10 Innovative Travel Apps To Explore Cities Without a Tour Guide

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Nowadays, there is an app for everything from counting your steps to counting your snores at night. 

Did you know that there are several travel apps to explore cities and you can also get directions regarding your destinations through this app? Well, yes, you read it right. 

So if you are on a trip and have no idea where to go or where not to, then you can use these walking apps to explore cities and see the best part of the it. These apps not only let you know where exactly you can go for a specific food or an activity you want to indulge in but also gives you directions, making it easier for you to reach your destination. 

Here is a list of some of the best travel apps:

1. City Mapper

Source : medium

City Mapper is said to be one of the best travel apps to explore cities and offers A to B trip planning along with estimated arrival time. It helps you search all transit modes, such as metro, rail, Uber, and subway and allows you to compare your options, among which you can choose your preferred option. Providing you directions at every step you take, the City Mapper is all you need when you have no idea where to go. 

Besides, it also sets up alerts for routes you frequently take to inform you in case the route is busy at that moment. How cool is that?

2. Nearify

Source : Distinguished.io

As the name suggests, Nearify lets you find out the best activities to do near you and what could be better than that.

This is one of those travel apps that searches approx 20 million events that are taking place worldwide just to find out the most interesting ones happening near you. 

You can browse various events and even look for venues or search by the name of artists. You can also set up alerts so you do not miss out on any events around you.

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3. Bike Citizens

Source : Google Play

If you wish to explore the city by bike, then Bike Citizens is the best app for you, which allows you to choose your favourite route depending on your preferences, whether you want to take the fast route or the slow route. It is not necessary that you have to have a bike for that because you can easily walk on foot and take directions from this app. 

This app is available in most big cities and also gives you a heads-up if there are any dangerous roads. It also helps in identifying traffic bottlenecks and suggests you the best possible routes. 

4. Moovit

Source : Moovit.com

Moovit is another transit app that is one of the best walking apps for exploring cities on foot. The app has coverage of 1200 cities in more than 70 countries.

The app allows you to choose the most convenient route depending on the arrival time and then guides you with live directions so you don’t get lost on the way. 

The best part about this app is at some point you get tired of walking you can also check the nearby bike stations and see the number of bikes left to rent in a specific bike station. 

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5. Run Go

Source : RunGo App

If you prefer running over walking, then Run Go is the best-suited app for you. It offers voice navigation at every turn, opening up an aura of thousands of running routes, city walks, and races. 

The Run Go app tracks your running status and also your stats, but it also shows you routes in other cities, which is why you would download it in the first place. It helps in finding a running route and can be accessed through voice navigation. 

6. Sidekix

Source : RewardExpert.com

If you are one of those travellers who like to explore offbeat tracks, then Sidekix is probably just for you. The app chooses walking routes based on your choices of what you want to see and do in the city. You can save routes and tailor them according to your choice and then later share them with your friends. 

It helps you in exploring new places which are off the main tourist hotspots.

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7. Spotted By Locals

spotted by locals -travel-apps
Source : App Store - Apple

Spotted By Locals gives you a completely different route which gives you the offbeat paths and avoid traps into which tourists often fall. 

The best part about such travel apps is that the insights that you receive on the app are taken from the locals who live in these cities, and they tell you what places you can explore. You get to explore plenty of hidden gems with the help of this app. 

8. Streetography

Source : AppAdvice

Now this sounds like a photography app which it actually is. So if you like to explore new places and take part of it with you, then Streetography is the perfect match for you.

The app overlaps maps with curated high-quality pictures, which can draw you towards a neighbourhood where you can take such pictures. 

Here you get to quench your thirst for both photography and exploring places. 

Streetography is one of the best travel apps for photographers.

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9. Walc

Source : App Store - Apple

You must have already used Google Maps to find your way, which relies on the north-south directions, whereas Walc uses landmarks to guide you. It makes it a lot easier. For example, if an instruction that goes like this, “Turn left from the water fountain.” sounds better than the instructions given by Google Maps, then this app is what you need. 

You can choose a category like coffee, shops, or tea, and look for yourself what is walkable around you. 

10. Tripadvisor

Source : Google Play

You are already aware of Tripadvisor, and it is probably one of the best travel apps in India, where you can see reviews and feedback from people. Suppose you are planning to book a hotel in an extraordinary place, but you are not sure whether you should go for this. Then your safest bet is the Tripadvisor App which is one of the best travel apps in India where you can see real-time feedback from travellers. It makes it easier for you to choose whether to stay in that particular hotel or not.

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