10 Most Dangerous Places In The World That Is Not For The Weak Hearted

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The world is full of wonders and beautiful places; there is so much to explore in this short life. God has blessed us with so much beauty in the world that one lifetime would not be enough to witness everything God has offered. 

However, if you are like me, who loves adventure and likes to explore scary and deadly places, my friend, you are in for a treat, for I will tell you about some of the most dangerous places in the world that will blow your mind. 

If you are an atheist, you often don’t believe in things. Still, the places I will tell you about, and if you are lucky enough to visit these dangerous places in the world, then there is a high possibility that you are going to question your beliefs because these are the places that make you believe that God exists because all this beauty with nature’s wrath is beyond the capabilities of a human. 

The World is a lovely place; sometimes, when beauty blends with thrill, it becomes even more beautiful and a little wild as well, which may sound scary to some, but for others, for people like us, it sounds like a thrilling adventure that they should definitely embark on. 

Check out the list of the most dangerous places in the world and see when you can plan your next trip to one of these places to have the most incredible experience of your life.

Death Valley National Park, USA


Death Valley, as the name, speaks for itself. I am sure you don’t have to guess how deadly this place could be. Well, as deadly as it sounds, Death Valley is actually one of the most dangerous places in the world, located at the lowest point of North America, somewhere between Nevada and California.

Also known as the land of extremes, the area faces extreme drought, and the peaks are frozen. So there is a contrast which makes the place even more beautiful. 

One thing that people should remember is that they are not strong enough to beat the heat at Death Valley without covering themselves. Drink plenty of water because if you don’t, you will be dehydrated and avoid going out of air-conditioned rooms.

The most astonishing thing about Death Valley is the Badwater Basin, a breathtakingly beautiful landscape tourists often confuse it with snow. Still, in reality, it is salt formed by rains that wash away the minerals from the rocks, and at the Badwater Basin, the storms form lakes, so when the water evaporates, only salt remains, thus making a surreal landscape.

Contrary to its name, life thrives here, for there are fishes in Death Valley, and during spring, the valley looks vibrant. There is so much to explore in Death Valley that you are going to need a lot of time to explore it to the fullest.

Volcano Tours In Hawaii, USA

source : hawaiimagazine

Till now, you have heard about Hawaii and its beautiful island and beaches. Well, its more than that. Did you know that Hawaii hosts Volcano tours and is home to the world’s largest Volcano, Mauna Loa, which has been erupting since the year 1983 and also the home to one of the last active volcanoes, Mount Kilauea. 

The Volcano Tours give you a close-up look of these volcanoes, and no place in the world can you see the volcanoes so up close. 

You can go for a boat tour at the Hawai Volcano National Park, where you will be taken through the red-hot rivers flowing with lava, and you will also be able to witness the lava waterfalls and other geological formations. 

It is one of the most dangerous places in the world, for it has reported several casualties over the span of many years due to excessive lava haze and falling rocks, making it quite scary. 

As frightening as it sounds, it is still the most adventurous place to be and you are going to have a lot of fun while you take this tour.

Snake Island, Brazil

source : worldatlas

Do you remember that kid in your class or school who had a thing for snakes? He drew snakes, watched cartoons that had snakes and watched Man Vs Wild on the discovery channel only for the sake of watching the different kinds of snakes. 

For me, this guy was my brother, and since you are already read it so far, I am guessing that you like snakes as well. So maybe that kid in school was no other guy. It was you.  

You will be surprised to find out that there is a Snake Island, also known as the Ilha De Queimada in Brazil, approximately 90 miles away from the island of Sao Paulo. This Island has the largest population of Snakes in the entire World. As per reports on the island that after every square meter, five snakes are waiting to bite. 

These snakes are venomous enough to melt down human flesh, making it one of the most dangerous places in the world. Didn’t that send a chill down your spine? 

Interestingly the most distinct snake, the golden lancehead viper, which is not found anywhere else in the world, is found here on Snake Island.  

Due to the demand for lancehead venom in the black market and the fact that death will be waiting for you if you visit the island, the Brazilian Government has banned the entry of visitors here.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

source : tanzaniahorizon

Nature has a funny way of surprising you, and you will be stunned when you hear that there is a lake in Tanzania which turns animals and birds into stone if they try to touch its surface. 

The reason behind this is due to the alkaline nature of the lake, which is a beautiful crimson-coloured lake but deadly as well. 

The Mountain of God has something to do with the lake’s hostile nature as it is the only active volcano that emits natrocarbonatites which is a rare carbonatite component. Besides, the surrounding hills also contribute to the lake’s alkaline nature giving out Sodium Carbonate, which was also used in Egypt for mummification during the time. 

Like they say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, just like that where on the one hand, the lake turns birds and animals to stone, and on the other hand, it is a thriving place for flamingoes. 

The lake’s pH is around 10.5; it is very caustic in nature and burns the animals that are not adapted to it, making it one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Oymyakon, Siberia

source : outlookindia

Oymyakon is a village in Siberia which is the coldest village on earth. Now this is one of the most exciting places to be, for the place is so cold that even your eyelashes and saliva freeze because the temperature can drop as low as -62℃, freezing your brains out. 

Somehow, even in such harsh winters, 500 people inhabited in this village survive the harsh winters every year and have come up with exciting tricks to make their life as easy as possible. 

