10 Best Places to Enjoy the Finest Mumbai Street Food

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Are you a foodie who loves Mumbai street food? The open place, rushing traffic, and amazing spicy taste may not sound luxurious but have a charm that only Mumbaikars can feel. If you are one of them, then in this blog we will discuss in detail about the best street food in Mumbai, the dishes, the places, the healthy alternatives, and how you can maintain a balance between health and street taste. So let’s get started.

10 Best Places for Street Food in Mumbai

What is the point of knowing these mouth-watering street dishes if we don’t even know where to find them? So here is a list of top 10 places where you can find the best street vendors and even some restaurants in Mumbai.

 1. Chowpatty Beach: Chaat Lovers’ Paradise


During sunset, Chowpatty Beach, with its golden sands and stunning views of the Arabian Sea, becomes a refreshing Mumbai street food destination. The ever-popular Bhel Puri, the savory Sev Puri, and the tangy Pani Puri the stalls on the beach offer a treat of chaats that capture the magic of Mumbai’s street food.

Street food specialty: Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Dabeli, Ragda Pattice, Falooda

Price range: ₹20 to ₹100

2. Muhammad Ali Road: The Meat Lovers’ Paradise

Source : Curly Tales

The smell of delicious kebabs and the sizzle of grills fill Mohammad Ali Road during the holy month of Ramadan. For those looking for a meat-filled street snack, this famous street is a fine place for street food in Mumbai. Here, every carnivore’s dream come true because it offers a wide range of tandoori dishes and finger-licking Haleem.

Street food specialty: Kebabs, Biryani, Keema Pav, Rolls, Haleem
Price range: ₹50 to ₹200

3. Juhu Beach: Enjoying a Seaside Snack

Source : Flicr

Juhu Beach is a hive of Mumbai street food treats in addition to being a well-liked location for strolls. Mumbai’s favorite snacks are served up at the Juhu Beach vendors, with the Arabian Sea as a backdrop. From the classic Pav Bhaji to the crispy Pani Puri and the flavorful Bhel Puri.

Juhu Beach: Street food specialty: Grilled Corn, Samosa Chaat, Pakoras, Kulfi
Price range: ₹30 to ₹150

4. Carter Road Khau Galli: Snacks by Sea

Source : Hello Mumbai News

Situated in Bandra, Carter Road Khau Galli adds a contemporary touch to the street food scene in Mumbai. Enjoy grilled sandwiches, juicy kebabs, and tasty rolls here while taking in the waterfront scenery. In a stylish environment, it’s the ideal fusion of regional and international flavors.

Street food specialty: Tibetan Momos, Chinese Hakka Noodles, South Indian Dosa, Italian Pizzas, Thai Curries
Price range: ₹50 to ₹200

 5. Crawford Market: An Exploration of Tastes

Source : Tricols

Crawford Market conceals treasures offering scrumptious street cuisine beneath its bustling market scene. Mumbai’s diverse culinary environment is reflected in this market, which serves a variety of flavors from the hot Kheema Pav to the delicious Frankie and the refreshing Falooda.

Street food specialty: Keema Pav, Bun Maska, Bhajis, Fruits, Spices
Price range: ₹20 to ₹100

 6. Khau Galli in Ghatkopar: A Fusion of Cuisines


The Khau Galli of Ghatkopar is a hub of varied flavors of Mumbai street foods.  This is where you will find Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, and even Chinese street food, showing the city’s love for a broad range of flavors. It’s a  foodie journey that reflects the essence of multicultural Mumbai.

Street food specialty: Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature, Dosa, Sandwiches, Chinese Bhel
Price range: ₹30 to ₹150

 7. Tardeo’s Sardar Pav Bhaji: Plate of Buttered Delight


Sardar at Tardeo is a famous place when it comes to Pav Bhaji. With a satisfying layer of butter adding richness to the street food of Mumbai, its Pav Bhaji is a song of flavors.

Street food specialty: Pav Bhaji
Price range: ₹100 to ₹200

 8. Aaram Vada Pav at CST: An Experience of Tradition Vada Pav


Aaram Vada Pav is an old-time stall that has been satisfying hunger for many years. It is situated close to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal.  The Vada pavserved here is called to be the finest among the Mumbai street food fans. It is a must try if you ever cross CST.

Street food specialty: Vada Pav
Price range: ₹20 to ₹70

9. Sassanian Bakery at Marine Lines: An Adventure into Parsi Delights

Source : EazyDinner

The old bakery Sassanian Boulangerie at Marine Lines serves delicious Parsi pastries for ‘sweet hearts’. This bakery takes you through the rich and flavorful food history of Mumbai, from the delicious Bun Maska to the rich Mava Samosa.

Street food specialty: Irani Tea, Bun Maska, Khari Biscuits, Mawa Cakes
Price range: ₹20 to ₹100

 10. Elco Pani Puri Center on Hill Road in Bandra

Source : TasteAtlas

A visit to Mumbai street food scene wouldn’t be complete without tasting pani puri. And the best pain puri is found at Elco Pani Puri Centre on Hill Road in Bandra. The restaurant reflects the vibe of Mumbai’s street food culture with its crispy puris and fiery spices.

