Record-Breaking: MSG Sphere Las Vegas, the World’s Largest Sphere

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As per the history of Las Vegas, it has set records and then broken it. Vegas is already home to the tallest Ferris Wheel in the US and the strongest light beam on Earth. It has again made something that is beyond comparison, for it has introduced the largest spherical-shaped structure in the world. 

The structure was shown to the people on the occasion of 4th July, as the American Flag was displayed on it. Besides the flag, an eyeball, a basketball, and the Earth was displayed on the sphere. 

The Sphere is still not open to the public and is expected to open on 29th September. The anticipation for this 366 ft tall and 516 ft wide ball of LED has been increasing every day. 

According to the reports, the exterior of the sphere is decorated with approximately 1.2 million LEDs, which are the size of a hockey puck. 

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