Nako Village, Spiti Valley: All You Need to Know

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Nako village is a pretty place located in the Himalayan mountains and one of the best places to visit in Spiti. It is a charming community surrounded by the most beautiful surroundings in the place and provides an insight into the way of life in the mountains. The breathtaking views and a wholesome vibe are what you get by planning the most awaited Spiti tour packages for your getaway. 

The people of Nako Village are best in their hospitality and welcoming nature for the tourists. They help them have a memorable experience during their trip to Spiti! If you want to roam around the meandering lanes or just have a walk in the fresh air of the mountains, you must have a trip to this village to experience something new. 

Nako village is located on the Indo-Tibetan border, which is 360m above sea level in the Himalayan range of Kinnaur District in Himachal Pradesh. However, if you are among the keen travelers who wish to experience the true essence of the Himalayan and Tibetan cultures, this place is like heaven for you all. 

How to reach Nako Village

  • Coming via Manali would be a convenient option if you hire a cab from Reckong Peo to Nako, or you can even take a bus to Spiti. This ride would take you approximately 4 hours to reach here. 
  • Also, if you are traveling from Spiti, then easily have a cab or bus from Nalling Mullah that goes to Nako village or Reckong Peo. 
  • You should know that Nako village has a restricted area, and all international tourists need to get a permit to visit this place without any problems. This permit can be taken from Reckong Peo or from Shimla or Kaza. 

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The best time to Visit Nako Village


Wondering when to visit this beautiful place? So, the months from April to October are the most appropriate time to visit the Nako village. This charming place is genuinely showing its beauty at the peak and the temperatures are very pleasant which will help you have a great time here. And, the roads get blocked after 15th October due to the heavy snowfall and remain shut till May. 

Also, make sure you are avoiding visiting Nako village during the monsoon season because of the heavy rains and steep slopes get really slippery for you. 

Places to eat in Nako Village

Here are some of the super-cool places to eat in Nako village that you must consider while coming to this place.

1. Lake View Hotel and Restaurant

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Enjoy your meal with the beautiful backdrop of Nako Lake. Have a great time and delicious food with outdoor seating, and a great vibe like never before. You will be having nice hospitality and freshly cooked meals.

2. Traveler’s Point Cafe and Restaurant

Take a break from the world and have your me time at this beautiful place with soothing snacks and cozy environment. You cannot their famous Maggi and tea that is really mouthwatering! So, make sure you are not missing this amazing place.

3. Nako Gompa


They have their most famous traditional snacks and tea offered by the locals at Nako Gompa. You can have their amazing north Indian delicacies and enjoy your food with a great ambiance. 

4. Lovon Hotel and Restaurant

It is pure perfection for you to grab some good snacks on your way! It is located in a small market that offers a lot more to enjoy and eat. So, have a stay at this place during your journey and let this be the great “me time”.

Travel tips for Nako Village


Here are some tips that you should know about the Nako Village in Spiti. These would help you have a hassle-free experience. 

  1. As you would get no connectivity in the place, it is recommended to inform your friends or family before you go there. 
  2. Go along with some extra batteries and power banks because of no electricity available in the Nako Village. 
  3. You cannot litter anywhere in the Nako Village as they are very keen about preserving nature and saving the environment. 
  4. Go with your essential medicines as you might not get them here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Where is Nako Village located and what makes it unique?

Nako Village is located in the hills of Kinnaur District in Himachal Pradesh. It is a very beautiful place to visit while you go to Spiti. 

It is a significant village because of the charming vibe, the famous Nako Monastery and the beautiful Nako Lake which are located in the area. Also, they beauty of this place cannot be described in words, as you can experience some surreal vibe out there. 

What are the main attractions in Nako Village?

The Nako Village is mainly famous for the Nako lake and the Nako Monastery that have been quiet the main attractions of the place. 

People visit this place to witness such amazing places, firstly the Nako lake is a very beautful and mesmeriizing view to see. Surrounded by the mountains and a tranquil vibe, you can have a surreal feeling here. 

On the other hand, the Nako Monastery is one architectural marvel to cherish. You cannot miss this while visiting Spiti. 

What is the best time to visit Nako Village?

The best time to visit Nako Village is from the months of April to October, when the temperatures are pleasant. 

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