8 Monuments Built By Women Beyond Patriarchial Horizons

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Do you know how women in our country are gaining their place for which they fought so much and for so many years? However, if one takes the names of monuments, one can only imagine that some famous emperor built the monuments, and no one would even think about an empress. Well, not many people know that some of the great monuments built by women are a part of history, standing tall in all their glory and playing a significant role in the history and culture of our country.

Check out the list of some of the most impressive monuments built by women:

1. Itimad Ud Daulah, Agra

Source : Wikipedia

The fort of Itimad Ud Daula in Agra is popularly known as the jewel box on the banks of Yamuna River, and was built by the Mughal Empress Nur Jahan, who was the daughter of the Emperor Itimad Ud Daula, and wife of Emperor Jahangir. Nur Jahan built the Itimad Ud Daula Fort between the years 1622 to 1628 to honour her father.

It is a remarkable monument because it marked the end of red sandstone, and more delicate marbles appeared.

2. Rani Ki Vav, Patan


Rani Ki Vav is located in Patan, Gujarat, and is among one of the most beautiful step wells of the time. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the step well was built by Queen Udyamati in loving memory of her beloved husband, Bhimdev I. 

This monument stands on the banks of the Sarasvati River as a specimen of the perfect Maru Gujara Style of architecture. The fascinating thing about this step well is that it is designed like an inverted temple. As you go deeper, you can find intricate designs divided into seven levels. 

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3. Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi


The very popular Humayun’s Tomb, which is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, was built by Hamida Banu Begum after the death of Humayun. It was made in the memory of Humayu by his wife.

Skilled Persian and Indian craftsmen built the Humayun’s tomb, which is popularly known as the Dormitory of the Mughals. Placed on a highly raised platform, the monument is an onion-shaped dome.

4. Mirjan Fort, Uttara Kannada


The Mirjan Fort in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka was constructed in the 16th century by the Queen Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa. She was popularly known as the Pepper Queen because that was her primary business, and the Mirjan Fort served as a place for shipping pepper. 

The queen was from the Tuluva-Suluva Clan and ruled for a 54-year-long period. The fort has witnessed some furious battles and is famous for its beauty. 

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5. Lal Darwaza, Jaunpur

Source : Varanasi Videos

One of the popular and stunning pieces of architecture in the small town of Jaunpur is the Lal Darwaza Masjid. The Lal Darwaza Masjid was built in 1573 by Queen Rajye Bibi to honour her spiritual teacher Saint Saiyyad Ali Dawood Kutubbudin. The monument was constructed to propagate religious teachings, and the mosque features a large vermillion-painted entrance, similar to that of the queen’s private palace.

6. Dakshineswar Kali Mandir, Kolkata


Built by Rani Rashmoni, Dakineshwar Kali Mandir in Kolkata is the most revered temple of Kolkata. The queen was a philanthropist and raised her voice against all ill practices such as child marriage and sati practices. The temple was built in 1857 on 20 acres of land and is built in typical Bengali-styled architecture. This temple draws several believers throughout the year. 

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7. Sri Mohinishwar Shivalaya, Gulmarg

Source : The Statesman

One of the iconic Shiva Temples found in Gulmarg is the Sri Mohinishwara Shivalay, which also goes by Rani Ji Temple or Maharani Shakar temple, built by Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia. The monument was built in 1915 and has been dedicated to Lord Shiva and featured in various movies.

8. Virupaksha Temple, Pattadakal

Source : Wikipedia

The Virupaksha Temple was built by the Chief Queen of Vikramaditya II, Lokamahadevi to celebrate the victory of Pallavas in Kanchipuram. The front porch features an imposing Nandi Statue depicting scenes from Hindu mythology.

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