Street food specialty: Pani Puri
Price range: ₹20 to ₹50 to how many you can eat.

These places can be very far and you may need to rely on local transport. While the people in Mumbai are aware of the changes in local transport like theend of Mumbai’s double decker bus and cabs. But if you are new to Mumbai you may face challenges. So prepare and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

7 Most Loved Mumbai Street Foods

Source : EazyDinner

There are hundreds of dishes from various parts of India that are served in Mumbai. Today we are going to talk only about the street foods and not the luxurious hotels or cafes in Mumbai. So get ready for a mouth-watering read because these re the favorites of the Mumbaikars.

1. Vada Pav: simple yet rich

To begin with, let us discuss Mumbai’s most famous street snack, the modest Vada Pav. A common nickname for this snack is the “poor man’s burger,” although its power transcends all income levels. Spooned with spicy chutney inside a pav (bread roll), a spicy potato dumpling coated in gram flour batter is deep-fried to perfection. With the crispiness of the batter, the softness of the potato, and the heat of the chutney, the first taste is a symphony of textures and flavors. A feeling that unites Mumbaikars from all socioeconomic backgrounds, it’s more than just a snack.

2. Pav Bhaji – A Spicy Symphony of Vegetables

The sizzle of Pav Bhaji shops fills the Mumbai streets as the sun sets over the Arabian Sea. Serve this delicious dish with butter-soaked pav, which is a variety of mashed vegetables cooked in a rich blend of spices. The taste of Pav Bhaji is not the only thing that makes it special; sharing a dish with friends by the sea is what makes it so. Together with the sound of the waves and the distinct smell of this very spicy Mumbai street food and jolly tit-tats and laughters fill the air.

3. Bhel Puri – Fiery Festival

Bhel Puri is the street dish that most embodies the fast-paced lifestyle of Mumbai. 

Bhel Puri is a mouthwatering dish that embodies the spirit of the city, a crispy, crunchy concoction of puffed rice, sev, chopped veggies, and tart chutneys. For a quick energy boost and a little respite from the bustle of the city, stop into Bhel Puri for a packet whether you’re strolling along Marine Drive or negotiating the mayhem of the local trains.

4. Pani Puri: Happiness Filled Bubbles

Mumbai street food is totally incomplete without Pani Puri. A vendor selling Pani Puris will never be poor in Mumbai. Known by other names as Golgappa or Puchka, Pani Puri is an amazing street food experience that goes beyond just a simple snack. Spiced and tangy water, mashed potatoes, and chickpeas are the contents of the crispy, hollow puris. 

Your tongue will be treated to a magical explosion of flavors. Enjoy the experience of eating Pani Puri together and remember mastering the elegant technique of eating without breaking the puri is more important than the flavor alone.

5. Kheema Pav: Meaty love

You just must try Kheema Pav if you wanna try something meaty. Along with buttered bread, this flavorful dish is made with well cooked minced beef and aromatic spices. With the aroma of Kheema Pav filling the air, Mohammed Ali Road comes alive during Ramadan. The dish is an extraordinary dining creation that perfectly mixes so many flavors of Mumbai’s food scene with the historical wealth of the city.

6. Misal Pav – Add Some Flavor to Your Life

Misal Pav is more than simply a mumbai street food; it’s a flavor explosion that will send your taste buds racing. Many Mumbaikars love this spicy curry for breakfast, which is cooked with sprouted lentils and eaten with pav and farsan (crunchy toppings). A beautiful blend of the crunchiness of the farsan, the softness of the pav, and the heat from the spices reflects Mumbai’s passion for life.

7. Kulfi Falooda: sweet on a stick

Without a sweet dish, no discussion of Mumbai’s street food is complete, and Kulfi Falooda rules top in this regard. Indian ice cream, vermicelli noodles, rose syrup, and sabja seeds (basil seeds) come together to create this delicious flavor. The crowded streets of Mumbai disappear from vision as you taste each spoonful, taking you to another planet where time stands still. A wonderful reminder that there’s always time for a little pleasure even in the middle of  all the pain, tension and suffering.

If you are less of a street person and more into shopping and luxurious eating environments then you should check the largest luxury mall in Mumbai.

7 Healthy Street Foods in Mumbai

Source : AbhiBus

1. Kebabs on the Grill: Tasty and Healthy Street Delight:

Imagine the sizzle of delicious marinated kebabs over a hot flame! Calling all you health-conscious food lovers – these kebabs are not just tempting with their mouthwatering aroma, but guilt-free too. Treat yourself to spiced grilled seekh kebabs served with a side of refreshing mint chutney, and enjoy every flavorful bite without any worries.

2. Fresh Fruit Chaat: Nature’s Sweet Treat on the Streets

Chill out amidst the lively chaos of Mumbai’s street markets with Fresh Fruit Chaat. Picture the explosion of natural sweetness as you indulge in a mix of fresh fruits sprinkled with chaat masala and a touch of lemon. It’s not just a treat for your taste buds; it’s a celebration of health, relishing nature’s goodness in every tasty bite.

