Mason Elephant Park: Elephant Sanctuary, Bali

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Bali being a small island has ample choice for tourists to engage in recreational activities with family and friends. And if you are an Elephant lover, then Mason Elephant Park is your place to visit on a trip to Bali.  

The Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Taro Ubud, which is spread around 4 hectares and is the home of 31 Elephants has been created to mimic the natural habitat of the Elephants rescued from their native homeland Sumatra. 

These Elephants are kept fenced but have their everyday routine well managed and a busy schedule with sand pit play, and baths at the swimming pool and rest at the shade houses.

The Elephants of the Park are rescued Elephants from Sumatra. Palm oil cultivation has led to deforestation and extinction of the habitat of the Elephants. The Elephants were separated from their families and were poached or left at their condition. 

The elephants had nowhere to go with no food and were at risk of being killed. These elephants were rescued and brought to Bali, where a natural habitat was created for the Elephants to flourish. 

The park is immaculately kept. The greenery around the park is stunning with a small jungle trek and a mini forest. The Mason Elephant Park has two Swimming pools for the Elephants to enjoy their morning baths and a huge sand pit for them to play with. A huge eating place for the elephants to enjoy their meals and rest while they are being cleaned. 

With a limited everyday program, tourists can go on a memorable adventure trip with the Elephants and join the Elephants in their morning Baths, a safari, and breakfast with stunning views. The tourists can interact with the elephants in gentle and educational ways.

The park offers various activities for the tourists all aimed at conserving and protecting the natural habitat of the Elephants and spreading awareness about the giant creature. 

Visit the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Bali with the Bali Tour packages and create memories for a lifetime. 

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary


Mason Elephant Park & Lodge is Ethical and tourists won’t notice any kind of cruelty towards them. The Elephants of the park are happy and are taken care of and are just not for commercial purposes. 

The sad thing about these Elephants would have been if they were left in the Jungles of Sumatra and would have slowly died due to deforestation and devastation. 

The park caretakers explain to the tourists about these Elephants and how precious they are.

They don’t cruelty to break the Elephant instead they are being taught and are rewarded with treats.

The Animals are chained at night, but this is only done to tame them and not engage in fights with the other elephants in the Park.

The Mahouts have hooks, but they are used only in emergencies if the Elephant goes out of control. 

The Mason Elephant Park has a vet who takes care of each Elephant’s medical needs and nutritional supplements. 

The park is fully committed to conservation of the Elephants and has set the standards for how to care for elephants in a purpose-built environment. The Elephants at the Mason Elephant Park are well cared for in a healthy and stimulating environment that caters to all their daily needs.

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Things to do at Mason Elephant Park


Various recreational activities are available for the tourist to engage and get to know the Elephants of the Mason Elephant Park. The best things to do in Bali Mason Elephant Park include: 

  1. Elephant Bathing: Tourists can spray water and give the elephants of the Mason Elephant Park a nice and refreshing bath. Tourists can witness elephants enjoying the water splashes and spraying it on themselves and even on the tourists. The price of Elephant bathing is IDR 350,000 Per person.
  2. Elephant Feeding: Tourists can avail the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feed the Elephants of the Mason Elephant Park in Bali their favorite meals. The Price of Elephant Feeding activity is IDR150,000 Per Person
  3. Elephant riding: The best thing to do at the Mason Elephant Park is to have a fun-filled Elephant ride for about 30 minutes and have a complete trip of the wast park spread around the forests.  The price for the Elephant ride is IDR 1,250,000 per person
  4. Museum Tour: The Mason Elephant Park also has a museum that has ancient artifacts of the Bali tradition and culture. There are also facts and figures about the Elephants and their history of rescue from Sumatra. The giant skeleton of the Mammoth is the major attraction of the museum. The price for the entry to the museum is included in the entry ticket to the park.
  5. Walk around the Botanical garden which is rich in medicinal herbs that are native to Bali and are used for the cure of diseases. 
  6. Night Safari: Amidst the jungle of the Taro, tourists can enjoy the Bali safari of the jungle on the Elephant’s back and have their dinner at the palm grove by the lake.
  7. Photoshoot with the Elephants: If you want to photobomb Instagram with stunning pictures of your visit to the Mason Elephant Park, pay extra for a photo shoot with the giant male Elephant with huge tusks. The giant Elephant is the star of the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Bali. 
  8. Spend a night at the Mason Elephant Park & lodge in Bali. The par has an onsite hotel for a unique experience in Bali. How mesmerizing it would be to set up to the sight and sound of the Elephants. The stay at the lodge of the park gives the tourists free access to all the activities of the park.

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How to reach Mason Elephant Park


Mason Elephant Park in Bali is located in Central Bali Taro, a 30-minute drive from Ubud. It would take around 1.5-2 hours if you are traveling from Kutu, Sanur, and Canggu. 

Tourists can opt for a taxi service or even a scooter ride to reach the park. There are also tour packages that include pick up and drop off from and from the hotel to the Mason Elephant Park & lodge. 

If you have a plan for a complete day to visit the park you can also include some of the Best Places to Visit in Bali nearby Mason Elephant Park. Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Tirta Empul Temple in Bali, and Gunung are the places near the park.

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How much does it cost to go to Mason Elephant Park?

The entrance ticket to the park is IDR 750,000 for adults and IDR 500,000 for children between the age of 5-12 years old. This fee includes entry to the elephant museum, a welcome drink, and feeding the elephants. 

What is the most ethical elephant sanctuary in Bali?

Mason Elephant Park is an ethical Sanctuary in Bali where Elephants are taken care of with utmost priority and without any cruelty. The Mason Elephant Park has a vet who takes care of the medical needs of the Elephant. 

How many elephants are in Mason Elephant Park?

There are nearly 31 Elephants in the Mason Elephant Park.

Are there restaurants or cafes within Mason Elephant Park?

Yes, Mason Elephant Park has restaurants and cafes where tourists can enjoy their meals with stunning views of the Elephants and surrounded by the natural surroundings. 

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