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Dubai has plenty of places to explore and activities for both adults and kids, be it having lovely evening at the Burj Khalifa, or camping in the desert during the night, there are endless endless number of experiences to have. Out of which one also has the option to go for Motiongate Dubai, which is one of the best theme parks in Dubai, to make your trip an amazing experience. 

Located in Dubai Parks and Resorts, you should definitely pay a visit to this amazing place to make the most of your Dubai Trip Package, offering an authentic Hollywood experience right here in Dubai with its thrilling rides, inspired by famous movies.  So you and your kids are in for a great time and should not miss out on this wonderful experience. 

An Authentic Hollywood Experience

Image Source : Motiongate Dubai

Get ready to meet your favourite Hollywood characters and click a picture to post on your Instagram feed, and flex all over social media. Not only that, but you also get a chance to re-live the moments from Kung Fu Panda, The Smurfs, Ghost Busters, and other popular movies. 

Enjoy the Smurf village topped with mushroom caps, which catches everyone’s attention, and looks no less than a fairytale in the middle of the desert oasis. The Smurfs Village offers an interactive play zone area where you can enjoy, family rides for the adrenaline rush, and an exciting theatre where you can have a nice time, irrespective of the generation you belong to. 

Did you enjoy Kung Fu Panda? Did you enjoy it to the extent that you would actually want to explore the lands, inspired by the movie? Well if that is what you seek then you are at the right place Motion Gate Dubai theme park, also features a dedicated play area for the Kung Fu Panda lands where one can enjoy 12 different types of attractions, multimedia theatre shows, some thrilling rides, and a play zone for people of all ages. 

Just like the Global Village Dubai, Motiongate is also an exciting place to spend your day on a trip to Dubai.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lionsgate, offering some drool-worthy food that will leave you craving for more, some very trendy merchandise, and plenty of entertainment for one day. 

The Lionsgate brings to life The Hunger Games, and the spectacular dance steps of Step Up Dubai based on the latest installments of the Step Up franchise, ensuring that you have a really nice time here with your friends and family. 

The Motiongate Dubai theme park also features Studio Central, allowing you to step up your game and move to the Age of Hollywood, and some stunning sets of the movies in New York City. 

This is the most fascinating part of the Motiongate Dubai Theme Park, where you also learn the illusions of film-making, theatres, and their openings, and how the executive offices helps in making these masterpiece of work. It will give you a clear picture of how the movies are made, and how much effort and time has been invested into a 2-hour movie. 

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Attractions At Motiongate Dubai

Image Source : Motiongate Dubai

The Motiongate Dubai Theme Park is full of attractions and adventure activities waiting for you to pick them. 

Try out the thrilling Now You See Me themed rollercoaster ride that will leave you screaming in the air but you will not have gotten enough of it. You can also try the 4D thrilling ride which has a lot of twists and turns and there will be an open contract on John Wick, so you have to pick whether you wish to help or hunt him down. 

If humans are not your thing, and you would rather interact with Dracula and monsters then you can try the Hotel Transylvania at Columbia Pictures, which is said to be the only hotel that allows monsters. You can join Dracula, Frankenstein, Murray, the Mummy, and Mavis, Dracula’s daughter on this goofy adventure. 

If you want the best of the Motiongate Dubai Theme Park then you can also try the 4D Underworld, witness an eight hundred years old war between Vampires and Lycans, and stroll through the corridors of the vampire’s mansion. 

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Motiongate Dubai Ticket Prices

Image Source : Motiongate Dubai

Book your tickets to Motiongate Dubai online by visiting the Visit Dubai site or the official site of Motiongate and pre-book your tickets. 

If you are a local in Dubai, and you wish to keep visiting the place very often, then it’s best to take the annual pass which starts at AED 495, but if you are a tourist then you can take the day ticket which starts at AED 295, and if you want you can take take the two park ticket so you can get entry into both parks on the same day. It will cost you AED 355 per person. 

How To Reach Motiongate Dubai?

Image Source : Motiongate Dubai

The most convenient way to reach Motiongate Dubai is to take the bus. There is a dedicated bus line(DPR1), that serves the theme park area, making it convenient for everyone to reach the place. 

You can take this bus from the Ibn Battuta Mall, or the Ibn Battuta Bus stop, and it will take you to the Dubai Parks and Resort Area VIP parking 1. 

However, if you wish to drive, you can head South towards the Sheikh Zayed Road and once you reach Ibn Battuta Mall, the place is just 20 minutes drive away. 

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