Man Travels The World In 10 Years, Didn’t Take A Single Flight

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In a recent event, a Danish traveller, Torbjørn ‘Thor’ Pederson, began his world tour on October 10th, 2013. The man aimed to visit every country in the world, stay for 24 hours in each country and spend only $20 every day. He also sought not to go back unless the voyage was complete. 

After ten long years, Torbjørn visited every country in the world, and the last country he visited was Maldives, from where he started his return journey on May 24, 2023, and finally reached home on 26th July 2023, where he was welcomed by 150 people, including his father, siblings, project partners and other supporters as well. 

On adding more details about his incredible journey, Pederson stated that while he was crossing the Atlantic from Iceland to Canada, he faced a severe storm that lasted for four days, and he had to reschedule many sailings because some of the ships were broken. Besides, he also came across a bout of Malaria in Ghana. 

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