How To Plan This Janmashtami In Mathura?

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This year, you can ring in Lord Krishna’s birthday among the pretty lights and vibrant colors of Mathura. Considered to be the birthplace of the beloved eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Mathura offers a delightful list of things to do. So even if you plan a Mathura Vrindavan one day tour, you can revel in the festivities to the fullest. Read on to know how:

Mathura Vrindavan One Day Trip
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Mathura is the perfect place to celebrate Janmashtami

Janmashtami Celebration In 2019
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If you consider yourself to be a devotee of Lord Krishna, or even if you just wish to know and enjoy the festivities, you can spend Krishna Janmashtami 2019 in Lord Krishna’s land. Even though tons of people make their way to Mathura each year to celebrate this auspicious occasion, you can take relief in the fact that there is something for everyone. So if you do like crowds, do not let that stop you from coming here! There are so many temples here, so you can make your way to some underrated ones and spend a calm and peaceful evening with yourself or loved ones as the festivities go on.

Mathura offers authentic Janmashtami celebrations

Mathura offers authentic Janmashtami celebrations
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Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, you already know that the kind of celebrations you will get to take part in are unparalleled and totally incomparable to any other place. The people here are incredibly devoted and passionate about Lord Krishna. You will see such immense dedication in all the services and other facilities being provided in order to make Janmashtami the best so far, each and every year.

Mathura Vrindavan offers authentic Janmashtami celebrations
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For the people of Delhi, Mathura is barely three hours away. There is a rich history of the occasion to be found here. Even if you end up spending a few hours here, they will be truly quite memorable and beautiful. From the heavenly temples to exciting traditions, Mathura beats every other place in the spectacle of Janmashtami.

Jhulanotsov and Ghatas

Jhulanotsov and Ghatas In Mathura
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Jhulan means swings, and Utsav means occasion. So, to celebrate Jhulanostov, people of Mathura lay out swings bedecked with colorful and fragrant flowers out in their courtyards and outside of their houses. This is meant to recreate the time when Lord Krishna was still a baby and used to rest in a cradle. It is thought that this gesture will invite and welcome the Lord into people’s homes, thus it is of great significance and is very auspicious too.

Vishram Ghat Temple Ghats of Mathura
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The Ghatas is yet another elaborate celebration that is carried out during Janmashtami in Mathura with full aplomb and joy. A theme for the entire month is chosen. After that, all the temples in the vicinity are supposed to be decorated in accordance with the theme only. From the clothes of Lord Krishna to the colors of the temple – everything is arranged in a way that complies with the theme. This tradition renders a very unifying effect on Mathura. You will get to see how each temple interprets the theme and colors and how much creativity they put into finishing the decorations.

Major temples to visit while in Mathura

Temples In Mathura
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While you are on the Mathura Vrindavan Tour, why not make the best of it and go for some sightseeing? You can indulge in some great food as well. You will be astounded to know that there are more than four thousand temples in Mathura. The major and most notable ones are Radhanath Temple, Iscon Temple, etc. These are the temples that devotees come to in order to take part in the temple’s rituals and ceremonies. You can sit by the temple for a while and soak in the aura of Mathura. It can prove to be quite a spiritual and emotional experience for a lot of people.

Experience the Dahi Handi tradition

Dahi Handi In Mathura
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The Dahi Handi tradition can be said to be an elaborate recreation of Krishna’s childhood. The famous stories of him stealing milk and butter as a child come alive. You will see that a pot full of curd (Dahi) is hung high above. Groups of people will then form intricate human pyramids in order to get to the top and break it. The whole affair is very entertaining and thrilling to watch.

Here’s how you can make a round trip to Mathura from Delhi

Radha Syamasundar Vrindavan Radhastami
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You can travel from Delhi to Mathura in two ways – either by bus or by train. Though you can take a cab too, it can prove to be costlier in terms of money and time both. If you choose to go by bus, you have to take a bus to Mathura via the Yamuna Expressway Highway. You can catch the bus from Noida Sector 37. If you choose to go by train, you can take one from Nizamuddin Railway Station. Plenty of trains go from here to Mathura in a couple of hours, like Telangana Express, Karnataka Express, etc.

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