Mount Fuji Online Tickets: Japan Introduced Online Bookings for Mt. Fuji

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On May 13, Japanese officials announced a new system for booking Mount Fuji Online Tickets. Online Tickets for Mount Fuji Japan aim to tackle the problem of too many tourists visiting the place. 

Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, gets very crowded during the summer hiking season. This has led to various concerns about safety and harm to the environment. Some climbers worry they might not get slots once the daily limit is full. So, this year, Japan is trying something new. 

This Online Tickets for Mount Fuji Japan will let people book Mount Fuji Online Tickets. Katsuhiro Iwama, a Yamanashi regional government official, said, “This will help people plan their trip better in advance.”

In Japan, the website for booking Mount Fuji Online Tickets for hiking trips will start working from May 20. Tourists can do Mount Fuji Online bookings for hiking from July to September. Also, for offline visitors, there will be at least 1000 spots available for on-the-spot entry every day. 

More than 220,000 people come to visit Mount Fuji, and many of them climb at night to catch the sunrise. Some people try to reach the top, which is 3,776 meters (12,388 feet) high, without taking any breaks. This can make them sick or hurt.

To reduce the number of people on the Yoshida Trail (Mt. Fuji), Mount Fuji Online bookings will limit the daily number of hikers to 4,000 in the Yamanashi region. Each person will need to pay $13 to hike this trail.

Tourists also go to nearby spots to take pictures of the famous mountain. Locals had complained about tourists from other countries leaving trash, and crossing the street dangerously for Instagram photos.

In March, Japan welcomed over 3 million tourists, marking a historic milestone. Meanwhile, residents in Kyoto have decided to stop tourists from entering private alleys. They made this decision because some tourists were being rude by asking for selfies with the geisha (Japanese Performing Artists), who were wearing traditional kimono dresses.

So, to limit the number of visitors and these dangerous activities, this new policy of Mount Fuji Online Tickets will let people book in advance. This way, Japan hopes to keep the mountain safe and still let people enjoy it.

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