Huge Billboard Falls Killing People Due To Mumbai’s Dust Strom!

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Life can be surprising! You never know when something bad might happen. Recent events show that nature is powerful and we need to respect it because we’re not stronger than it. As evidence to this something unexpected happened in Mumbai. Mumbai’s Weather Update includes a big dust storm followed by heavy Rain In Mumbai. This also means that the rainy season has started. 

Around 3 p.m on 13th May, the sky in Mumbai got very dark because of the dusty winds. While the Rain In Mumbai cooled things down, it caused problems for people travelling because the traffic stopped during the storm. 

Strong winds and heavy Rain In Mumbai hit major places like Ghatkopar, Bandra Kurla, and Dharavi. While all this was happening, something really sad occurred. A huge Billboard Falls In Mumbai where it falls down onto a petrol pump in Ghatkopar, trapping cars and people. Approximately 14 people have been declared dead, and about a hundred are stuck due to the incident. But there’s some hope in this tough situation because the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is working hard to rescue those who are trapped.

Meanwhile, at the airport in Mumbai, all the flights suddenly stopped because of bad weather. Mumbai’s Dust Storm covered the area, leaving the place with less visibility. Due to the strong winds and bad weather, planes couldn’t land or take off for a while, affecting a number of flights.

At Mumbai’s busy airport, they had to stop all flights for a bit, and 15 flights were re-routed to different airports instead. But luckily, they started flights again at 5:03 p.m. once the storm calmed down. Also, last week, they did some maintenance on the runway before the rainy season to make sure it’s safe for planes to land and take off.

In Thane and Mulund, train services had to stop because a tree fell on the wires above the tracks. Also, on the Harbour line, trains kept stopping and starting because of the wires getting messed up from the heavy Rain In Mumbai. There were also reports of trees falling and water collecting in Thane, causing more problems.

Also, the slow trains on the Central Railway had to stop because one of the poles holding up the wires fell down in Mulund. And the metro trains between Aarey and Andheri East stations couldn’t run as a big sign got blown onto the wires by the strong wind.

IMD, the weather folks, gave a heads-up and talked about Mumbai’s Weather Update where big storms, lightning, and super heavy Rain In Mumbai hitting major spots like Thane, Palghar, and other places.  

But hey, now that the storm’s done its thing, the city’s bigwigs are on the lookout, making sure everyone’s okay while the weather acts all unpredictable.

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