The village has only one shop and one school, which closes as soon as the temperature drops further. It may not be the most dangerous, but it definitely is one of the dangerous places in the world for those who are not immune to such harsh conditions. 

Visitors need a lot of courage and an excellent endurance level to visit the place.

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

source : furtherafrica

If you visit the Danakil Desert, you may get a feeling that you are in some fictional movie, for it is the most alien land in the world, also known as the “Gateway to Hell”. 

This desert is the hottest, lowest, and driest place in the world, with multiple volcanoes oozing out lava, and you can also see the various hues of hydrothermal fields that will leave you in awe. 

To reach this place, one has to take a dusty and bumpy ride and, along the way, witness several volcanoes spewing toxic gases. 

This desert, located at the northern end of the Great Rift Valley, is covered in approximately 10 lakh tonnes of salt and has been a major draw for scientists trying to study the land. 

Despite being a foul-smelling, punitive place, people worldwide come here to see it.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

source : namibia

Just like its name, the skeleton coast is covered with skeletons and is literally located where the earth ends.

Now a question might pop up, whose skeleton is found on the skeleton coast?

Well, the coast is covered with several skeletons of the whales who lost their lives on the coast. These bones were used by people settling in the northeastern part of Namibia to make their huts.

Not only that, but several ships have been stranded over time due to thick fog and unpredicted ocean currents, and the sailors who could make it to the coast died of thirst, making it one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Although the place is very hostile, still a number of animals can be found here, such as hyenas, jackals, rhinos, elephants and so on.

Mount Washington, USA

source : peakvisor

Why is Mount Washington on the list of the most dangerous places in the world?

Well, it has been noted for having extreme weather conditions, including the highest wind velocities in the world, with speeds as high as 203 miles per hour. 

The expedition to Mount Washington is beyond your imagination because the temperature is not so stable and drops to a freezing point of minus forty degrees, enough to also numb your body and brain. 

The seasoned hikers, who have done many expeditions over mountains, even they have been pushed several miles away from their hiking trails by the strong winds, making their safe return a problematic task.

Gates Of Hell, Turkmenistan

How often have you wondered what would hell look like? Plenty of times, I suppose.

Although I know sometimes hell is not a place but a feeling but this isn’t about that. 

What if I tell you there is a legit hell right here on Earth, and you can visit it too?

Yes, it’s true. There is a hell on Earth, which is not your office, just in case you thought I was talking about that.

The Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan, is a man-made hell. It is 230 ft wide hole that has been burning for 50 years now and no solution have been found to put out the fire. 

source : matadornetwork

It started as an accident when a drilling rig accidentally hit a natural gas cavern, which eventually led to ground collapse, causing a big hole and the hole started giving out toxic gases. 

To avoid a natural catastrophe, the hole was set on fire, thinking that the fire would die out in a day or two, but they could not have been more wrong about it. It went on and has been going on for the last 50 years. 

The village near this crater has become a popular camping site for visitors. Despite being called the gates of hell, people from all over the world come here to witness hell itself in all its blazing glory. 

This Fire is also one of the reasons for global warming and something should be done to put the fire out, for we need to protect the environment so that the world doesn’t end and we don’t see the actual gates of hell, where the devil would be waiting for us.

North Sentinal Island, Andamans

The population of the world is in millions, and it’s a little hard to believe that there is someplace still undiscovered by humans. As weird as that sounds, it is still true. The North Sentinel Island is located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

It might make you think that if it’s in the Indian territory, why is it still undiscovered? Well, it’s because the island is inhabited by Sentinelese people, who have chosen voluntary isolation and don’t want any outsiders there. 

Reports suggest that there are around 150 inhabitants but it cannot be confirmed because no one, not even researchers, are allowed to enter the island. 

The Sentinelese people have been protected by the protection of tribes Act of Andaman & Nicobar island and the authorities have prohibited outsiders to enter the island. The visitor cannot be more than 5 nautical miles closer to the island because the government has prohibited it. The restriction has been put in place to protect the islanders as well as the visitors. It is because the people do not want to do anything with the outside world. Besides, they have been isolated for such a long time that these folks have zero immunity and there is a high possibility that outsiders will give them diseases which don’t even exist in their land.

This is something to think about because these people don’t even know Covid-19, which in itself is a good thing. To protect themselves from the outside world, these islanders have left no stone unturned to let us know that they want nothing to do with the rest of the world and they should be left alone. 

source : thehindu

Few attempts have been made to get to know these islanders, but as resilient as these people are, they have shown no interest in any of it. 

However, once an attempt was made and that led to kidnapping the islanders and taking them to Port Blair, the result of which led to deaths of two of the islanders out of six, who became sick and were dropped back to the island, God knows what other disease we gave them. 

After several attempts, the visit to the island stopped in the year 1997. However, three people who entered the island illegally were found dead, probably because one of the islanders killed them for intruding. Although no person has been held for the murders, and how would that even happen. How would you imply a law to a land where this law does not exist?

These islanders want nothing but their privacy, and I firmly believe they should get what they want. They have been isolated for such a long time and like every other citizen, they should have the right to their privacy as well, and I think with all due respect, we should give them that. That is the bare minimum that we can do for them. Since they have zero immunity, it’s best that we leave them alone and not infect them with our deadly diseases, like we infected the world with Covid-19 due to our negligence and selfishness. 

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