Museum Of Christian Art Goa: Exploring The Rich Heritage

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Step into the world of deceptive Christian art and witness an outstanding collection that art and history fanatics will admire. The museum offers an extraordinary glimpse into Goa’s rich Christian artistic history through its carefully curated display of spiritual artefacts and paintings.

Goa is not only about its pristine beaches, forts, temples, destination weddings, and restaurants, there is so much more to uncover in Goa. Goa’s legacy, hidden history, ancient artefacts, and paintings, and a lot of things are kept hidden, one of which is the Goa Museum of Christian Art.

The Museum of Christian Art is a place where you can discover the hidden legacy of Goa. If you’re an art fanatic then this place is all yours to explore. It is one of the finest places to visit in Goa.

It’s an excellent location to witness the fusion of artwork and belief, delivering visitors with a deeper knowledge of the cultural significance of these artistic treasures. Whether you’re drawn to history or certainly acknowledge fine arts, this museum is a must-visit vacation spot to immerse yourself inside the artistic legacy of Goa. So whilst you plan your journey to Goa, don’t forget to include this museum in your list of places to visit in Goa.

The museum displays a huge collection ranging from richly embellished vestments to chalices to sacred receptacles made from precious metals to carved ivory to paintings and statuary. The most special thing to observe about the Goa Museum of Christian Art is that most of the collections right here are created by local artists and artisans, and many of them were traditional Hindu artists.

Architecture Of Museum Of Christian Art Goa


The Convent of Santa Monica is located on Holy Hill, en route to the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. The architecture of Museum of Christian Art combines Tuscan, Corinthian, and composite designs. The three-storey building was originally built with laterite and lime plaster in 1606 and finished in 1627. However, it was destroyed by fire in 1636 and rebuilt the following year. 

It was also known as the Royal Monastery, as it showcased the patronage of royalty.

The square building features a huge inner courtyard surrounded by a secluded verandah, numerous cells, and halls. The church’s opening has a Santa Monica sculpture and the Holy Ghost image. The vaulted ceilings are exquisitely painted, and there had been 11 chapels in the convent, a novitiate, and a seminary for girls. The church in the convent is committed to St. Mary.

About Museum Of Christian Art Goa


The Museum is housed in the 17th Century Convent of Santa Monica, a history monument of tremendous historical and architectural significance that is positioned within the region of UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in Old Goa.

The Museum of Christian Art is a society created in the general interest of the general public to preserve and protect Goa’s rich and cultural historical past, works of artwork, and homes of historic and architectural significance. The Museum homes a very important and unique cluster of Christian Art entities traversing from the sixteenth century to the half of the 20th century.

Places To Visit Near Museum Of Christian Art

Here is a list of the top 3 places to visit near Museum of Christian Art

1. Basilica Of Bom Jesus Goa


Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa is located at a distance of approximately 10 km from Panaji in Old Goa, at the banks of River Mandovi. It is identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa is an architectural wonder enticing traffic from all over the world. It is rich in history and stunning configuration. 

Basilica of Bom Jesus Goa is one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World. It takes visitors, back in time with its detailed carvings that represent human craftsmanship and faith. The church is known as “Bom Jesus” which means “Good Jesus” or “Infant Jesus”.

Timings: 8:30 am to 8:00 pm

2. Church of Our Lady Of The Immaculate Conception


Nestled in the heart of Panjim, one of the pleasant places to visit India in January, the Iconic Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception beckons tourists with its breathtaking colonial architecture and serene atmosphere. 

The grand bell, considered one of the biggest in Goa, resonates in the air, adding to the relaxed environment of this iconic religious site. From the vantage factor of the church, site visitors can revel in panoramic views of the bustling city of Panjim, making it an ideal spot to capture memorable pictures of the vibrant cityscape. It’s absolutely a must-visit vacation spot for the ones looking for a tranquillity retreat amidst the historical allure of Goa.

Timings: Weekdays: 7:30 am and 6:00 pm, Sunday: 7:15 am, 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

3. Se Cathedral church 


Se Cathedral church in Goa is a catholic church, devoted to St. Catherine of Alexandria. Se Cathedral also referred to as ‘Se Catedral de Santa Catarina’, is identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most important church in Goa. Se Cathedral church was built by Roman Catholics and is one of the greatest church buildings in the world, attracting a lot of visitors. It is one of the best places to visit in Goa recognized for its precise and beautiful architecture.

Timings: 6:00 am to 8:30 pm

Hotels Near Museum Of Christian Art Goa

Source: The Fern Hotels

Here is the list of hotels near Museum of Christian Art Goa

1. The Fern Kadamba Hotel and Spa

This is one of the luxurious hotels near the Museum of Christian Art within the finest ambience in Goa. The rooms here come with all morden facilities, experience the royalty here.

2. Swarnam Hotel

Swarnam Hotel is the nearest hotel to the Goa International Airport at a distance of 25km. Here staff speaks 3 main languages, English, Hindi, and Marathi. 

3. Seclude Falling Cashews

Seclude Falling Cashews Hotel is a known couple-friendly hotel. It is the best choice for relaxing after a hectic tour.

Restaurants Near Museum Of Christian Art

Source: Facebook

Here is the list of Restaurants near Museum of Christian Art Goa

1. Vinayak Family Restaurant

This restaurant is known for its authentic Goan cuisine, Vinayak Family Restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring regional seafood dishes like fish curry and rice, as well as conventional Goan thalis.

2. The Black Sheep Bistro 

Black Sheep Bistro is a trendy and modern restaurant delivering a blend of Goan and international flavours. The Black Sheep Bistro is known for its creative dishes, stylish decor, and excellent cocktails. Must-strive dishes are their seafood risotto, pork belly vindaloo, and chocolate fondant dessert.

3. Café Basil

Café Basil is a charming cafe serving delectable European-inspired cookery in a relaxed setting. Café Basil is famous for its freshly baked bread, homemade pasta, and epicure sandwiches.

Best Time To Visit Museum Of Christian Art


The best time to visit Museum of Christian Art Goa is during the cooler months of November to February. If you are planning to visit Goa in the month of December, then you are going to experience a lot of festivals here. It is advised to plan your journey as early as possible.

How To Reach Museum Of Christian Art 

The Goa Museum of Christian Art is located close to the Convent of Santa Monica in Velha, Old Goa. If you plan to visit the Museum, it is better to access it by bus or car from Panaji, which is 10 kilometres away from the Museum. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Museum of Christian Art in Goa?

The Museum of Christian Art is an Indian museum of Christian art, located in the Convent of Santa Monica in the former colonial capital of Old Goa, Goa.

What are the opening hours of the Museum of Christian Art?

The opening hours of the Museum of Christian Art are 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Where is the Museum of Christian Art located?

Museum of Christian Art is located in the Convent of Santa Monica in the former colonial capital of Old Goa, Goa.

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