1500. This can be further cut down with pre-booking, coupons and also the package picking.

Accommodation Cost In Maldives In April


Accommodation charges vary with the nature of the accommodation you pick. If you are looking for the best family-friendly resorts in the Maldives they can charge you around $400-$1500 per night. Budget-friendly hotels can be easily availed at a price of $50-$150 per night and then Mid-Range resorts/hotels can be grabbed at $150-$400 per night.

Activities Cost In Maldives In April


Speedboat and seaplane transfers have a range of $50-$250 for one way. Other activities like snorkelling and diving can be around $50-$200 per session. Beach spa sessions can be around $100-$300 depending on the package you pick.

Best Maldivian Foods To Try In April

The weather of Maldives in April creates a sense of hunger, often due to dehydration and tiredness. So here are the top 3 must-try Maldivan foods to try in April:

1. Mas Huni Maldives


This is a traditional breakfast of Maldives where the shredded smoked Tuna fish is diced with coconut, onions, and chillies and is served with flatbread. With added flavours and textures, it is the best dish to be tried to start your day.

2. Garudiya Dish

Alpha Maldives

This is a fragrant fish soup made from freshly caught Tuna and mixed with water and special salt with lime rub. Chillies, Onions, and Hot sauces add the flavours to the dish pairing a great combination with the masala rice.

3. Saagu Bondibai Of Maldives


This is a sweet pudding made from coconut milk, cardamon and sago that must be tried at the end of the meal to enjoy the flavourful taste of the tropical sweetness.

Things To Do In The Maldives In April

Here are some best things to do in the Maldives in April:

1. Snorkelling & Diving In Maldives


The weather of Maldives in April gives you the best opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Maldives with these fun-induced activities. April is the best month to enjoy the serene nature of the corals, tropical fish and also the giant mantas.

2. Spa Retreats In Maldives


You can enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation at the best luxurious spa treatments in the Maldives to pamper yourself with a variety of treatments for beauty and wellness.

3. Island Hopping & Water Sports


In the leisure, you can enjoy the Island hoping to explore the regional insights, culture and cuisine mix of Maldives. Water sports are the added advantage here where you can enjoy paragliding, banana riding, speed boat, dolphin cruising, and many more fun activities.

Maldives In April: Travel Trips To Remember


Maldives in April offers unforgettable experiences. To make the travel better this month you need to prebook your accommodation and the activities prior to availing them at the best price. 

Guided tours are always preferable to enjoy the full potential of the trips like deep diving and dolphin cruising. Always check the reviews of the list of best restaurants in the Maldives to have the right taste to satiate your appetite. Don’t miss out on maintaining your attire to handle the heat wave of Maldives in April.

Best Island To Visit In Maldives In April Month


Maldives Islands are ideal to enjoy at any point of time in the year. Specially if you are looking for the best island to visit in Maldives in April Month then it must be the Veligandu Island of Maldives. This island with its pristine beaches, overwater bungalows, and picturesque setting, is one of the best places to have a full-fledged Maldives trip.

You can also try Maafushi Island which is best for Marine life and the Vaddhoo Island Maldives, especially renowned for its night glowing beaches. 

Best Restaurants To Visit In Maldives In April

Here are the best restaurants to visit in Maldives in April:

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant


This restaurant is located at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort which offers a unique dining experience 5 metres below the ocean surface serving international cuisines.

2. Subsix In Maldives


Nestled in Per Aquum Niyama resort, this is an underwater restaurant and bar where visitors can enjoy the dishes and cocktails amidst the vibrant marine life.

3. Feeling Koi Maldives


This is a Japanese-themed restaurant at the W Resort Maldives, with the vibrant atmosphere and the innovative authentic dishes this is the best food choice in the Maldives in April.

Is it too hot in Maldives in April?

In April, temperatures in the Maldives are warm but not excessively hot, with average daytime highs around 31°C (88°F).

Is the Maldives rainy in April?

Despite the southwest monsoon touch, rains are occasional in the month of April in Maldives.

Is it a good time to visit Maldives in April?

Yes! April with its warm weather and clear skies creates an ideal setting for beach activities and water sports.

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