Mirror Cave: Mirror Stone Cave, the wonder of Labuan Bajo

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Indonesia needs no introduction in terms of the most favored travel destination in the world. Be it Bali, Jakarta, Denpasar, or Labuan Bajo every destination in Bali Tour Packages has its unparalleled unique charm and captivates the hearts of the tourists. 

Mirror Cave or Batu Cermin Cave is one such fascinating attraction in Labuan Bajo Bali that intrigues tourists with its magical and mystical powers.

Batu Cermin Cave is a dark cave in the stone hills of Labuan Bajo and is situated 4 kilometers from the main city. In this limestone tunnel cave, nature shows its magic once a day. The caves are known as the mirror caves due to the unique and natural phenomena that occur inside the caves. 

Sunlight entering through the peepholes of the rocks bounces on the stone walls and these are again reflected to other small limestone walls creating an illuminating effect and a mirror-like gaze.

The mirror rock cave in Labuan Bajo is a popular tourist attraction among photographers and nature lovers and visiting the cave is the best thing to do in Bali. With stunning images of the illuminating caves, the mirror cave is the star of Labuan Bajo on Instagram.

The science behind the mirror cave is the presence of Stalactites and stalagmites in the rock that look sparkling. The content of salt in the rocks is believed to make stalactites and stalagmites appear shiny.

When tourists enter the cave, to their amazement there is also the presence of turtle and rock fossils that can be seen at the entrance. After walking a few distance from the entrance of the cave, for an adventurous experience, the cave gets narrower and deeper. Tourists might require a torch for an unforgettable caving experience. 

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Mirror Cave Entry Price


The Batu Cermin Cave entry price is 50,000 Rupiah Per person, even though the prices are on the high side, once you enter the cave and witness the beauty that it holds, prices are worth paying for. 

To better understand the miracle of the cave tourists can also hire a local guide to get around the cave. The guide has expert knowledge regarding the geology and the history of the cave and can explain anything and everything about the mirror rock cave in Labuan Bajo. The price to hire the guide is separated from the entry price to the Mirror Cave. 

Being in the cave it is completely dark and you would require the use of head torches beneath the cave. It is completely recommended to rent a torch or you can even use your mobile torches if they are bright enough to show you the way forward. 

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The best time to visit Mirror Cave


The tricky part of the visit to the Mirror Cave is to decide on the best time to visit the cave. It is only once a day that the cave shows its magic, and you have to be lucky to be there at that time. 

The best time to visit Bali Mirror Cave is from 10 AM to 1 PM on a clear day. It is only at this time zone that the mirror rock in Labuan Bajo is illuminated with the mirror effect. 

How to reach Mirror Cave

Mirror Cave is situated 4 kilometers away from the main town of Labuan Bajo. there are two ways to visit Mirror Cave.

The first option is to visit the cave on a Labuan Bajo Boat tour. This tour takes the tourists to the nearby major attractions of Labuan Bajo. These places include the Komodo National Park, Ranco Cave, Rinca Island, and Batu Cermin Mirror Cave. These tours are guided tours where the experts tell all about the tour’s places and exciting features related to each one of them.

The other option would be to reach the cave in 15 minutes from Labuan Bajo by a rented cab or taxi or on a rented motorbike. 

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Tips on visiting the cave

  1. Depending on the season you are visiting the Mirror cave, tourists need to be punctual about the timings to visit the Batu Cermin cave. 
  2. As the cave illuminates at a particular time in the day and that time changes according to seasons, so make sure to check on the time of the day to visit the mirror cave, to capture its magical powers.
  3. There are Bats in the mirror cave so be considerate of them.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes as you will be walking and hiking a lot. 
  5. Carry a torch with you, tourists can’t rent a torch if they do not hire a guide for the tour.

Is it safe to Visit Mirror Cave?

Yes, it is completely safe to visit Mirror Caves. However, tourists who are scared of Bats and the dark need to consider before going inside. It is completely dark in the cave. Those tourist who wish to have a guided tour through the cave can hire a guide for the tour.

What makes Mirror Cave a popular tourist attraction?

The uniqueness of the cave attracts tourists to it. The bright sunlight enters the mirror cave through the peepholes creating a stunning lightening effect and a stunning visual impression. 

Are there any nearby attractions or activities to combine with a visit to Mirror Cave?

The nearby attractions of the Batu Cermin Mirror Cave are the Komodo National Park, Pink Beach, and Rinca Island. Tourists can take pleasure in the boat rides for a day that takes the tourists through various major attractions of Labuan Bajo near the Batu Cermin Caves. 

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