3. Quinoa Salad Bowls – A Delicious Mix of Grains and Greens:

A food revolution is happening as street vendors introduce Quinoa Salad Bowls to Mumbai street foods. These bowls are a powerhouse of nutrition, filled with protein-rich quinoa, fresh veggies, and a spicy sauce. The crunch of greens and the wholesome joy of quinoa create a beautiful combination that speaks directly to health-conscious individuals like you.

4. Steamed Momos – Delicious, Healthy Pillows:

Steamed Momos are like little pillows filled with a mix of veggies or lean meats, offering a healthier twist to the fried version. These bite-sized delights, served with a spoonful of tangy dipping sauce, bring a sense of comfort, health, and tangy goodness to the busy streets of Mumbai.

5. Masala Oats – A Warm Hug for Your Body

As the city wakes up, Masala Oats have become a nourishing Mumbai street food option. Vendors combine oats with a mix of spices, veggies, and a sprinkle of Mumbai’s love. A warm bowl of Masala Oats gives your body and soul a comforting hug, showing that health and flavor can go hand in hand on the bustling streets.

6. Stir-Fried Tofu Wraps – A Modern Twist on Street Food:

Stir-Fried Tofu Wraps blend health with creativity by pairing marinated tofu with stir-fried veggies wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. This modern street food sensation graces Mumbai’s vibrant food scene while keeping a commitment to your well-being.

7. Baked Poha Cutlets – A Crunchy Health Boost:

Baked Poha Cutlets are a crunchy delight that transforms traditional poha into a healthy street food option. Carefully seasoned and baked to a golden perfection, these cutlets are a spicy treat that you’ll adore, proving that health-conscious choices can be both unique and delicious.

How to Maintain Balance Between Street Food Bliss and Health


1. Mindful Eating:

Eating mindfully is like turning on your spiderman’s tinkle, when you’re having street food. It means paying attention to every bite – feeling the crunch, savoring the flavors, and enjoying each tasty moment. Imagine you’re a food detective, exploring the delicious mysteries of street treats! When we eat with focus, it helps us know when we’re full and keeps our tummy happy.

2. The Art of Portion Control:

Picture this: you have a plate of your favorite Mumbai street food in front of you. Instead of gobbling it all up like a hungry monster, think about portion control. That means enjoying just the right amount so you can savor the taste without feeling too stuffed. It’s like having the perfect-sized slice of pizza – not too big, not too small – just perfect for your super hungry, but not-so-huge, tummy.

3. Workout:

Hit the  gym, jog or run, nd if you are not a gym lover, then it can be jumping jacks, riding your bike, or even dancing to your favorite tunes. Just like we need taste, we also need to stay strong and energetic, we do too! So, just find a fun activity that makes you feel like this isn’t an exercise, this is fun. It’s not just good for our bodies; it’s also a fantastic way to have a blast!

4. Drink Water:

Drinking water keeps you refreshed and healthy. It’s like healing your body from time to time, helping everything work smoothly. So, whether you’re munching on street food or in your job or on the journey to  a mysterious isalnd, keep that water bottle handy. It’s the secret potion to staying super cool and super healthy.

5. Promote Healthy Street Food:

Guess what? I am not talking about telling everyone about the amazing healthy street food options out there. Ask strret food selers for healthy options and just by doing so again and again, you will maake the seller realize that he should sell healthy strret fodds too. So go ahead and ask them to add some healthy choices – maybe grilled sandwiches, fruit salads, or tasty wraps, whatever you like, making everyone’s tummies happy and healthy.


After having discussed all this, we can conclude that Mumbai street food is amazing and can easily satisfy everyone. Whether you like spicy, sweet, or healthy, Mumbai has your back. We also discussed the places where we can easily find all these tasty street foods. And since we all know that too much street food is not good, we discussed ways to maintain a balance between health and taste.

So, I hope you are all ready for a tasty adventure throughout Mumbai. Enjoy your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular street foods in Mumbai?

Some of the mosst popular street foods in Mumbai are Vada Pav, Pav bhaji, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Misal Pav. For non veg lovers, there is Keema pav, Kabab and more. And for the sweet-hearts, who love sweet dishes, Kulfi Falooda is a top option.

Where can one find the best street food in Mumbai?

These are some of the best places to enjoy tasty, spicy an healthy Mumbai street foods:


  1. Chowpatty Beach
  2. Muhammad Ali Road
  3. Juhu Beach
  4. Carter Road Khau Galli
  5.  Crawford Market
  6. Khau Galli in Ghatkopar
  7. Tardeo’s Sardar Pav Bhaji
  8. Aaram Vada Pav at CST
  9. Sassanian Bakery at Marine Lines
  10. Elco Pani Puri Center on Hill Road in Bandra

What sets Mumbai street food apart from other cities?

Street foods in Mumbai have a different vibe then in other cities due to the unique blend of Mumbai culture in the street foods there. Since there are many people struggling their way into the film and modeling industry, vendors understand and offer healthy street food options as well.

Is Mumbai's street food safe to eat?

Yes, Mumbai’s treat food is safe to eat. Yet it is recommended that you notice the cleanliness and hygiene at the vendor’s stall before you choose to eat.

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